Medicine in Quotations: Views of Health and Disease Through the Ages

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Edward J. Huth, T. J. Murray
American College of Physicians, 2006 - 581
Who was the first to write about a certain disease, diagnose it, and treat it? This book answers those questions for a wide range of diseases, from Abetalipoproteinemia to Zollinger-Ellison syndrome. What were the medical practitioners of previous generations hoping to achieve? What were their patients expecting of them? The answers are found in these quotations. Containing over 3,000 entries, and now updated with more than 450 new quotations, this new edition of ""Medicine in Quotations"" is the most comprehensive collection of its type published in over 30 years. It is much more than a random collection of famous sayings relating to sickness and health, disease and treatment; it is a portrait of medicine throughout recorded history. You will discover how medical concepts and practices have developed and shifted through the millennia, and how many illnesses recognized today were first identified a thousand or more years ago. Quotations are organized by topic, and each is fully referenced, allowing curious readers to return to the original source. Subject and author indices make it easy to find quotations of interest. ""Medicine in Quotations"" is an invaluable resource for writers, speakers, and all those interested in the history of medicine.

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Medicine in quotations: views of health and disease through the ages

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This is not the type of quotation collection from which one could choose glib after-dinner remarks about medical care for a lay audience. Huth (editor emeritus, Annals of Internal Medicine) and Murray ... Przeczytaj pełną recenzję

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