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changes of our state of grace or sin, our most con And Ishmael's desert-dwelling line, siderable actions, are always present, like capital let Where Hagar fainted on the wild, ters to an aged and dim eye; and at the day of judg

And angels fed her famish'd child ; ment God shall draw aside the cloud, and manifest this manner of his presence more notoriously, and

The Magi, men of lore, and eld, make it appear that he was an observer of our very

That Heaven-commission'd light beheld; thoughts, and that he only laid those things by, which, | And donn'd their shoon, and in their girdles rollid because we covered with dust and negligence, were Treasures of frankincense, and myrrh, and gold, not then discerned. But when we are risen from our

For Him whose harbinger before them went dust and imperfection, they all appear plain and legible.—Bp. Taylor.

To shew his virgin mother's lowly tent. GODLY Sorrow.—Godly sorrow is that feeling which

On, on it mov'd, o'er plain and spire, rises in the soul under deep and sincere conviction of

A lustrous flood around it throwing ; sin. A man who is living in unrighteousness, or is Seem'd Sarem's battlements on fire, careless about religion, or engrossed with the world, And Lebanon's high cedars glowing ; knows nothing of it. A man whose religion is merely

On, on it swept, o'er moor and swamp, formal, or who makes a profession to deceive others, or who wishes only to preserve appearances, and per

Pois'd in mid air that guiding lamp, haps gain reputation thereby, knows nothing of it.

Valley and flat, and rising ground, It is felt when the soul awakes thoroughly from the In one broad blaze illuming round; sleep of death, and first becomes sensible of the im And lake, and wilderness, and sea, portance of eternal things. Some worldly disappoint Laugh'd in the glorious fulgency! ment comes, some stroke of sickness is felt, some

King Herod slept—but his pale guards with dread sudden death arouses, some minister of God alarms, some messenger of peace awakens. It matters not

Survey'd the passing planet as it sped, who, or what, under God, may be the immediate Like a strange sun careering through the night, cause of producing the effect. God deals with his Till Bethlehem's stable-roof flam'd in the standing light. people in various ways, according to his good pleasure. But the moment conviction of sin is really felt, godly

Why doth it shake its brilliant hair sorrow begins to act. It speaks thus, "I have all O'er such a low and lonely hovel ? my life been offending my good and heavenly Father, Can aught divine be harbouring there, I have been slighting and despising my blessed Sa Where scarcely grooms would deign to grovel? viour. . I have been grieving the Holy Spirit. Miser So deem'd these venerable men, able sinner that I am, what must I do to be saved ?" And when, to the inquiry, “Am I not too late? Is

As the stay'd orb suspended high there mercy for such an one as I ?" the word of the Hung balanc'd to their wondering ken Gospel answers, “ Enter thou into the vineyard ;" Between the pent-house and the sky; then godly sorrow is doubly felt, and tears of grate And at each hurrying step they trode ful penitence begin to flow. The heart is deeply

Along a thicklier crowded road. touched by a Saviour's love, and by a still stronger sense of gratitude for having so long refused to come

In went the Magi-in, beneath the star, to him. The hope of forgiveness, and a view of the 'Mid opening skies, and loud hosannas ringing; love of Christ, always increase godly sorrow. The While sentrying angels pac'd the poor bazaar, rock is smitten, and the waters flow abundantly.- Towhich their costlygifts the pilgrim seers were bringing. Sermons in India, by the Rev. J. Bateman.

