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dioceses.” Bingham. Antiq. Chr. Cbh.

For the Gospel Advocate. b. ix. cap. 1. s. 3. and so passim. This list of authorities might be ex

The rose, that gave its perfume to the gale, tended, but I forbear from the fear of Pride of Damascus, bright imperial flow'r,

And triumph'd, for an hour, in gay parade, oferburdening the subject, and shall Was born to fade! now consider to what conclusion we Shorn of its bloom, and rifled of its pow'r, are, led by analogy.

Sear'd by the blast, and scattered in the vale ! The regular formation of the plural So youth shall wither, beauty pass away! from diocess, would make it “ dioces.

The bloom of health, the flush of mantling

pride! ses," not “ dioceses." Thus witness, Nor wealth, nor skill, nor eloquence, can save, witnesses, excess, excesses, success, suc From swift decay ! cesses, abbess, abbesses, weakness, weak- Beauty and youth are dust, to dust allied, nesses, process, processes, &c. To be And time returns its tribute to the grave! consistent, therefore, Johnson should Pale, unobtrusive tenant of the field: have written either diocese, dioceses, Thy fair, unsullied form shall still remain, or diocess, diocesses. If the latter were

Mid summer's heat, and autumn's chill career,

And winter's reign. to be preferred, why should we not also Ev'n the first honours of the floral year, write diocessan, instead of diocesan ? To thee alone shall gay Narcissus yield.

Diocess seems also to be as contrary Fair emblem art thou of the spotless breast ! to etymology as it is to analogy; for by Like thee, unfading flow'r, shall virtue bloom, what rule can the termination"

When youth and all its bustling pride repose, be formed from xgois? Can any in- When beauty's cheek shall wither, like the

Deep in the tomb! stance of a like derivation be produced

rose, from our language ?


And beauty's sparkling eye shall be at rest.



Extracts from the journal of the proceedings cuments relating to the same subject, which of the bishops, clergy, and laity, of the

were read. protestant episcopal church in the United On motion, Resolved, That the papers reStates of America, in a special general ceived from the house of bishops, relative to convention, held in St. Peter's church, in the theological seminary, and the report of the city of Philadelphia, from the thirtieth the trustees of the seminary, be referred to day of October, to the third of November, a committee of seven on the part of this inclusive, A. D. 1821.

house, and that the house of bishops be reHOUSE OF CLERICAL AND LAY DEPUTIES.

spectfully requested to appoint such number

of their own body as they may think proper, October 30, 1821. to be, with the members appointed on the The house proceeded to the election of a part of this house, a joint committee on the president

, secretary, and assistant secretary, said papers and the matters therein containwhen it appeared that the reverend William ed.

D. D. was chosen president, the The following gentlemen were appointed reverend Ashbel Baldwin, secretary, and the committee : Puncan Cameron, esquire, the reverend J. C. Rudd, assistant secretary. Richard Harison, esquire, colonel Alexander On motion, the rules of order, adopted by Jones, reverend 'Daniel 'Burhans, reverend the last general convention, were adopted as David Butler, reverend Dr. Wharton, revethe rules of this convention.

rend Dr. Gadsden. This resolution was sent

October 31. to the house of bishops. The house attended divine service in St.

A message was received from the house of

bishops, informing this house of their concurThe report of the trustees of the theological rence with the resolution proposing a joint seminary was read.

committee, and that the right reverend bishwas received from the house of ops Hobart and Kemp had been appointed bishops, relative to the call of this special on the part of their house. convention, and accompanied by certain do The report of the presiding bishop on the

H. Wilmer,

Peter's church.

A message

subject of a standard copy of the book of of the board. Every diocese shall be entitled common prayer, was read, and referred to a to one trustee, and one additional trustee for select committee.

every eight clergymen in the same; and to November 1-1 o'clock, P. M. one additional trustee for every two thousand This being thanksgiving day, the mem- dollars of moneys in any way given or conbers attended divine service in the diffe,ent tributed in the same, to the funds of the semichurches.

nary, until the sum amounts to ten thousand The house met.

dollars; and one additional trustee for every The report of the managers of the mis- ten thousand dollars of contributions and dosionary society was presented and read. nations, as aforesaid, exceeding that sum.

On motion of the reverend Simon Wilmer, The trustees shall be resident in the dioceses it was referred to a committee.

for which they are appointed. They shall The reverend Mr. Boyd, reverend Dr. be nominated by the diocesan conventions Jarvis, and reverend Simon Wilmer, were respectively, to every stated general convenappointed the committee.

tion, who may confirm or reject such nomi.

