Kosmos: Entwurf einer physischen Weltbeschreibung, Tom 3

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Strona 228 - This remarkable belt has maintained, from the earliest ages, the same relative situation among the stars; and, when examined through powerful telescopes, is found (wonderful to relate!) to consist entirely of stars scattered by millions, like glittering dust, on the black ground of the general heavens.
Strona 384 - ... we could plainly see that all about the trapezium is a mass of stars ; the rest of the nebula also abounding with stars and exhibiting the characteristics of resolvability strongly marked.
Strona 74 - ... of those great deposits of dynamical efficiency which are laid up for human use in our coal strata. By them the waters of the sea are made to circulate in vapour through the air, and irrigate the land, producing springs and rivers. By them are produced all disturbances of the chemical equilibrium of the elements of nature, which, by a series of compositions and decompositions, give rise to new products, and originate a transfer of materials.
Strona 384 - I think I may safely say, that there can be little, if any, doubt as to the resolvability of the nebula.
Strona 570 - ... proportionnelles à leurs distances à cet astre. Alors, la lune sans cesse en opposition au soleil, eût décrit autour de lui une ellipse semblable à celle de la terre; ces deux astres se seraient succédé l'un à l'autre sur l'horizon; et comme à cette distance la lune n'eût point été éclipsée, sa lumière aurait constamment remplacé celle du soleil.
Strona 74 - By their vivifying action vegetables are enabled to draw support from inorganic matter, and become in their turn the support of animals and...
Strona 576 - Verrier, and not with the intention of interfering with his just claims to the honours of the discovery ; for there is no doubt that his researches were first published to the world, and led to the actual discovery of the planet by Dr. Galle, so that the facts stated above cannot detract, in the slightest degree, from the credit due to M. Le Verrier.
Strona 133 - ... we have ourselves heard it stated by a celebrated optician, that the earliest circumstance which drew his attention to astronomy was the regular appearance, at a certain hour, for several successive days, of a considerable star, through the shaft of a chimney.
Strona 76 - Throughout by far the larger portion of the extent of the Milk-y Way in both hemispheres, the general blackness of the ground of the heavens on which its stars are projected, and the absence of that innumerable multitude and excessive crowding of the smallest visible magnitudes, and of glare produced by the aggregate light of multitudes too small to affect the eye singly, which the contrary supposition would appear to necessitate, must, we think, be considered unequivocal...
Strona 570 - Lune. Pour y parvenir, il eût » suffi de mettre à l'origine la Lune en opposition avec le Soleil dans » le plan même de l'écliptique , à une...

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