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But rags are not the only article which the i merit of which decent and sober utterance beRomans export raw, and import manufactured. longs to an official of the Irish seminary here. Think of an agricultural country exporting its The wiseacre is from Waterford, for which laticows and oxen, and importing its butter and tude he is better fitted than that of Rome, where cheese! Think of a southern country exporting tained of keeping a holy idiot in each mosque for

as yet the Turkish custom has not generally obits raw silk and importing its silken tissues ! luck." Think of the same, or of any country, exporting its raw wool, and importing it again in the form

The older and more enlightened members of of broadcloth — losing some 220,000 dollars the episcopacy are, of course, those who showed yearly on that item alone! Think of Rome im- most inclination to judge the measure favorably. porting olive-oil from Tuscany, and was and We do not know what they will say now; honey from wherever she can get them! Think

whether they will console themselves with the of the successor of Peter - the fisherman of the conclusion of the old Roman Vatican — buying all his fish from the heretical “ Victrix causa Diis placuit, sed victa Catoni.” English! These, says Don Jeremy, are “ a few

If we can trust Don Jeremy's representations, dala, on which to found an opinion as to the the feeling at Rome was rather in favor of the value of churchmen's government, and the exclusion of laymen from the management of tem

colleges” than against them — at least this

seems to be implied in the following: poral affairs.” We think they furnish as strong an argument against “Repeal ” as any we have “Much disgust is felt and expressed in ecclemet with yet, for there can be no doubt that siastical circles here, at the tenor of Dr. John that measure would virtually give us a parlia- tato-rot to the establishment of Irish colleges for

MacHale’s Lenten manifesto, ascribing the poment of priests, with the “ venerable and vene

the laity. Italian gravity relaxes into a smile of rated” the Mac Hales, Cantwells, and O'Hig. pity for the people to whom such garbage is preginses — to govern the wires of the cabinet. sented with impunity. Nor, while the question

Perhaps, of all the legacies left by Gregory to is known to be under reference to superior the inheritor of his honors and his cares, there was authority, do people here overlook the indecennot a more unwelcome one than the question cy of this individual prejudgment, seeming, as it about the “ godless colleges.” It is really a pity were, to bully the Vatican.” that the question was not settled before Pius IX. There can be little doubt that MacHale, and received the “ keys," as the decision upon it has the other “younger and less enlightened membeen laid hold of by all the mischief-loving souls bers of the episcopacy” who act with him, have in this empire, to impair the effect which the re- bullied the Vatican into a decision in accordance forms of the great pontiff were producing upon with their views on this subject. What would all well-conditioned minds. At the time the fol- have been the effect on the bulk of the Roman lowing was written (January, 1846), our witty Catholics of Ireland, of a Papal judgment in faand liberal author probably anticipated a differ- vor of a scheme, which the majority of their ent decision on this subject :

bishops, and almost the whole of their clergy,

pronounced to be so atrocious — so fraught with “An early day in February, and a chosen ruin for the interests of religion, that the benef. committee (superseding, the routine tribunal icent Creator was induced to spoil the potatoes, which would otherwise have taken cognizance thereof) have been named for investigating, in in order to mark his displeasure with it? It is its spiritual operation, the late act of the British clear that the people must have lost all respect, legislature for the endowment of lay colleges in either for the pontiff or for their more immediIreland. The few whose names have transpired ate spiritual guides, that their confidence, in the are thoughtful and accomplished men, and know former or in the latter, must have been shaken the bounds of their competency, long accustomed to the foundation, and that either Pius must to similar vexed questions in other European have seemed to them a “dumb dog," that barked states. The clauses submitted, as more or less objectionable, by the Irish remonstrants, have

not when the capitol was in danger, or Macevery chance of being fairly sifted. The Hale and the other “ remonstrants” foolish only Irish prelate here, Dr. Kennedy, of Killa- geese, that gabbled when it was not. It is not loe, keeps strictly aloof, but is understood to in a decision of the Vatican that you are to exside rather with the older and more enlightened pect to find the plain, practical dictates of selfmembers of the episcopacy in his judgment of preservation overborne by a prudish regard to the measure. His prudent reserve has not, how the mere merits of the case ; and, in this matter ever, prevented the free expression, three days of the Irish Colleges, even the drivellings of a ago, in his presence, of a rather forcible opinion, to wit, that the Bishops in Ireland favorable to “ holy idiot” from Waterford might have been the Colleges should be denied Christian burial, some indication to the sagacious tribunal, on and their ashes thrown into the Shannon ;' the I which side safety lay.


