Military life in Algeria

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Strona 316 - Osmanli—their various characteristics, religions, superstitions, together with their singular customs and manners, their ancient and contemporary history are vividly described. The Ionian Islands, Greece, Hungary, and the Sclavonian Provinces of Austria on the Lower Danube, are all delineated in the author's happiest manner. " We cordially recommend Mr. Spencer's valuable and interesting volumes to the attention of the reader.
Strona 314 - Haliburton has ever written. While teeming with interest, moral and historical, to the general reader, it equally constitutes a philosophical study for the politician and statesman. It will be found to let in a flood of light upon the actual origin, formation, and progress of the republic of the United States."— Naval and Military Gazette.
Strona 318 - Eminent in every mode of literature, Dr. Croly stands, in our judgment, first among the living poets of Great Britain — the only man of our day entitled by his power to venture within the sacred circle of religious poets.*
Strona 320 - THE ROMANCE OF THE FORUM; OR, NARRATIVES, SCENES, AND ANECDOTES FROM COURTS OF JUSTICE. SECOND SERIES. BY PETER BURKE, Esa., of the Inner Temple, Barrister-at-Law. 2 vols. post 8vo. 21s.
Strona 322 - ARCTIC MISCELLANIES, A SOUVENIR OF THE LATE POLAR SEARCH. By THE OFFICERS AND SEAMEN OF THE EXPEDITION. DEDICATED BY PERMISSION TO THE LORDS OF THE ADMIRALTY. Second Edition. 1 vol., with numerous Illustrations. 10s. 6d. " This volume is not the least interesting or instructive among the records of the late expedition in search of Sir John Franklin, commanded by Captain Austin.
Strona 315 - The work embraces the most varied topics, — political parties, religious eccentricities, the flights of literature, and the absurdities of pretenders to learning, all come in for their share of satire ; while in other papers we have specimens of genuine American exaggerations, or graphic pictures of social and domestic life as it is more especially in the ruder districts and in the back settlements, or again sallies of broad humour, exhibiting those characteristics which form in the country itself...
Strona 316 - Map of European Turkey, from the most recent Charts in the possession of the Austrian and Turkish Governments, revised by the Author, 18s.
Strona 310 - MARIE DE MEDICIS, QUEEN OF FRANCE, CONSORT OF HENRY IV., AND REGENT UNDER Louis XIII. By MISS PARDOE, Author of "Louis XIV, and the Court of France, in the 17th Century," &c. Second Edition. 3 large vols. 8vo. with fine Portraits. " A fascinating book. The history of such a woman as the beautiful, impulsive, earnest, And affectionate Marie de...
Strona 319 - These volumes offer to the British public a clear and trustworthy statement of the affairs of Canada, and the effects of the immense public works in progress and completed ; with sketches of...
Strona 322 - MONTAGU, AM Second Edition, with 54 Diagrams. 6s. " Lord Montagu's work will be equally valuable to the ship-builder and the ship-owner — to the mariner and the commander of yachts.

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