Problems of Subnormality

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World book Company, 1917 - 485

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Strona 114 - Near" genius or genius. 120-140 Very superior intelligence. 110-120 Superior intelligence. 90-110 Normal or average intelligence. 80- 90 Dullness, rarely classifiable as feeble-mindedness.
Strona 100 - ... 2. The pedagogical method, which aims to judge of the intelligence according to the sum of acquired knowledge. 3. The psychological method, which makes direct observations and measurements of the degree of intelligence. From what has gone before it is easy to see the value of each of these methods. The medical method is indirect because it conjectures the mental from the physical.
Strona 41 - feeble-minded person" in this act shall be construed to mean any person afflicted with mental defectiveness from birth or from an early age, so pronounced that he is incapable of managing himself and his affairs, or of being taught to do so, and requires supervision, control and care for his own welfare, or for the welfare of others, or for the welfare of the community, who is not classifiable as an "insane person...
Strona 41 - Evidence shall also be heard and inquiry made into the social conditions, such as want of proper supervision, control, care or support, and other causes making it unsafe or dangerous to the welfare of the community for such person to be at large, without supervision, control and care.
Strona 41 - feebleminded person" in this article shall mean any person afflicted with mental defectiveness from birth or from an early age, to such an extent that he is incapable of managing himself and his affairs, or of being taught to do so...
Strona 13 - Unfortunate! Since my pains are lost and my efforts fruitless, take yourself back to your forests and primitive tastes ; or if your new wants make you dependent on society, suffer the penalty of being useless, and go to Bicetre, there to die in wretchedness.f He, of himself, never educated any other idiot, but directed " certain kinds of private education...
Strona 370 - Hampshire's legislature next took action by authorizing the governor and council in 1913 to appoint "three suitable persons who shall investigate all matters relating to the welfare of the dependent, defective and delinquent children of the State, especially the questions of orphanage, juvenile courts, detention homes, desertion, physical and mental degeneracy, infant mortality, accidents and diseases, and make report, with recommendations concerning the above matters, to the legislature of 1915.
Strona 213 - The quotient does not seem, however, to afford an actually constant expression of degree of feeblemindedness, but shows a tendency to fall in value as age increases. This tendency, it is evident, is but slight within the limits of age that have been mentioned, so that for many problems it can be neglected.
Strona 195 - L'Annte psychol., 1911, 17,149. passible to glean enough of the history of the case to make the "setting" of the scale other than guesswork. As matters stand, the best that can be done with the Binet Scale is to "interpret" the results in the light of such facts as are obtainable. That is, the verdict often depends on the judgment of the examiner almost as completely as when no "scale
Strona 380 - The board of managers shall appoint a superintendent of the colony, who shall be a welleducated physician and a graduate of a legally chartered medical college, with an experience of at least five years in the actual practice of his profession...

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