All bright in that forlorn repair,
Though in the old Jewish law the priest did not con-

And negligent her golden hair, tinually offer sacrifices unto the Lord, yet fire was

They found the maid of Jesse lying ; continually burning upon the altar, and never went

Whose lowliness God did not scorn, out. So, though we do not continually offer to God A cattle-crib her bed supplying ; “ the calves of our lips,” yet the fire of devotion, and

And on her lap the Virgin-born! spiritual fervency, must be continually burning in our

Entranc'd with awe the star-lit seven hearts, and never go out. And this is the true meaning of the apostle's exhortation, “ Pray without ceas

Gaz'd on the Saviour-child of heaven, ing” (1 Thess. v. 17); not, pray continually with the While burst more high the loud hosanna's tones tongue, as though that should never lie still ; but pray To Him who sits upon the throne of thrones. without ceasing, meaning with that part which doth And as before the glorious Babe they kneelid, indeed never lie still, except we be still—and that is

Earth's symbol-tributes from their zones untying, the HEART.--Sir Richard Baker on the Lord's Prayer.

They sung redemption, and God's grace reveald

Through Christ, the King of kings, in his lone manger Poetry.




(For the Church of England Magazine.) “ And, lo, the star, which they saw in the east, went before them,

till it came and stood over where the young child was."-
St. Mallheu, ii. 9.

In Syrian skies a lovely star
Is travelling fast and beaming far;
It rose not with pale Hesper's ray,
It set not with the rising day:
O'er Egypt flash'd the beacon-sign,

“ Hinder me not, ye little ones,

Unto my fond heart prest;
Warmly as ye may nestle there,

I dare not love you best.”
“ Hinder me not,” still to the last

Thus will the Christian say;
" I must be pressing on, kind friends,

And work while it is day.

come so near.

“ Hinder me not ~ I journey on

Indeed, nothing can be more discordant than the Through every weary mile,

music at these festivals, and in marriage-processions : Like Abraham's faithful servant still,

as much noise as possible, and as little harmony,

would seem to be the objects aimed at. One of the To win my Master's smile.

figures was adorned with flowers, and seated on a PRIMOGENITA.

green peacock larger than life: it was shielded from the sun by a faded pink parasol. Although quite close

to the other idol, I could not make out what it repreMiscellaneous

sented. In the meantime, the boughs which were not INDIAN SUPERSTITIONS : WALKING ON Fire... consumed were taken away, and the ashes of the fire, Ilearing that the superstitious ceremony of walk- forming a large heap, were spread over the excavated ing upon fire was to take place this afternoon, space, so as to present a level surface. At first we near the Mount Road, I repaired to the spot indi found it difficult to maintain our position, on account cated, in company with the Rev. J. H. Gray. After of the heal; but its intensity was much diminished some inquiries, we found that the pagoda was situated before the re-appearance of the idols, which returned behind the buildings, with a communication by a nar in about half an hour, and were stationed at the edge row street. Passing through this, we entered the of the water: no live coals were then perceptible. court of the pagoda. Here was an idol in a sitting Ten or twelve persons, with necklaces of white flowers, posture, very gaudily painted, and at least fifteen feet and led on by a native, on whose head was a pyrahigh. It was the figure of a man, with large staring midal frame covered with flowers, rushed twice over eyes, and two tusks protruding from the upper jaw: a the ashes, passing through the water to the idols black, sharply-pointed sword was placed vertically in before which they assembled. The man with the frame the right-hand: at the left leg was a small figure, in a on his head began, as usual, to wheel round; and sefighting posture, with a shield in one hand, and in the veral individuals addressed him in a kind of chant, other a weapon something in the shape of a battle- keeping time with a sort of rattle, one grasped in each dore: the whole had the appearance of brick. Some hand. Near this man was a native with a large earthen of the attendants broke cocoa-nuts at the feet of this pot of fire on his head, the flame issuing from the monster ; and we perceived on the pedestal flowers, mouth and through the apertures in the upper part: and a mess like a mixture of barley-meal for a dog he also was decked with white flowers; and i perceived kennel. We proceeded directly to the gate of the some strings of these between his fingers and the pot, pagoda, where a crowd was assembled. Our appear as if to protect them from the heat. Although the ance seemed to produce confusion among the attend votaries were barefoot, not having any clothing but a ants, one of whom inquired what brought us there. piece of cloth round the middle, it was certainly no On our replying that it was the desire to see what was great exploit to pass over these ashes at full speed, going forward, he said it was not permitted to us to especially as any embers which might adhere to the

