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(2.) Our next exhortation is to you who have inlisted with this glorious Captain, and become his foldiers, defiring to fight under his banner, against the devil, the world, and the flesh: O Sirs, be encouraged to fight the good fight of faith. Be not discouraged, poor believer, even though a troop of temptations and corruptions Mall overcome you, yet rise and fight again, by faith and prayer; for, “ You shall overcome at the last.” Be not discouraged, you who honestly espouse the cause of truth and reformation against the errors and corruptions of the day, though troops of opposition should arise from courts and judicatories, in greater fury than yet they have done ; though the cause may seem to be a loft cause, and utterly defeat, yet the cause of truth is the conquering cause, and shall overcome at last. Though a corrupt church should instigate the state against the witnefles for a reformation-interest, and overcome them, and kill them, as it is said of these, Rev. xi. 7. because their testimony torments them that dwell upon the earth; -yet he that can give them power to prophecy in fackcloth, can, after three days and a half, make the Spirit of life enter into them, and make a living succession of witnefses, to be as terrible to their enemies, as an army with banners. See the courage of Nehemiah, chap. iii. 17, -20. when building Jerusalem, and when Sanbalat and Tobiah laughed them to scorn, and despised them, and at the same time instigate the state against them, and represented them as enemies to the civil government, saying, “ What is this thing that ye do? will ye rebel against the king,” by disturbing the lieges? Nehemiah answers, “ The king of heaven, he will prosper us; therefore we his fervants will rise and build.” Be not discouraged from duty, you who are amongst the praying and wrestling remnant, even though a troop of foreign enemies should invade and overcome the land, and turn it into a field of blood, for the wickedness of them that dwell therein; though the devouring sword should be sent to avenge the quarrel of his covenant *; yet the mourning remnant shall be fafe: though a troop should overcome them, yet they shall overcome at last.

* It was formerly observed, Vol. VI. p. 478. that this nation was, at this time, in open war with the courts of Spain and France.


Let me exhort you, O soldiers of Christ, to put on your armour, and to look to heaven for skill to manage your arms.

1. Fortify your weakest side with the strongest guard, by watching, especially, against the fin that easily belets



“ Endure hardness as a good soldier of Christ.” The soldier is not well trained for war, that cannot endure the hardihip of coarse entertainment, or an ill inade bed; how shall he watch all night, and fight all day? Again,

3. Let me exhort you to keep your eye upon the Captain-general, that hath already overcome all your enemies; enter yourselves heir to his victories ; " Be firong in the Lord,” and in the strength that is in him, in the grace that is in him. And,

4. Fight much upon your knees, like the Christians, that prayed down thunder and lightening upon their enemies. Luther calls prayer, Cbristianorum bombardo; • The gunshot and artillery of the Christians.' Again,

5. Keep close to the Captain and his bands ; do not disjoin the conquering tribe, the tribe of Gad, that you may be sealed as conquerors at last; for, of the tribe of Gad were sealed twelve thousand among the rest, Rev. vii. 5.

6. Be not difpirited with the foils you may get, and enemies you may meet with. You may have troops of them defeating you ; but, Orife and take courage ; for, what can hearten a soldier more, than to be fure he shall overcome at lali? Fight, therefore, in the faith of the final victory : never lay down your arms, nor give over praying, believing, trusting, hoping, waiting, watching, and warring, though you should be foiled and defeat a thousand times; the Captain's honour is engaged that you shall overcome at last. Set the troops of heaven against the troops of hell. Know, that it is Michael and his angels, that fight against the dragon and his angels; therefore, whatever blows and overthrows you may meet with at first, whatever battles


you may lose, yet remember what is coming at last. Be not surprised, if, after a communion, a troop overcome you ; lo, he hath warned you it shall be fo; but, he hath made victory as sure ; “ These things have I spoken unto you, that you should not be offended. They shall put you out of the synagogues; yea, the time cometh, that whosoever killeth you, will think that he doth God service. And these things will they do unto you, because they have not known the Father nor me; but these things have I told you, that when the time shall come, ye may remember that I told you of them,” John xvi. I,-_-4. Be strong in the faith of everlasting triumph in heaven over all your enemies, when the palm of victory will be put in

your hands, and the crown of victory on your head. Lay your account with being conquered here ; for, a troop shall overcome you : and perhaps too foon after this fo. lemnity, you may be foiled by your surrounding foes within and without. But, О believer, rise and fight in the faith of complete victory at last: your Captain's name is " Jehovah-nissi, the Lord your banner:»And there. fore, o believer! your name at the lowest shall be, Gad, a troop shall overcome you, but you shall over. cume at last:

Vol. VII.

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Deliver his true Israel, from their spiritual Egypt. *

Acts vii. 3.

I bave seen, I bave seen the affliction of my people wbich

is in Egypt; and I bave beard ibeir groaning, and an come down to deliver them. And now come, I will send tbee into Egypt.


HE temporal deliverance which God gave his

church out of their Egyptian bondage, was typical of the spiritual deliverance of his people in after-ages, from whatever spiritual bondage they are under. The text now read, shews God's pity and mercy towards his people, after they had been for many years in a pitiful case, and under grievous oppressions. And there are these five particulars I would observe in the words. 1. The designation of the people, who were pitied of the Lord, My people. 2. The grievous case and distress they were in. It is called their affliction in Egypt. 3. The carriage and behaviour of these people under their distress, they groaned. 4. How the Lord fhewed his pity to them, namely, both by seeing their calamity; I bave seen, I have seen it: and by hearing also; I bave

* This discourse was delivered at Cross-hill, near Glasgow, Oct.'11. 1741. immediately after the Admission of the Rev. Mr. James Fisher, late minister of the gospel at Glasgow.


HEARD their groaning: and then by coming to their help;
I am COME down to deliver them. 5. What means le
uses for this end, and how he calls Moses for that

pofe; And now'come, I will send thee into Egypt.

Waving the formality of a doctrinal proposition, at the time, we shall speak a little to each of these particulars, in the order now laid down, viz.

I. Speak to the designation of the people who are

II. The grievous case and distress they were in.
III. Their behaviour under their distress.
IV. How the Lird shewed his pity to them.
V. What means he used for this end.
VI. Make some improvement of the whole.

I. The first thing then is, The designation of these who were pitied of God, and thewn compassion unto by him; My people; I bave seen, I bave seen the affliction of MY PEOPLE. Why, what people of the earth are not his? It may be said, indeed, " The earth is the Lord's, and the fulaeis thereof." All the people in it are his. AN the people in heaven, angels and saints, are his. All the people on earth; yea, and all the people in hell. He is Lord of all, and hath power over all. There is not a filh in the sea, nor a fowl in the air, nor a worm in the earth, but they are the Lord's. But yet, for all that, God has a people that are his in a special manner. And you may see the description of them, Rom. ix. 4, 5. " To whom belongethi the adoption, and the glory, the covenants, the promises, &c. Whose are the fathers, and of whom, concerning the flesh, Christ came, who is God over all, blessed for ever." God claims a relation to then.

And here it is proper to observe, that in this, and se: veral other places in scripture, this title of God's people is spoken of with respect to a visible church, a mixed people of good and bad; as when he says to Israel, “I am the Lord thy God, which brought thee out of the land of Egypt, and out of the house of bondage.” And whereas, in many instances, it is spoken collectively of the whole


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