The works of Horace, tr. literally into Engl. prose by C. Smart

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Strona 301 - ЖтШап school shall of himself, with singular skill, both express the nails, and imitate in brass the flexible hair; unhappy yet in the main, because he knows not how to finish a complete piece. I would no more choose to be such a one as this, had I a mind to compose any thing, than to live with a distorted nose, [ though J remarkable for black eyes and jetty hair.
Strona 312 - ETIAM, &c.] This is the application of what hath been said, in general, concerning the refinement of theatrical music to the case of tragedy. Some commentators say, and to comedy. But in this they mistake, as will appear presently. M. Dacier hath, I know not what conceit about a comparison betwixt the Roman and Greek stage. His reason is, that the lyre was used in the Greek chorus, as appears, he says, from Sophocles playing upon this instrument himself in one of his tragedies. And was it not used...
Strona 325 - Let poets have the privilege and license to die [as they please]. He who saves a man against his will, does the same with him who kills him [against his will]. Neither is it the first time that he has behaved in this manner; nor, were he to be forced from his purposes, would he now become a man, and lay aside his desire of such a famous death. Neither does it appear sufficiently, why he makes verses: whether he has defiled his father's ashes, or sacrilegiously removed the sad enclosure...
Strona 323 - But [in poetry] it is now enough for a man to say of himself; "I make admirable verses: a murrain seize the hindmost : it is scandalous for me to be outstripped, and fairly to acknowledge that I am ignorant of that which I never learned.
Strona 306 - ... consistent with itself. It is difficult to write with propriety on subjects to which all writers have a common claim; and you with more prudence will reduce the Iliad into acts, than if you first introduce arguments unknown and never treated of before. A public story will become your own property, if you do not dwell upon the whole circle of events, which is paltry and open to every one; nor must you be so faithful a translator, as to take the pains of rendering [the original] word for word;...
Strona 302 - This, or I am mistaken, will constitute the merit and beauty of arrangement, that the poet just now say what ought just now to be said, put off most of his thoughts, and waive them for the present.
Strona 315 - Such power has a just arrangement and connection of the parts: such grace may be added to subjects merely common. In my judgment the Fauns, that are brought out of the woods, should not be too gamesome with their tender strains, as if they were educated in the city, and ahuost at the bar: nor.
Strona 300 - ... that may make a great show, are tagged on; as when the grove and the altar of Diana and the meandering of a current hastening through pleasant fields, or the river Rhine, or the rainbow, is described. But here there was no room for these [fine things] : perhaps, too, you know how to draw a cypress: but what is that to the purpose, if he who is painted for the given price, is [to be represented as] swimming hopeless out of a shipwreck? A large vase at first was designed: why, as the wheel revolves,...
Strona 308 - Many inconveniences encompass a man in years; either because he seeks [eagerly] for gain," and abstains from what he has gotten, and is afraid to make use of it ; or because he transacts every thing in a timorous and dispassionate manner, dilatory, slow in hope, remiss, and greedy of futurity. Peevish, querulous, a panegyrist of former times when he was a boy, a chastiser and censurer of his juniors. Our advancing years" bring many advantages along with them.
Strona 234 - Now, while you are young,19 with an untainted mind imbibe instruction : now apply yourself to the best [masters of morality], A cask will long preserve the flavour, with which when new it was once impregnated.

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