We accordingly withdrew to a position feet would be instantly extinguished in the puddle of which commanded a view of the pagoda and the space water. Indeed, there was manifest deception throughin front, and which the very urgent entreaties of the out the whole affair. When the ceremony was conattendants could not induce us to quit. They were cluded, many of the spectators drew near, took some anxious to explain that the walking on fire would not of the ashes in their hands, and rubbed them on their take place for nearly two hours; but on our giving foreheads: some did not choose well; and it was them to understand that we had resolved to remain, rather ludicrous to see them dropping the ashes from we were rather surprised to see two arm-chairs brought one hand to the other, and shaking their fingers. I for us, and placed in the shade; the object seemed to observed one man pray, with great apparent fervour, be, to have the vehicle in which we were seated taken to the idol on the peacock; but only one. Having out of the court; but although we availed ourselves taken shelter from the rays of the sun under a palınof the chairs, we would not allow this; as, to reach it trec which almost overshadowed the spot where the again, we must have walked some distance, under a idols were placed, I was much struck with a curious burning sun. We soon observed a native ascend the tissue of fibre, which closely embraced the lower es. pedestal, and take from some part of the body of the tremity of the fan-like leaves at the point where they idol a large knife; with which he returned, followed issued from the stem: it was evidently designed for by a crowd, to the middle of the court, where a circle | protection ; and it would have formed an excellent was formed round three fine sheep, wbich were killed model for cloth, where the art of weaving was unknown. in succession. A rope, held by a native, was attached It was quite a relief to turn from the sad spectacle of to the head, and drawn tight; and at the moment when | idol-worship before me, to this and numberless proofs the animal drew back and stretched its neck to the of the existence and providence of the one only true utmost, a single stroke of the knife severed the head God in the works of his creation ; and it was with no from the body, and the creature fell on its side, strug- ordinary feeling of delight that I joined, that evening, gling convulsively for a few seconds. I saw the head at family worship, a little band of native youths, who, of one of these sheep lying at the gate of the pagoda : rescued, through missionary effort, from the miserable it appears that this is the portion of the priest, and soul-degrading superstitions of their countrymen, have that the body is taken away by the person who offers long been instructed in the way of salvation through the sheep. A very large fire, fed with green branches, faith in our compassionate Redeemer. was burning fiercely in the centre of an excavated

Tue LITURGY.-I know no prayer necessary that is parallelogram, about twelve feet long by six broad, at one end of which, and of the same breadth, was a hol

not in the Liturgy but one, which is this, that God

would vouchsafe to continue the Liturgy itself in use, low filled with water from a channel: the whole was

honour, and veneration, in the Church for ever; and I surrounded by a fence of stakes and ropes. About an

doubt not but that all wise, sober, and good Christians, hour after the sheep had been killed, two idols on

will give it their Amen.-Bishop Blackall. stages, supported on men's shoulders, were brought from the pagoda, and paraded, first round the court, and then through the narrow street: a man astride on

London: Published by JAMES BURNS, 17 Portman Street, an ox was thumping furiously on a pair of tom-tonis Portman Square; W. EDWARDS, 12 Ave-Maria Lane, St. slung over the shoulders of the animal: the sound, Paul's; and to be procured, by order, of all Booksellers in Town with that of other instruments, was quite stunning.

and Country. • From Mr. Elouis' Journal, publislied in “ Missionary Register," Sept. 1839.



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vants, are intimately concerned in knowing ; THE CHRISTIAN ARMOUR.

the subject, therefore, deserves serious attenBY THE Rev. W. Stone, M.A.

tion and earnest consideration. Curate of Whitmore, Staffordshire.