November 2. nations. The senior bishop present shall pre. Duncan Cameron, esquire, from the com- side at every meeting of the board of trustees ; mittee on the theological seminary, made the and whenever demanded, by a majority of following report, which was read.

the bishops present, or a majority of the cle. The committee, to whom was referred rical and lay trustees present, the concurrence the communications relative to the general of a majority of the bishops present, and a theological seminary, having had the same majority of clerical and lay trustees present, under consideration, report the following con- shall be necessary to any act of the board. stitution for the general theological seminary Eleven trustees shall constitute a quorum. of the protestant episcopal church in the The trustees shall continue io office until United States of America.

their successors are appointed. In the inConstitution of the general theological semi- terval between the stated meetings of the

nary of the protestant episcopal church in general convention, the board shall have the United States of America.

power to supply all vacancies, from the dio1. The theological seminary of the pro ceses respectively, in which they may have testant episcopal church in the United States occurred. of America, shall be permanently established iv. For the present, and until the next in the state of New York. The trustees of stated general convention, the board of trusthe said seminary shall have power, from tees shall consist of the bishops of the church, time to time, to establish one or more branch and of the twenty-four trustees of the general schools in the state of New York, or else. theological seminary, heretofore established by where, to be under the superintendance and the general convention, and of fourteen truscontrol of the said trustees.

tees chosen by the managers of the protes. 11. The management of the said seminary tant episcopal theological education socieshall be vested in a board of trustees, who ty in the state of New York. These trusshall have power to constitute professorships, tees shall exercise the powers of the perma. and to appoint the professors, and to prescribe nent board, as detailed in the foregoing artithe course of study in the respective schools, cle, and agreeably to the provisions thereof. and to make rules and regulations, and sta The board of Trustees shall always meet tutes for the government thereof; and ge. in the diocese where the seminary is estabnerally to take such measures as they may lished, at such stated periods as they may deem necessary to its prosperity ; provided, determine ; and special meetings may be that such rules and regulations, and course of called by the bishop of the said diocese, and study, and measures, be not repugnant to shall be called by him at the requisition of the constitution and canons of the church, a majority of the bishops. and to the course of study for candidates v. The professors of the general theolofor orders, which is or may be established gical seminary heretofore established by the by the house of bishops. The bishops, in general convention, and the professors in the their individual and collective capacity, shall theological seminary in the diocese of New Le visitors of the seminary, and shall see York, shall be professors in the general theothat the course of instruction and discipline logical seminary hereby established in that be conducted agreeably to the foregoing diocese. provision. The trustees shall make report to The board of trustees shall have power to every general convention of their proceedings, remove professors and other officers; but do and of the state of the seminary.

professor shall be removed from office, ex11. T'he hoard of trustees shall be perma- cept at a special meeting of the board called nently constituted, as follows. The histiops to consider the same ; nor unless notice of an of the church shall be ex-oficio members intended motion for such removal, and of the

grounds thereof shall have been given at a ducing a table of the days on which Easter previous meeting of the board. The nomina- will fall for thirty eight years, being the time tion of professors shall be made at one meet. of two cycles of the moon, as reported by the ing of the board of trustees, and acted upon presiding bishop to this convention; and that at a subsequent meeting; due notice being in the choice of an edition for this purpose, given of the object of the said meeting to the said committee for the sake of greater every member of the board.

accuracy, give a preference to one to be VI. The funds and other property, and printed from stereotype plates, and authenticlaims to funds or property of the general cate the same by their certificate. theological seminary, heretofore established The committee also proposed a canon, by the general convention, shall be vested in, “ providing for a new and more complete and transferred to the general seminary here- and correct standard of the book of common by established, as soon as an act of the board prayer," which was adopted and sent to the of nanagers of the protestant episcopal theo.' house of bishops. logical education society, in the state of New

November 3. York, shall vest in and transfer to the same seminary, all their funds, and other property, committee on the proposed substitute for the

The reverend Mr. Henshaw, from the and claims to funds and property and all engagements and responsibilities entered into, present constitution of the missionary society, or assumed by either of the said institutions, reported the substitute seat from the house for the purpose of their foundation, consistent of bishops, with some amendoients, which with the other provisions of this constitution

were considered, and the constitution as shall be considered as binding upon the gene amended was sent to the house of bishops. ral seminary, so established within the state

A message was received from the house of New York.

of bishops, proposing further amendments to vii. This constitution shall be unalterable, the constitution of the missionary society, except by a concurrent vote of the board of which were concurred in by this house, and trustees, and of the general convention.

notice of concurrence sent to the house of The house proceeded to the consideration bishops, and the constitution as amended was of the proposed constitution, which passed a

finally adopted. first and second reading.