Doctor MacHale is evidently no favorite with rich soil and its abounding pastures ? The anDon Jeremy, who seems to detect the tones of a swer is simple — these lands are either held in less anthropophagous animal in the roar from mortmain by the church or the monks (which the lion's skin at Tuam. In another part of the

are two distinct categories), or by hospitals, or book we have this:

by such leviathan landowners as Borghese, Ros

pigliosi, Piombino, Barberini, and (a namesake “Not a little disgust has been felt in ecclesias- of the criminal) Prince Sciarra. The churchtical circles on receipt of the last Lenten pasto- lands are never improved by additional labor, ral of Dr. MacHale, dated February 15 (1847), because the incumbent has but a life-tenancy, contrasted, as it necessarily is, with the mild and and generally lives in Rome. The monks are considerate tone of similar official documents migratory or reckless. The hospitals are giganhere. It appears that he inveighs amidst Irish tic jobs, where the plunder is divided between famine against the soup-establishments with the highest and the lowest functionaries which this country is about to be inundated,' mere fractional part finding its way to the orig. talks about breaking down the fences of disci- inal humane object; and no funds can be spared pline,' and sapiently adds, that this soup, with for agricultural progress. The great land proout affording sufficient nutriment, has just as prietors either have no taste for expensive immuch of the juice of meat as would fill the poor provements on a strictly entailed estate, or they with REMORSE!” An Indian fakir on the banks have other, and less creditable pursuits; they of the Ganges might be supposed to howl forth feel themselves to be mere ciphers in the eccle. such ravings, not a Christian teacher."

siastical dominions, without the natural influence

of property and rank, and therefore deem them. And in another place, where he speaks of the selves not answerable for the pauperism around rarity of the reception of any one not an Italian, them. So between the aristocracy and the into the Sacred College, we have this exquisite church (the middle classes cannot get any land bit :

to purchase in the Campagna), the laborers are “ The Irish seem to take their aboriginal and Irish absentee, or squatters of that Milesian El

as little cared for as if they were tenants of an persevering exclusion from any power, place, or Dorado, Darrynane Beg. rank in the church they love, with surprising placidity. It is true that some rather curious feeling was, of course, pity for the young mur,

" To return to the gallows: the prevalent candidates would be put forward for a hat, did derer, whose guilt was totally forgotten; and the whim seize their patriots

. We should have while the dismal preparation was being made, the Lion of Tuam clamorously recommended and pickpockets at work, masked pilgrims went by Mayo (leonum arila nutrir) and the ·Dove round, making a collection for anticipative masses of Galway' anxiously put forward by Connaught to benefit his soul. No one thought of including (nota quæ sedes fuit his columbis !) to the combined horror and amazement of this knowing, the poor charcoal-burner; the sympathy being

in the votive offering a bajocco for the soul of grave, and Eternal City.”

all monopolized by the homicide, as in Ireland, MacHale is not the only Charlatan who comes

and none left for his victim.” in for a rap of Don Jeremy's cudgel. Hear how The efforts of the old government, to keep he demolishes the mountebank of Breslau :

the sacred soil unpolluted by the invasion of "As to the so-called "German Catholic church,' modern improvement, Don Jeremy describes as it bears about the same relation to Catholicity, a perpetual source of a sort of “ quiet amuseas German silver' to the real article."

ment, not untinged with a dash of melancholy," Among the reforms awaiting the hand of Pius to strangers at Rome. The hatred to improveIX. a momentous one is indicated by the follow- ment, however, or to change of any kind, does ing:

not seem to have been confined to high quarters; A young man, named Francesco Sciarra, had and the following anecdote may illustrate some sought all over the Champagna, from Frascati to of the difficulties with which Pius IX. will have Ardea, for work, and found none. Reduced to

in teaching his Romans the time of the last extremity, he resolved on selling his day.” It is not only from owl-eyed cardinals, prayer-book — it brought him three bajocchi. friends of Austria and ancient night

, that the This sum spent, he determined (“like a man,” reforming Pope must be prepared for opposition : as Archdeacon Laffan would say) to kill the first there are other old women in the eternal city, person he met. This turned out to be a char besides those who wear red hats :coal-burner, as poor as himself. The crime did “ One of the sculptors took a fancy to import not remain undiscovered; Sciarra was arrested, from Liverpool an Arnott stove to warm his spaand, after two years spent in prison, was pub- cious studio this winter, and laid in his stock of licly executed in March, 1846. On this subject, Sabine coal with comfortable forethought; great Don Jeremy discourses thus :

was his glee at the genial glow it diffused through

his workshop; but short are the moments of per“ Now wherefore was there no work for Fran- fect enjoyment; in a few days a general outcry cesco Sciarra, in that wide champain, with its arose among the neighbours; the nasal organ at

