Research Methods in Social Network Analysis

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Linton C. Freeman, Douglas R. White, Antone Kimball Romney
Transaction Publishers - 530
The use of social structure as a defining concept has produced a large body of creative speculations, insights, and intuitions about social life. In its broad-ranging examination of the kind of data that form the basis for the systematic study of social structure, this book marks a significant methodological advance.

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Social Networks and the Structure Experiment
A Formal Unification of Anthropological Kinship and Social Network Methods
The Boundary Specification Problem in Network Analysis
Inferring Meaningful Global Network Properties from Individual Actors Measurement Scales
Stochastic Modeling and the Analysis of Structural Data
Relational Contents in Multiple Network Systems
Social Semigroups and Green Relations
What is a Homomorphism?
Models of Network Effects on Social Actors
Algorithms and Network Analysis A Test of Some Analytical Procedures on Kapferers Tailor Shop Material
Conceptions of Overlap in Social Structure
Empirical Blocking Methods
Rethinking the Role Concept Homomorphisms on Social Networks
Methods for the Characterization of Role Structures in Network Analysis
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Strona 17 - culture', since that word denotes, not any concrete reality, but an abstraction, and as it is commonly used a vague abstraction. But direct observation does reveal to us that these human beings are connected by a complex network of social relations. I use the term 'social structure' to denote this network of actually existing relations.
Strona 13 - The problem is to derive the social processes that govern the complex structures of communities and societies from the simpler processes that pervade the daily intercourse among individuals and their interpersonal relations.
Strona 13 - ... concrete reality'. The real problem is that in social structure we are always faced with parts and relations of diverse nature and variability. There may be parts and relations which recur in all situations in which the organization or institution we are studying emerges, and others which seem to occur only by chance. The former may be constant in some respect but variable in others, corresponding in some ways to the statistician's independent variable ; the latter may be a 'normal' usage or...
Strona 18 - NOW THESE are the generations of the sons of Noah. Shem, Ham. and Japheth: and unto them were sons born after the flood. 2 The sons of Japheth; ed and fifty men.

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