In the passages referred to are drawn out The weapons of the spiritual armory of the in detail the different parts of that spiritual Christian warrior are enumerated and de- armour of defence and combat: on each of scribed by St. Paul, at the close of his epistle these a few remarks will be made. The first to the Ephesians; a wholesome and excellent part of the armour adverted to by the apostle, practical conclusion to the ministerial charge 1. The girdle of truth -" having your given to his flock. He calls upon them to loins girt about with truth.” * put on the whole armour of God,” shewing This is mentioned first, because it is the them for what purpose it is needed, and noti- girdle which holds most of the other pieces fying its several parts and properties. “Put of armour together. Without sincerity and on the whole armour of God," says he, " that truth in our religious creed and practice, ye may be able to stand against the wiles of there can be no true religious spirit and the devil;" " for we wrestle not against flesh principle. It was prophesied of Christ (Is. and blood, but against principalities, against xi. 5). "Righteousness shall be the girdle of powers, against the rulers of the darkness of his loins, and faithfulness the girdle of his this world, against spiritual wickedness in reins." That which Christ was girt with, high places." These are the enemies of our which was a constraining motive and feature souls; Satan, the great adversary of man- in all his intention, temper, and conduct, kind; evil spirits leagued with him in accus when on earth he lived our bright example ing, calumniating, tempting, and destroying and pattern-that, of course, all Christians, man. Yet God has furnished his believing as bound to reflect the image of his characservants with strength for the conflict, so ter, must take as their girdle. By profession that “ sin shall not have dominion over we are followers of his steps and partakers them, that they should obey it in the lusts of his spirit; if we are so, not in appearance thereof." He has provided means of defence, only, we shall have on" the girdle of truth." various and mighty, in full proportion to the God, "the God of truth,” requires this: himmethods of assault from the subile and power- self just and true in all his purposes, words, ful adversaries ; in Christ, the great head of and works, he “desires truth in the inward the Church, he supplies abundant resources parts ” (Ps. li. 6). As he cannot be deceived of every kind, so that we “may have power by any outward show, so he cannot be pleased and strength to have victory, and to triumph with any outward act of obedience not rooted against the devil, the world, and the flesh."* and grounded in the inward "truth" of love.

These means of spiritual warfare are such Truth, therefore, must gird the whole heart as all, who have in baptism taken upon them and mind. Sincerity must prompt all our their profession of Christ's soldiers and ser- feelings, words, and doings, in religious and • Baptismal Service.

moral practice, before we can be said to posVOL. VIII.-N0. CCIII,

[London : Robson, Levey, and Franklyn, 16 St. Martin's Lane.]




sess this essential part of the Christian ar In former times, the feet and legs were mour, "the girdle of truth.”

armed, to enable the soldier to march through 2. “ The breastplate of righteousness" is difficult ways, to stand in difficult situations, another portion of the Christian armour. The to keep off missile weapons ; consequently “ breastplate " is that which fortifies and de strong greaves and buskins were fastened fends the vital parts. It is very important, as and bound round them. "The preparation protecting a very tender and vulnerable part, of the Gospel of peace” is that spiritual de. the seat of life. Breastplates were made of fence with which the believer is exhorted to the strongest and most impenetrable mate equip himself in his Christian course of warrial, covering the whole front of the body, so fare. It implies those motives and encouthat darts and other destructive instruments ragements to obedience, with which the would bound off from them without inflicting Gospel furnishes us for running the Chriswound or injury. The assaults of the Chris tian race. The great motive of "love" makes tian's spiritual enemies are all directed against the hardest road of obedience light and easy; the soul, the seat of life.

