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during that period of time, is prefigured, or predicted, by the creation of earth, water, grass, and trees, animals, sun, moon, and stars; and in this light a beautiful harmony is perceptible between the Mosaic prophecies, and the other prophetical and historical portions of the Bible.

The fourth is, to show that the prophetic and historical numbers in the Hebrew Bible, prove each other with extraordinary exactness, and by manifold evidence, at the same time that they foretell, in a sense the most unequivocal, and fix the date of, the three important periods in the history of the Messiah whilst he sojourned upon earth, which are, first, Christ's birth—second, his anointing—third, his death and resurrection; and again, the prophetic numbers strike forward into futurity, (future of A. D. 1840,) and fix on other three periods of time, when His kingdom will advance in this world : but as these three periods may be calculated by solar and lunar time, so they may give six future periods; and along with these may be classed the figurative seventh day's rest, or Christ's third day of perfection, making seven future periods of time, when the kingdom of God will advance with greater power in this world, to which periods the prophetic numbers still continue to point, and which will be found detailed in the following work.

The fifth is, to show that there is an error of 25

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years too much miscalculated before Christ, at the beginning of the Grecian empire, in the profane chronology, and also an error of 15 years too much in the Christian era, making a total error of 40 years too much, which has prevented many eminent persons from calculating correctly the prophetical numbers, but especially, the error of 25 years too much before Christ. This has hindered them from seeing that the Apostle John's number of the Beast, 666, commenced at the captivity by Nebuchadnezzar, which had they discovered, would have enabled them to have seen that the weeks of Daniel, and all the other prophetical numbers, correspond with the number 666.

The sixth is, to show that the profane chronology as at present calculated, is in error, by its showing the time that elapsed from the death of Julius Cæsar to the death of Antony, to be 14 years, whereas it ought to be 27 years ; and the period that elapsed from the death of Antony to the death of Augustus Cæsar, to be 44 years, whereas it ought to be 30 years. These errors have thrown Christian chronologists into great confusion; because, by adopting them in mistake they made the dates in the New Testament appear as if they were false.

The seventh is, to show that the prophetic days by Moses, and the weeks by Daniel, give, with a precision equal to mathematical demonstration, the exact time of Christ's birth, anointing; death, and resurrecrection, which prophetic numbers are again confirmed by the days mentioned by Christ, and the Apostle John's number of the Beast, 666, from the commencement of the Captivity by Nebuchadnezzar, to the time he wrote the Revelation-so that, by means of these prophetic numbers in the Bible, the author has been enabled to find out the error of 25 years too much at the beginning of the Grecian empire, and the misplacing error of about 13 years, that has been committed in the reign of Augustus Cæsar.

The eighth is, to show that the Hebrew text is free from corruptions in its chronological and prophetical numbers, because the historical and prophetical time there, prove each other to be correct, and, therefore, that the Jewish Scribes become vindicated from the charge of corrupting the chronology of the Hebrew text; and instead of their deserving any such a charge they are every way entitled to the gratitude of the Christian world, for their vigilance and care in preserving the Hebrew text free from every wilful corruption, or accidental mutilation, in its chronology and prophetic numbers—so that by means of these, is seen plainly, and with precision, the exact time that Christ appeared on earth, and also the periods when his kingdom will advance in this world with greater power; they also fix the time when the majority of the

Jews themselves shall become subjects of Christ's kingdom on earth.

The ninth is, to show that as the Hebrew text has been proved correct in its historical and prophetical time, it follows, then, to a certainty, that the chronological time of the Septuagint that differs from the Hebrew text, has been corrupted; and it is also shown that the corruptions in the chronology must have been made about the second century after Christ.

The tenth is, to show that, in calculating the prophetical numbers, twenty-one new discoveries have been made by the author. These, he anticipates, will be of use to students of the prophetical parts of the Bible, and to future calculators.

The author felt a necessity, as it were, laid upon him to make a strict examination of the chronology and prophetical numbers of the Bible. This he has done in the midst of many difficulties of no ordinary kind. The result of his examination is pretty fully stated in the following Letter, addressed to William Cuninghame, of Lainshaw-a gentleman of great respectability, and who has written many works on Scriptural chronology and on the prophetical numbers, but who has, by an unaccountable predilection, been led to prefer the chronology of the Septuagint to that of the Hebrew text.

I have considered it right, previous to putting myself to the expense of publishing this work, or occupying the time and attention of my readers, to submit the manuscript to eminent gentlemen, whom I considered competent to judge of its merits, and the following have been their decisions :

“ We never read any work on the chronology and prophetical

numbers of the Bible with which we were more pleased and instructed, and which at the same time fixed more fully in our minds an impression of the complete correctness of the chronology and prophetical numbers of the Bible, than what is contained in the Letter addressed to Cuninghame, by Macdougal. We believe he is the first who has accurately calcu

lated the chronology and prophetical numbers of the Bible.” “ Your arguments appear to me quite unanswerable. Send your

letter to Cuninghame without delay."

These gentlemen's names I have not asked liberty to publish, although I am at liberty to mention them verbally to any who may

choose to ask. I respectfully submit to my general readers how far their judgment is correct. In the following work I have used such words only, to express my meaning, as are understood by the generality of English readers, and where there is a quotation from Hebrew, Greek and Latin, there is a literal translation with it.

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