to cope,

and says

Rome, guide-books describe as peculiarly sensi- , when we, with quite as much stupidity, if not tive: a mob of women clamored at the gate : with as much passion, rejected his. Of which they were all suffocated by the horrid carbon Don Jeremy thus shrewdly puts us in mind :fossile. Phthisis is fearfully dreaded here : with uproarious lungs they denounced him as “We ourselves, in by-gone days, showed a a promoter of pulmonary disease. Police came; similar dogged dullness in our refusal, for a cenremonstrance was useless. The artist's lares tury, to adopt the Gregorian calendar, because, were ruthlessly invaded, and his household though obviously right, it was derived from a gods shivered around him.' The Arnott Altar papal source." of Vesta now lies prostrate in his lumber-yard, quenched for ever \”

After all, bad a ruler as Gregory was, he was The sensitiveness of the nasal organ at Rome any thing but a bad man: the absurd system is particularly delectable: it is true that the that took him out of a cloister, to place him upon smells which prevail there are of a somewhat

a throne, must bear the blame of his miserable different tone from that of carbon fossile ; but, blunders in statesmanship. Small as was our to our insular nostrils, the old familiar fireside author's estimation of his public merits, he renodour would sometimes be welcome as a disin- ders a willing testimony to his personal worth, fectant.

pronounces him “a genuine honest character," But disinfectants, under Gregory, were not in good odour at the Vatican: perhaps that pon

“ When he dies, you may fairly reproduce the tiff's large nose scented heresy at the bottom of words of your Lord Bacon, concerning his namethem. Somewhere about the first of April sake and predecessor : " Gregory XIII. fulfilled (1846), appeared an edict for the suppression the age of eighty-three years, an absolute good of all private gas-works, in which the gas was man, sound in mind and body, temperate, full of generated from this horrid carbon fossile. Such good works, and an alms-giver.'” gas-works as manufactured the new light from other substances, less odious to papal olfactories, to innovation, he might have been alive to this

If he had been less consistent in his resistance were suffered to continue in existence, but subject to a thousand vexatory restrictions, and day; but he was a man who would as little de

viate from the path of precedent to save his own domiciliary visits from officials, who," says Don life, as to improve the condition of his subjects. Jeremy, “ as usual, must be bribed to report He had been assured by his medical advisers, favorably;” that is, to report that there is no

that the only chance of averting speedy death gas made from carbon fossile in that establishment. Further, to frighten private capitalists

was the amputation of his left leg. But from

St. Peter down to himself, there had not been a from making gas for themselves (even with the avoidance of carbon fossile), it was made known

pope with fewer legs than two, and Gregory

would not be the first to go on one. to them that “their private gas-generators would all be confiscated at some indetermined period, keep his footing, as Don Jeremy observes, re

ferred dying, and he died; his determination to when it should please the wisdom of authority to establish government gas-works.” Who can but

minding us of that fine outburst in Tacitussubscribe to Don Jeremy's indignant outcry upon " OPORTET IMPERATOREM STANTEM MORI." such blundering? — “ There is a refinement of stupidity in this

The death of a pope is the signal for a fine proceeding, which requires no further develop development of the spirit of intrigue; and no ment. Alas! there was a time when the Rome sooner was it known that Gregory XVI. was of Leo X. girded up her loins to walk in the gone the way of all Gregories," than Russia, vanguard of civilization, instead of being, as France, Austria, and Spain, were, “ each after now, decrepit and bed-ridden; or, if you will, its fashion, busy in the electoral field.” Don after the fashion of a midnight hag, squatted on the breast of heaving Italy. The iron ROADS

Jeremy thought it time that “old Nicholas will, nevertheless, be made, and the carbon fos- Breakspeare” (Adrian IV.), should at length sile shall redden the furnace of many a Roman see a compatriot on the list of Pontiffs, steam-engine yet, and this very gas, now de- it only to rebut the prevalent notion, that the nounced, shall add new irradiancy to the majes- Italians have made a snug job of the popedom tic dome of Peter, which is just about to be illu for themselves." But there was no chance of minated with tallow for the blessed Easter fes

this, the conclave being quite sensible that it had tival !”

but to elect a “Saxon ” pope — and hear, by Let us, however, while we lift up our hands return of the post that brought the news to Ireat the stupidity of the Pope, in so passionately land, that that outraged country had rushed, as rejecting our improvements, remember, for the one man, to St. Audoen's church, and read her correction of our pride, that there was a time recantation.

