Memoirs of Napoleon Bonaparte, Tom 1

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Strona 310 - The same prudence and good sense mark all his behavior. His instructions to his secretary at the Tuileries are worth remembering. " During the night, enter my chamber as seldom as possible. Do not awake me when you have any good news to communicate ; with that there is no hurry. But when you bring bad news, rouse me instantly, for then there is not a moment to be lost.
Strona 63 - In later years, with larger experience, his respect for mankind was not increased. In a moment of bitterness, he said to one of his oldest friends, "Men deserve the contempt with which they inspire me. I have only to put some...
Strona 415 - We may ensure the glory of France. I say we, because I require the aid of Bonaparte, and he can do nothing without me. " General, Europe observes you. Glory awaits you, and I am impatient to restore peace to my people.
Strona 317 - I do not even love my brothers: perhaps Joseph a little, from habit, and because he is my elder; and Duroc — I love him too; but why? Because his character pleases me : he is stern and resolute, and I believe the fellow never shed a tear.
Strona 315 - Hungarian grenadiers, before the very eyes of the Austrian cavalry. This cavalry was half a league off and required a quarter of an hour to arrive on the field of action, and I have observed that it is always these quarters of an hour that decide the fate of a battle.
Strona 4 - An inquiry took place. Napoleon denied the fact, and was whipped. He was told that if he would beg pardon he should be forgiven. He protested that he was innocent, but he was not believed. If I recollect rightly, his mother was at the time on a visit to M. de Marbeuf, or some other * friend. The result of Napoleon's obstinacy was, that he was kept three whole days upon bread and cheese, and that cheese was not broccio.* However, he would not cry*: he was dull but not sulky.
Strona 413 - The first consul answered thus : " I have received your royal highness's letter. I have always taken a lively interest in your misfortunes and those of your family. You must not think of appearing in France — you could not do so without marching over five hundred thousand corpses.
Strona 49 - I shall be employed here or anywhere else is indifferent to me : to serve the country, and to merit from posterity a page in our history, is all my ambition. If you join Kellerman and me in command in Italy you will undo everything. General Kellerman has more experience than I, and knows how to make war better than I do ; but both together, we shall make it badly. I will not willingly serve with a man who considers himself the first general in Europe.
Strona 202 - ... at some place he pointed out in order to fight a duel. I laughed at this, and sent him back an intimation that when he brought Marlborough to fight me I would meet him. Notwithstanding this, I like the character of the man
Strona 299 - Called by the wishes of the French nation to occupy the first magistracy of the republic, I think it proper, on entering into office, to make a direct communication of it to your majesty.

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