The Right Hand of God

Przednia okładka
Dog Ear Publishing, 2006 - 204
The book brings to the reader a message of hope particularly to those who are young and disadvantaged and for whom there appears to be no future. It encourages them to put their trust in God Who is bigger than any circumstance. It shows the importance of having a vision, involving God in our plans through prayer and making use daily of the opportunities that are available to us. God only reveals to us what we need at a particular time and what we are capable of grasping. He has in store for us the total plan for our lives but takes us through one step at a time. When adverse circumstances come into our lives God is aware of them and their purpose is for us to be strengthened in our faith. God wants us to trust Him as He goes through the trial with us and brings us out when we appreciate His purpose and have learnt the spiritual lesson. When He blesses us He expects us to be a blessing to others and opens opportunities for us to be His representatives on earth. God's right hand is always on those who seek Him to order their steps as He takes delight in the prosperity of His people.

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The Right Hand Of God
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A New Beginning
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The Spiritual Blessing Truth Revealed For Ministry 2
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The Ministry Of Helps
Spiritual BlessingTruth Revealed For Ministry 6
Supernatural Deliverance From Financial Bondage
A New Challenge
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An Encounter With Evil
Spiritual BlessingTruth Revealed For Ministry 5
Claiming The Promises of God
The Lessons Learnt To Be Shared
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