The house proceeded to the choice of twenty A message was received from the house four directors and two secretaries of the mis. of bishops, informing this house that they had sionary society.. ndanimously adopted the constitution of the

Elt was our intention to insert the consti. general theological seminary of the protes- of officers, but we are obliged to defer them

tution of the missionary society and the list tant episcopal church in the United States of America, as reported by the committee

to the next number. ] to whom were referred all papers relative to

On motion, Resolved, That the thanks of the subject.

this house be presented to the president and

secretaries for the services rendered by them

Evening. respectively, during the present session. The house resumed the consideration of the The bouse of bishops informed this house constitution of the general theological semina- that they were ready to rise, and proposed TJ, which was read a third time, and adopted, closing the session by prayer. This house as reported by the committee, and notice sent informed the house of bishops that they were to the house of bishops.

ready to unite in the proposed devotions. Mr. Meredith, from the committee on the The house of bishops then attended in this subject of a standard copy of the book of house, and prayer was performed by the common prayer, reported the following re- presiding bishop, after which he addressed solution, which was adopted and sent to the the convention in the following words: house of bishops.

Brethren of this convention -I take the Resolved, by the house of clerical and lay liberty of giving vent to the feeling which deputies, the house of bishops concurring, That possesses me, at the conclusion of our session. a joint committee of one or more bishops to I have attended all the meetings of the be appointed by the house of bishops, and of general conventions, from the beginning of three members of the house of clerical and lay our organization.

On some of those occadeputies to be appointed by the house last sions, we assembled with apprehensions in mentioned, be authorized during the recess of the minds of many judicious men who had the general convention, to superintend the the interests of the church at heart, that the printing of an edition of the book of common deliberations would be disturbed by angry prayer, correcting and supplying therein any passions, and 'end in disunion. In every inerrours and omissions in the edition heretofore stance, the reverse was the issue : which led established as the standard book, and intro- me to bope, that there was in this matter a

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Verifying of the promise of the great Head of a committee of seren members; whereupon the church, of being with her to the end of this house concurred in the resolution, and the world.

appointed bishops Hobart and Kemp to act The reason of this call of your attention to on the part of this house, with the aforesaid the fact stated, is the harmony with which committee. we are concluding the present session ; after

November 1. having met with diversity of sentiment on some important points ; on which, in conse

This being thanksgiving day, the bisbops

attended divine service in the several quence of mutual concession, and the merging of local attachments in the great object

churches. of general good, we are now separating with

The presiding bishop made a communicaconfirmed zeal for the great cause in which tion relative to the missionary society: we are engaged; to be followed, it is to be

The house adopted an opinion on the use hoped, by renewed endeavours for its advance of part of the communion service, which was ment, each of us in bis proper sphere.

sent to the house of clerical and lay deputies. With this prospect before me, I invite you

November 2. to list your hearts and your voices, in singing The report of the committee, to whom to the praise and glory of God, a psalm ap- were referred all papers relative to the theopropriate to the occasion.

logical seminary, was read; whereupon the The members of both houses then united house unanimously resolved to adopt the

singing the 133d psalm-after which the constitution of the general theological semibenediction was pronounced, and the house pary of the protestant episcopal church in adjourned, sine die.

the United States of America, as reported by the committee-and gave notice thereof to the house of clerical and lay deputies.

The report of the managers of the general October 30, 1821.

missionary society was read. The reverend William Augustus Muhlen (With this report were communicated berg was chosen secretary to the house. letters from the secretaries of the London

A message was received from the house of society for propagating the gospel, the soclerical and lay deputies, that they were or- ciety for promoting Christian knowledge, ganized and ready to proceed to business, and the church missionary society, expressing whereupon this house returned for answer their satisfaction at the formation of this sothat they were also ready to proceed to busi- ciety, and accompanied by copies of several ness, and had agreed to attend divine service of the publications of these societies. That every day during the session.

from the church missionary society also gave October 31.

notice that the directors have appropriated

two hundred pounds sterling to aid this The bishops attended divine service. Pray- society.] ers were read by the reverend doctor Wyait,

A message was received from the house of and a sermon was delivered by the right clerical and lay deputies, with an alteration reverend bishop Kemp. The holy commu• of the constitution of the general missionary nion was administered by the right reverend society; whereupon this house disagreed to the presiding bishop, assisted by the other the proposed alteration, and adopted a subbishops present.

stitute for the present constitution, and sent The presiding bishop stated to the house it to the house of clerical and lay deputies. that in consequence of the request of the

The house adopted a resolution and a major number of the bishops, grounded on an

canon respecting a standard book, received application made to them by the trustees of from the house of clerical and lay deputies, the theological seminary, herewith presented, and appointed the presiding bishop on the and agreeably to authority vested in him, be part of this house, a committee to carry the had called this special convention.

resolution into effect. The presiding bishop made a report certain matters referred to him by the last

November 3. general convention, to take order. Where The house returned thanks to the right upon the house adopted the proposal in the reverend bishop Kemp for his discourse, desaid report with regard to a standard book livered at the opening of the convention, and -and appointed the presiding bishop on the requested a copy of the same for publication. part of this house, a committee to carry the The constitution of the domestick and foreign same into effect.

missionary society of the protestant episcopal A nessage was received from the house of church in the United States of America, after clerical and lay deputies, that they had undergoing amendments proposed by the adopted a resolution to refer all papers re- house of clerical and lay deputies, was finally lative to the general theological seminary to adopted.

