The Works of Horace, Tom 2

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A. Guthrie, and J. & J. Fairbairn, 1801

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Strona 412 - ... verum ubi plura nitent in carmine, non ego paucis offendar maculis, quas aut incuria fudit aut humana parum cavit natura.
Strona 218 - Nunc itaque et versus et cetera ludicra pono; Quid verum atque decens, curo et rogo, et omnis in hoc sum; Condo et conpono quae mox depromere possim.
Strona 385 - ... off first: in this manner words perish with old age, and those lately invented flourish and thrive, like men in the time of youth. We and our works are doomed to death: whether. Neptune...
Strona 411 - Roman youth learn by long computation to subdivide a pound into an hundred parts. Let the son of Albinus tell me, if from five ounces one be subtracted, what remains? He would have said the third of a pound. Bravely done! you will be able to take care of your own affairs. An ounce is added: what will that be? Half a pound.
Strona 395 - Peevish, querulous, a panegyrist of former times when he was a boy, and chastiser and censurer of his juniors. Our advancing years bring many advantages along with them. Many our declining ones take away. That the parts [therefore] belonging to age may not be given to a youth, and those of a man to a boy, we must dwell upon those qualities which are joined and adapted to each person's age.
Strona 326 - Iratus : quis enim invitum servare laboret ? Hoc quoque te manet, ut pueros elementa docentem Occupet extremis in vicis balba senectus.
Strona 121 - Now learn what and how great benefits a temperate diet will bring along with" it. In the first place, you will enjoy good health...
Strona 248 - ... lucum ligna: cave ne portus occupet alter, ne Cibyratica, ne Bithyna negotia perdas; mille talenta rotundentur, totidem altera porro et tertia succedant et quae pars quadret acervum. 35 scilicet uxorem cum dote fidemque et amicos et genus et formam regina Pecunia donat ac bene nummatum decorat Suadela Venusque. mancupiis locuples eget aeris Cappadocum rex: ne fueris hic tu. chlamydes Lucullus, ut aiunt, 40 si posset centum scaenae praebere rogatus, «qui possum tot?
Strona 366 - Hie ubi cognatorum opibus curifque refeftus, Expulit elleboro morbum bilemque meraco, Et redit ad fefe : Pol me occidiftis, amici, Non fervaftis, ait ; cui fie extorta voluptas, Et demptus per vim mentis gratiffimus error. ' Well, on the whole, plain profe muft be my fate : Wifdom (curfe on it) will come foon or late. There is a time when Poets will grow dull : 206...
Strona 409 - Sometimes a play, that is showy with common-places, and where the manners are well marked, though of no elegance, without force or art, gives the people much higher delight and more effectually commands their attention, than verse void of matter, and tuneful trifles. To the Greeks, covetous of nothing but praise, the muse gave genius; to the Greeks the power of expressing themselves in round periods. The Roman youth learn by long computation to subdivide a pound into an hundred parts. Let the son...

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