How they may

and the encouraging promises of Divine help gain and keep possession of the heart ; how and protection, peace, safety, and final victhey may wound, injure, or disturb it, when tory, are able to sustain the weak and totterit is in possession of another, even God, - | ing footsteps, to keep stedfast the course of these are the chief objects of the snares and the Christian pilgrim in his weary and often temptations, the crafts and assaults of Satan. slippery paths. To advance safely and

The taking and putting on this part of smoothly in his heavenward journey, let the “the armour of God," “ the breastplate of Christian warrior take this motive, which righteousness,” is taking and keeping close “the Gospel of peace” provides and inculcates upon the heart " the righteousness which is “ love." Let the love of God in Christ of God by faith in Christ,” that divine cloth- reign in his heart, and rule his steps. Let ing which is “unto and upon all them that him take the promises of Christ, his prebelieve.” Neither the girdle, the breastplate, sence, his watchfulness, his final deliverance nor any other part of "the armour ” is of of his people ; and, with the grace of God, he man's own making or providing, but of God's. will feel, even when the feet are most feeble, the As“ truth in the inward parts" is of his gift, Divine "strength made perfect in weakness;" to be sought and derived from him; 30 the he will be able to tread down all enemies-"righteousness,” which is to cover and guard doubts, fears, disquietudes, despondencies ; the heart as a breastplate of mail, is also from he will, with the great Shepherd's “ goodness his heavenly armory. The righteousness of and mercy," " " his rod and his staff," be enaChrist is that defence, which through faith is bled to overcome the ruggedness and inequalimputed to the believer in his name, to cover ities of the way, so that “the mountains shall and hide the soul from the sentence of merited be brought low, the valleys shall be exalted, judgment. “Being justified by faith, we have the crooked shall be made straight, and the peace with God." As soon as man believes rough places plain.” from the heart, God accepts him, passing by 4. Next follows “ the shield of faith." This his transgressions, through the merits of part of the armour is introduced to notice by Christ. He is thus saved from wrath, and the expression, "above all.” “Above all," "accepted in the beloved, by grace through because this sacred shield is to gain the vic. faith ; " the signet on the heart being " the tory.

tory. “ This is the victory that overcometh breastplate of righteousness."

the world, even our faith” (1 John, v. 4). Another part of this breastplate, insepar. The girdle braces the armour tight togeable from the former, is a righteous spirit im- ther; the breastplate defends the vital parts; planted in us; an humble, earnest, habitual the greaves, or feet-preparation, preserve and conscientious spirit of obedience to the against the ruggedness of the way; but the will and law, the mind and precept of Christ. shield is for the whole body, to be directed If any one pretending to have the former for defence on every side. Faith is all in have not this, its rightful evidence, in vain all in the day of trial and danger. Faith is does he profess to take the righteousness of the stronghold of the Christian's safety. The Christ for his dependence," he is none of his" composition of “the shield of faith " is this: (Rom. viii. 9). As our Lord and Master, in to trust in Christ for pardon, guidance, preserhis life on earth, "put on righteousness as a vation, victory, resignation; to cast all upon breastplate" (Is. lix. 17), so are his soldiers God; to surrender all to him, in patience, and servants to take and arm themselves obedience, hope, and love. It is this divine with the same; in faith to receive it to their shield that makes the invisible appear as hearts, embrace and obey it in their lives. visible; which reflects, when looked upon in

3. The feet are to be “shod with the pre the midst of fiery trials, "the substance of paration of the Gospel of peace.”

things hoped for, the evidence of things not


seen;" which makes an almighty arm appear / rit's influence, by constant and consistent present to help in the midst of the dark, obedience. Such is the spiritual helmet which raging battle ; which gives blackness and secures the head, uplifts and strengthens the confusion to the enemy, while it affords light mind, and helps the Christian warrior on to and joy to the Israel of God:

sure and certain victory. “This hope we

have as an anchor of the soul, both sure and " As evening's pale and solitary star But brightens while the darkness gathers round;

stedfast” (Heb. vi. 19). So faith, unmov'd amidst surrounding storms, Is fairest seen in darkness most profound."