He pre



Cardinal Acton, therefore, was not chosen to “ Year after year this phenomenon takes place fill the vacant chair, but Cardinal Mastai Ferretti in the presence of those various and manly was. This would seem to show, after all, that tribes — heaven has a hand in the disposal of the triple 'Qui profundum Danubium bibunt;'

At least such would be the conclusion but it has not bappened for centuries on the of the late worthy old Cardinal Micara, who, if banks of the Roman river, where, though to all Fanny Kemble is to be depended on, said to

appearance the yellow waters had run their Lambruschini, as these two poles of the Sacred course with the semblance of a rapid flow, yet College were on their way to the conclave to was the moral and intellectual progress of the gether, “ If the powers of darkness preside over Tiber checked, obstructed, and frozen, and after the election, you 'll be Pope: if the people bad a the dormant monotony of ages, it was reserved voice, I'm the man; but, if heaven has a finger indwellers of the Eternal City a spectacle such

for the energy of Count Ferretti, to give the in the business, 't will be Ferretti." The memorable " amnesty” was the first act gelo that announced his election, told Europe at

as that above described. The guns of St. Anby which Pius IX. proved that Micara was not the same time, that the old pathways of progress mistaken. This paternal act restored near ten and civilization were re-opened, and that the ICE thousand Romans to their homes. It was the WAS BROKEN at Rome.” pontiff's own act, achieved in utter disregard and defiance of the lovers of oppression at home of history, and there is no need of our going

The reforms of Pope Pius IX. are now matter and abroad. “ Not one of the officials in au

into the details of them here, which is the more thority,” says Don Jeremy, “could be got to fortunate, as we should have no room now to do sign the decree. HE SIGNED IT HIMSELF." it. One or two extracts more, and we relucThen, proceeds our author, in a strain of no

tantly close our task. common eloquence:

Money is very necessary to the existence of a “ Rome arose in its transport of joy, like one government, and Pius has resolved on raising it man, and the kindred and friends of the ban- by an income-tax, a measure which, says our ished did not feel more wild enthusiasm than the Benedictine, “in the state of landed property rest of the population.

From throughout his dominions, is nothing short of a the ends of the earth, from the capital cities and financial revolution.” The money so raised, seaports, and dark recesses of the whole Con- Mr. Vicary will be glad to learn, is not to be tinent, the exiles came back, as Israel returning expended in finishing the Basilica of St. Paul. from a Babylonian captivity. The shout of welcome and the song of gladness was heard in Says Don Jeremy – the land.

“ There can be no question that the apostle of “ Then was felt that a new era was begun. the Gentiles deserves every reasonable testiThe old crust of antiquated oppression had been monial, but prudence, not to speak of justice, broken, and a free current given to the gushings would suggest the impropriety of “ robbing Peter of humanity.

to pay' bis illustrious collaborator." “ Has the reader ever been in Hungary when, in the spring of the year, the Danube, icebound This great work, however, is not given up; during winter, relents at the approach of a genial indeed it would be a piece of great Vandalism warmth, and with a sudden revulsion bursting the cold manacles in which it had lain enthralled, to leave the unfinished Basilica as it is; but the restores its capacious flood to fluency and free" allowance for it is reduced to one third, which dom? It is a moment of annual recurrence, but will prevent its coming in the end as a burden one of unparalleled excitement and native gran upon the people. “ The late Gregory,” adds deur. The watchmen on the banks above Buda

our author,“ never took this view of things, have, for miles along the mighty river, trans- being a simple monk.” A devout work was, to mitted from man to man the signal of the ap, him, a devout work; and if he beggared his proaching outbreak. The guns from the citadel of Comorn have announced far upwards

, and subjects in doing it, why, he did but bring them reverberated down the stream the joyful event; the nearer to perfection, beggary being a holy the surface of the wide flood has heaved up as state. Thus, two birds were killed with each in the throes of deliverance: vast fissures, with stone added to the costly fabric: a saint in a thundering sound, have cloven the hitherto heaven was honored, and saints on earth were monotonous expanse of frozen waters; a general created by the same process. breaking-up is perceptible from brink to brink,

But positive, as well as negative diminutions and when a few hours have elapsed, amid the of the public burdens enter into the plans of the acclamations of the millions who dwell on the margin of that immemorial current, the com

good pope.

