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I. The History and Antiquities of the Anglo-Saxon Church.

By John Lingard, D.D. 2 Vols. London, 1845. 1

II. 1. A Collection of Old Ballads anterior to the Reign of

Charles I. Edited by J. Payne Collier, Esq., for the

Percy Society. 1840.

2. A Collection of Songs and Ballads relative to the Lon-

don Apprentices and Trades, &c., during the Reigns of

Henry VIII., Elizabeth, and James I.

Edited by

Charles Mackay, Esq., for the Percy Society. 1841.

3. The Book of Scottish Ballads. By Alexander White-

law. Glasgow, 1845. .


III. The Works of Walter Savage Landor. 2 Vols. 8vo.

London, 1846.


IV. The Philosophy of Trade; or, Outlines of a Theory of

Profits and Prices, including an Examination of the

Principles which determine the relative value of Corn

Labour and Currency. By Patrick James Stirling.

Edinburgh : Oliver and Boyd. 1846.


V. 1. Vindication of the Ancient Independence of Scotland.

By John Allen. London: Charles Knight. 1833.

2. Documents and Records illustrating the History of

Scotland and the Transactions between the Crowns of

England and Scotland, preserved in the Treasury of

Her Majesty's Exchequer. Vol. I. Collected and

Edited by Sir Francis Palgrave, K.H., of the Honour-

able Society of the Inner Temple, Barrister at Law

Keeper of the Records in the aforesaid Treasury

Printed by Command of Her Majesty Queen Victoria,

in pursuance of an Address of the House of Commons

of Great Britain ; and under the Direction of the Com-

missioners on the Public Records of the Kingdom.




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