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Unholy or unclean persons can never enjoy God, 196. Must be un-
happy, 303. Their folly in pretending an interest in Christ, 298.
How they dishonour Christ, 299
Union with Christ in holiness, 224
Universality the best evidence of real sanctification, 227
Unregenerate persons ought to pray, and why, 131, 196
persons have no principle of spiritual life, 181
Use of spiritual gifts, 9; of promises, exhortations, threatenings, 83
of means necessary to holiness, 265

Valdo, the manner of his conversion, 155
Wants, our knowledge of our, from the Spirit, 315
Walking humbly with God, 221. See Abasement.
Water and Fire, the means of typical cleansing, 207
Watchfulness against sin necessary, 221

Will ascribed to the Spirit, 32, 107; of man depraved, 109; renewed,
147; its liberty, ib.; its resistance removed by grace, 87, 88; of God,
the only rule of obedience, 132, n.

Wisdom of God esteemed folly by natural men, 120.

all his com-

mands, 287

Witness-bearing to Christ, the office of the Spirit, 79
Works of the Spirit in the first creation, 38. Are either general or
particular, 313. General works of the Spirit in the new creation,
76, &c. In regeneration described, 99. Work of, preparatory to
regeneration, 101. Positive work of the Spirit in sanctification, 222.
Particular Works of the Spirit, 313. As a Comforter, 325-327
Worship of God, how to be conducted, 360
Writers of the Scriptures all holy men, 55
Writing the Scriptures an effect of the Spirit, 54

Youth, the early workings of sin in, 150, 151

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