Rudiments of modern geography

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Oliver & Boyd, 1842 - 156

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Strona 21 - Principles of Arithmetic, and their Application to Business explained in a Popular Manner, and clearly Illustrated by Simple Rules and Numerous Examples. Remodelled and greatly Enlarged, with Exercises on the proposed Decimal Coinage.
Strona 34 - TRAVELLER'S COMPANION. Containing an Introduction to French Pronunciation; a Copious Vocabulary; a very complete Series of Dialogues on Topics of Every-day Life ; Dialogues on the Principal Continental Tours, and on the Objects of Interest in Paris; with Models of Epistolary Correspondence.
Strona 30 - Rudiments, which it will be observed is published at a moderate price, cannot be better expressed than in the words of the Manchester Chronicle : — " This grammar has challenged the warmest encomiums of the best scholars both in England and Germany. The anomalies of the Greek verb and the epochs of the Greek language are more fully and clearly traced in this little volume than in any single work extant. It contains the condensed essence and final results of Greek philology, from the Alexandrian...
Strona 14 - ... brought down to the Middle of the Nineteenth Century. To which is added an Outline of the British Constitution. With Questions for Examination at the end of each Section. 3s.
Strona 11 - Aries the Ram, Taurus the Bull, Gemini the Twins, Cancer the Crab, Leo the Lion, Virgo the Virgin, Libra the Balance, Scorpio the Scorpion, Sagittarius the Archer, Capricornus the Goat, Aquarius the Waterbearer, and Pisces the Fishes...
Strona 34 - NEW FRENCH MANUAL, AND TRAVELLER'S COMPANION: Containing an Introduction to French Pronunciation ; a copious Vocabulary ; a Selection of Phrases ; a Series of Conversations on Tours through France, Holland, Belgium, Germany, and Switzerland ; with a Description of the Public Buildings, Institutions, Curiosities, Manners, and Amusements, of the French Capital, &c.
Strona 22 - Melrose's Concise System of Practical Arithmetic; containing the Fundamental Rules and their Application to Mercantile Calculations ; Vulgar and Decimal Fractions ; Exchanges ; Involution and. Evolution ; Progressions ; Annuities, Certain and Contingent, etc.
Strona 25 - ... of Elementary Mathematics, expressed most luminously, and with that proper medium of exposition equally removed from verbose amplification and obscure brevity. The arrangement too of the subjects merits praise, and the tables annexed to the end are beautifully, and, as far as we have been able to examine them, correctly printed. It is high but hardly exaggerated praise, to say of this little manual, that it comprehends nearly as much mathematics, that is, as many useful mathematical facts, as...
Strona 11 - An island is a smaller portion of land altogether surrounded by water. A peninsula is a portion of land almost surrounded by water. An isthmus is a narrow neck of land joining two continents, or a peninsula and a continent.
Strona 7 - The names of places are accented, and accompanied with short descriptions, and occasionally with the mention of some remarkable event. To the several countries are appended notices of their physical geography, productions, government, and religion...

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