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The house of clerical and lay deputies sent Amwell, and preacbed at the house of Mr. the pames of certain persons chosed directors Robert sharp ; and on Sunday the 24th, I and officers of the missionary society, which also visited St. Thomas's church at Alexagthis house concurred in by ballot.

dria, at which I performed divine service, “Resolved, That the thanks of the house and preached, twice. This congregation, Í be given to the secretary for the attention rejoice to say, bas, through divine goodness, and ability with which he has discharged the risen from a state bordering on extinction, to duties of his office."

one comparatively prosperons. It has inThe convention being ready to rise, the deed so much improved, that it is not only house adjourned to the house of clerical and repairing its church, which was literally in lay deputies. After which the convention ruins, but enjoys already the stated services adjourned, sine die.

of the reverend Mr. Dunn, for a portion of

his time. The thirty-eighth annual convention of “ Shortly after, on the twenty-eighth of the the diocese of New Jersey assembled in St. same month, I visited St. Peter's church, Andrew's church, Mount Holly, on the twen- Perth-Amboy, and administered the apostolty-second and twenty-third days of August, ick rite of confirmation ; on which occasion, 1821. It appears, from the journal, that I also preached. The number confirmed was there are now, within the diocese, fourteen twenty-eight.

St. Peter's church preserves clergymen, viz. the bishop, ten presbyters, its standing, and has, within a few years, conand three deacons ; and that there are twen- siderably increased. ty-five congregations, besides the few episco “ On Friday, the twentieth of the succeedpalians scattered in Amwell, Woodbury, and ing month, I visited the episcopalians at some other towns, fifteen of which enjoy the Woodbury, and preached in the evening; stated ministrations of clergymen. The rest and on Sunday, the fifth of November, I also are kept alive by the occasional visits of mis- visited St. Peter's church, at Berkeley, and sionaries, and by the practice, which cannot performed the same service. be too much commended, of having the “ The day following, I repaired to Salem, church service regularly, every Sunday, and and on Tuesday, the seventh of November, a sermon read by some pious and respecta- I beld an ordination in St. John's church, in ble member of these little flocks. The litur- that town, preached on the occasion, and gy constantly used, will preserve a church in admitted to the holy order of priests, the the worst of times. This has been strikingly reverend Richard F. Cadle, rector elect of evinced in the state of New-Jersey. Origi- that church, and of St. George's church, nally settled by the Swedes and Dutch, and, Pennsneck. On the succeeding day, I instiwhen it became an English province, inhabitə tuted Mr. Cadle into the rectorship of the ed chiefly by quakers and baptists, it was church first named." Dot till the year 1704, that any congregation Salem was one of the missionary stations existed there in communion with the church established by the society for propagating of England. When the revolutionary war the gospel, in 1722. For more than fifty commenced, a few scattered congregations years of the century which hath now elapsed, had been formed under six or seven mission- it has been without a clergyman. Yet from aries, sent over by the society for propagate the report of the rector, it appears, that there ing the gospel. That event operated there, are twenty-eight families now belonging to as it did every where else. The connexion the church. * The revival,” says the bishof the church with the state of England, led op, “and thus far, the restoration of this to the persecution of the flocks, and the dis- respectable, though not numerous congregapersion of the shepherds. The destitute con- tion, which, with the exception of a short gregations were like sickly hot house plants, time, had been for more than fifty years which withered under the chilling influences without a rector, and in a state but little reof desertion, poverty, and reproach. In this moved from extinction, whose church indeed, condition they have continued to preserve a for a considerable period, had lain in ruins, frail and tremulous life, even till the present the common resort of birds and beasts : thé moment. The first bishop was consecrated revival, I say, and re-establishment of this in 1815, and there were then barely enough church, and the neat and decorous style in clergymen in the diocese, to constitute the which its building has been repaired, are not canonical number of electors. Compared only matter of surprise, but of joy, and gratiwith this state of things, the growth of the tude to God for his goodness, and capnot but church, for the last six years, has been rapid, encourage and animate us to renewed exer. though it has consisted principally in the reno- tions, in our endeavours to build up our devation of decayed and destitute congregations. cayed and waste places."On Friday, September 22, (1820,] I visit The rector mentions an unpleasant circumed,” says the bishop," the episcopalians at stance which, for a time, threatened the

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