“ The tax on salt, and that on corn bined voice of Hungary calls out that the ICE 18 ground on the mill (this latter most oppressive BROKEN, and the highway of nations made free to the peasant, who is not allowed to grind his

own corn), are to be abolished on the expiration

once more.


of the monopoly, now belonging to the great, been rejected with scorn. Possibly the dogs here salt-seller, Torlonia.” The abolition of the mo are not endowed with the instinct necessary to nopoly of salt will reduce the price of that article be intrusted with the guidance of a 'dark’man; two thirds.

but the fact is, that each sufferer, from 'gut seAfter a lively description of the measures

rene, or other dim suffusion,' takes care to

secure the services of a strapping young woman, taken to clear the eternal city of the plague of or a full-grown lad, whose whole time is given to

beggardom," that infested all her thorough- the patient, and, of course, lost to the commufares, and rendered her church-doors almost un- nity. This is decidedly a more dignified style of approachable for people fastidious on the subject thing than it dependent on a mere quadruped; of parasitic animals ; our author, in a subsequent or as Virgil has it“ Letter,” returns to the topic, and thus com

*Canibus data præda Latinis.'” ments on the results of the experiment: we must premise that by “several simultaneous and well What follows is worthy the attention of Mr. directed razzias” made upon the astonished Richardson : tribes of “beggardom” aforesaid, almost four

“ And as we are on the subject of dogs, I may hundred captives, of both sexes, were secured, and carried off, Grasselini knows whither. this animal, in connexion with the general sub

as well notice some particulars of the habits of Church-porches were despoiled of what Chry-ject. Louis Bonaparte (Prince of Canino), sostom pronounces their most fitting ornaments brother-in-law of Mr. Wyse, and rival of Charles

the maimed, the lame, and the blind (a sacri- Waterton in knowledge of brute instincts, bas lege which Don Jeremy leaves to the reprobation drawn the attention of naturalists to the system of Mr. Pugin); the “vested interests of each of life pursued by the dogs of Rome. You are

aware that little sewerage exists here, except ragged incumbent” were unscrupulously “ set at the cloaca maxima ; and that having no regular nought;” and Rome, the next day, appeared, as dustmen, or strect contractors, the inhabitants Glasyow cathedral did to Andrew Fairservice, are accustomed to throw out the garbage and when “cleared of popish ecdols,” “ as clowse as refuse of their houses, which is deposited gena cat when the fleus arc kempt off her.” And erally in some blind corner, appointed for that now for our extract:

purpose by the police, and decorated with a

large inscription on the wall, IMMONDEZZAIO; “You will be naturally curious to learn how i. e. 'rubbish shot here. It appears that though the grand experiment of uprooting mendicity several hundreds of these established depôts from Rome, described fully in my last, has been exist in Rome, not one is unappropriated, but found to answer. Hitherto, the attempt appears has become by usurpation, or regular transfer, very successful, and street-begging has, it not the fee-simple of some particular dog, who will disappeared, assumed a very different attitude. not suffer liis rights of flotsam and jetsam to be The genuine Roman beggar was proverbially invarled by any squatter or new comer, but rules the most insolent and importunate of the whole supreme master of the dung-heap he has actribe ; the Irus of Homeric days was but a faint quired. Some cases of copartnership in a dirty prototype of the class. To secure your alms corner have been observed, but generally with seemed his right, and he pursued you like a brothers, on the death of the parent; and desbailiff armed with a warrant for exaction. These perate battles occur occasionally about “fixity marauders have been captured and imprisoned: of tenure,' as in Tipperary. The unsuccessful the highway now is clear to all: but there re- claimant, on ejectment, has no resource but the mains a few stragglers in the byeways,

general run of the streets : 'Pauca tamen subeunt veteris destigia fraudis,' 'Heu! magnum alterius frustrà spectabit acervum!' principally composed of cripples and blind men, I know not whether these details be considered whose demeanour is subdued, and who merely sublime enough for your perusal; but they may rattle a tin canister, filled with a few seed bajoc- furnish you with an humble illustration of the chi. The grand staircase of the Trinità exhib- famous con-acre system of Ireland, as practised its a specimen or two, but not as it did of old, in by the patriotic landlords of that model commusuch numbers as to rival the famous nix man- nity." giare steps' of Malta. The late Tom Hood described his blind man as “a figure in alto re Here, we must say, Don Jeremy does not deal lievo, who sought further relief;' as an instance with his usual candor with the “landlords of of the clair obscur, being seldom blind to his Ireland,” who get shot just because they will own interest;' as a “human canister tied to a

not “patronize the con-acre system.” dog's tail;' and as a · Venetian blind, being pulled up and down by a string. But it is very turesque account of “ the grand ceremony of

Gladly would we transcribe our author's picremarkable that no one ever saw a blind man, in Rome, led about by a dog. Such an expe- taking formal possession of the Lateran church,” dient never seems to have occurred to the natives which, for one day (November 8,1846), seemed here, or if the idea struck them, it seems to have to throw back the eternal city into the midst of

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