6. “The sword of the Spirit, which is the

word of God,” is last mentioned. 5. “ The helmet of salvation" follows next. The sword is a weapon of attack, as well as "The helmet” is a covering for the head. defence. “ The sword of the Spirit, which is The apostle (1 Thess. v. 8) says, “We have the word of God, is quick and powerful, and for an helmet the hope of salvation." A good, sharper than any two-edged sword.” It is well-founded hope of the present favour of divinely wrought; fabricated in the courts God, and future happiness with him, is a of heaven; of unearthly temper, power, and cheering and crowning principle to the other execution. It was this divine weapon, which Christian graces and properties. A sound, our Lord employed against the wiles and well-sustained expectation of victory cheers assaults of the arch enemy. “ It is written," and animates the soldier " in the day of bat- and “ thus saith the Lord,” are the two keen tle.” It elevated the godly courage of David, edges of this invincible sword. These the when he said, "O God the Lord, the strength Spirit first employs within the heart, to pull of my salvation, thou hast covered my head down Satan's dominion, " piercing even to the in the day of battle”.(Ps. cxl. 7). This as dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the sured hope will keep the mind firm, calm, joints and marrow; a discerner of the thoughts and sted fast unto the end; it will give con and intents of the heart” (Heb. iv. 12). And sistency to the character, decision to the de- then, when the kingdom of darkness has been signs and resolutions, and crowning energy overthrown within, the same Spirit shews this to the plans, purposes, and endeavours. Satan weapon's use without, in meeting and overand all spiritual adversaries would perplex coming every fresh encounter. the believer with doubt, tempt him to dis To keep this sword well polished and trust God, try to bruise our heads, drawing sharpened for constant service, we us into captivity to "many foolish and hurt have recourse continually to " the word of ful lusts. But faith, which affords “the God." We must read, search, examine, pray

G shield" to defend the members, brings with over the great truths therein, which * it "the helmet” to arm and protect the head. company salvation.” We must not be novices The promise is to faith : hope links in with in the sacred tongue ; but " read, mark, and this promise, lays hold of it, and keeps close learn," so as to be intimate and familiar with to it. As a man in battle would keep his its true sound and sense. We cannot, for head covered with his helmet, so the warring example, be considered armed with the sword, Christian combatant will cling to his "hope;" so long as we are unacquainted, either in mind and as a ship holds to her firm anchor, so he or practice, with the written testimony to the holds to his bright hope to the last, rocking truth of Christ, the nature of sin, the need of perhaps to and fro at times under the heavy salvation, the necessity of repentance, the swell of the billows of life, but still preserv- sufficiency of grace, the efficacy of justifying ing his place for the most part, and abiding faith, the hopes, the sanctions, the promises, undismayed; directing his mind uniformly the principles and rules of right doctrine aná to the sure haven and inheritance in store- discipline. These it will be necessary for every the mansion eternal prepared by the loving- man to know, both to “prove himself, whether kindness of God his Saviour for all his faith- he be in the faith,” and to be able to "give to ful and trustful flock, who "hope to the every one that asketh, a reason of the hope that end." - The hope of salvation " is a goodly is in him;" to strengthen a weak brother, or well-polished helmet ; let the Christian war. put to silence" (as occasion may require) rior take it, but let him not be mistaken as “the ignorance of the foolish." Thus may to its true temper and material. It is not of he possess " the sword of the Spirit,” being earthly or fleshly mould: it is holy, spiritual, "well instructed in the word of God:" so that and heavenly. A helmet it is as of polished when the world, with its many snares and steel, or solid gold, beautiful, precious, and deceits, of prejudice, bigotry, unbelief, evil imperishable; not like some "potter's ves advice, bad example, wild notions, wrong sel," which any slight accident may dash in imaginations, tries the temper and strength a moment to pieces. To be genuine, it must of this spiritual weapon, he may, through its be built on Christ; it must spring from faith; divine excellence and grace,“ be thoroughly and it must be kept bright through the Spi- | furnished unto all good works,” having the


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