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science, the power of, 213. How cleansed, ib. Contrivances of
opery to charm the guilty, 253

sequences falsely charged on the doctrines of the gospel, 265
sistency between Grace and Duty, 182, &c.
sideration of sin fixed on


solation, how administered by the Spirit, 163. The doctrine of
lection, a source of, to believers, 276


e of Jesus, 10 stant regard to the authority of God recommended, 283; and to
ne various means of grace, 323, 824
stitution no excuse for sin, 198




ation, 175, 194
by the Spirit


ur purificationtemplation, an effect of love, 269

Spirit, 79
Spirit, 59

ntinuation of the work of the Spirit in the Church, 61, 62
ctified by grace,ntinual mortification of sin, and application to the blood of Christ
st, 820


ntempt of the world, from the consideration of electing love, 280
humiliation for sin, 110

of Augustine remarkable, 149

nviction of sin, 103; often wears off, 170. How renewed, 161. Ef-
refuted, 151, 158fects of, 303


orruption of the mind because of sin, 109, &c.

4, and the things reation of the world ascribed to each of the Divine Persons, 233; and

her, 179, 180
282. Not grie
5,254. How can
by the profane,
tion, 281

of man the work of the Spirit, 40

10. In no sense t
the New, the work whereby God designed principally to glo
e dead by the Sprify himself, 63

of the new crucifying the old man explained, 246, 247
rified by the Spustom in sin takes away the sense of it, 153

209. How made

7. The danger
Fn this world a mo

ample, 234, 235 Danger of neglecting the means of grace, 102

235 The Holy Darkness of the mind, its power, 110, 111. Effects of, 121, 122
sending of Christ, Dead Works, what they are, 132, 309

Death and Life, natural and spiritual, compared, 130-133

of Christ, the death of sin, 255. The power of it to purify, 309
Decays in grace to be found in many, 191

Christ, 212
tions as the, 325-Deceits about the Spirit and his work, 86. About holiness, 298
Decrees of God, absolutely considered, no part of his revealed will,

of the light of nature and of the Heathen Moralists, 297
Defilement of sin, wherein it consists, 202; how removed, 199
Deformity of sin, 203. A sight of it useful, 245, 246

Degrees in sanctification, 180, &c. Of grace, peculiar to believers, 85
Deity of the Holy Spirit, 18

Delight in obedience, an effect of love, 270

Deliverance from our natural condition by regeneration, 220, 221
Deliverances, remarkable, how they affect the mind, 156

Design of Christ's mediation, what, 293
Devils under the power of darkness, 123, 124

Difference between receiving doctrines notionally, and things really,
118, 119

a spiritual life and a life of moral virtue, 224, 225
2 K

Different operations of the same Spirit, 11

Dignity of Man consists only in his likeness to God, 267
Diligence, spiritual, necessary, 192. Indispensable in reading the
Scriptures, 370, &c.

Disappointment and dissatisfaction of natural men, whence it arises

Disorder of the world occasioned by sin, 303, 304

Dispensation of the Spirit, 14. The manner of it, 41. Not confined
to the first ages of the Church, 61 If faken away, the Church is
ruined, 14, 15

Disposition, a new, in sanctified persons, 197, 198
Distress of soul upon conviction of sin, 162

Distribution of spiritual gifts, 11


Diversity of spiritual gifts, 348, &c.

Divine Properties and Works ascribed to the Spirit, 26, &c.
Doctrine of the Spirit, a fundamental article of gospel truths, 12
Dreams a mode of communication to the prophets, 52
Duties of holiness described, 239-244

Earnest of the Spirit explained, 337-344

Ease and Readiness in duties effects of grace, 332, 333

Edification of the church, how carried on, 352

Education and Convictions, their effects, 303

Effects of the power of the Spirit of God, 105. Of the carnal min
123, 124

Efficacy of the Gospel, from the Spirit, 14, 130

a peculiar, in beholding Christ, 210

of the death of Christ for the destruction of sin, 255
of Christ's teaching, 296

Efficiency, real and internal, ascribed to the spirit, 140
Effusions of the Spirit often accompanied by delusions of Satan at the
same time, 15, 16. The privilege of the gospel-church, 61
Electing Love the spring of all holiness, 233

- a cause of and motive to holiness, 272-282
Election, objections and cavils against it answered, 274
no man bound to believe his, before conversion, 275
known only by its effects, 276

Elohim, a name of God, expressive of plurality and personality, 24
Encouragement derived from experience, 182

Enforcements to obedience, from commands, promises, &c. 282, 290,


Enjoyment God in Heaven, impossible without holiness, 264
Enmity of the carnal mind against God, 124, 125, &c.

Equity of God in his commands, 289

Errors concerning the Holy Spirit, 18, 26

of the Church of Rome exposed, 61, 166, 177, 207, 253, 260
Socinians, 18, 19, 26, 265, 266
Pelagians, 98

Evidence of interest in Christ, none without holiness, 281
Evidences of inspiration infallible, 49

Evil Spirits and their operations, 16, 51

Example of Christ, 296. Has a peculiar efficacy in it, 235, 236
Examination, self, 233. With respect to holiness, 323

Excellency of grace and holiness, 175. Of holy persons, 267, 268
Exhortations to sinners, scriptural, 132, n.

[blocks in formation]

Experience of the truth and reality of divine. things supplied by the
Spirit, 182

Extraordinary gifts of the Spirit, 346-348


Facility in holy duties an effect of grace, 231, 232

Faith, the gift of God, wrought by the Spirit, 142, Always accom-
panied by holiness, 168, 194. The instrumental cause of our sanc-
tification, 195. Its actings on Christ for cleansing, 194. The in-
strumental cause of our purification, 214. Its power in conforming
the soul to God, 269. An emblem of it, 258
Falling of the Spirit on men, what, 45
False Prophets described, 16; and detected, 17
Falsehood in words the image of Satan, 272. The vice of youth, 151.
Fathers of the Church, real use of in understanding the Scriptures,
374, 375

Fear of divine wrath usual in convinced sinners, 156

Fervency in prayer recommended, 318, &c.
Figurative expressions common in Scripture, 29

Filth of Sin, the nature of the, 208. How purged, 209, &c.
Finger of God, meaning of it, 56

Fire typical of the Holy Spirit, 31

Foolishness, why the gospel appears, to natural men, 119, 120
Formation of the body of Christ, the work of the Spirit, 64, 65
Foundation of the ministry of the Church in the promise of the Spirit,


Frequency in holy duties, from grace, 231, 232. Why useful, 324
Fruits of the Spirit, what, 239, &c.

election, its only manifestation, 281
Fundamental principles to be attended to in the trial of spirits, 17

Gifts of every kind from the Spirit, 11, 48; distinét from grace, 233;
of prophecy, 48; not sanctifying, 51; sometimes bestowed on wicked
men, 51; political, 58; extraordinary, 346; ordinary, 348
Giving of the Spirit, what it denotes, 42

Glorification of the human nature of Christ, 74. The pattern of ours,

Glory, in what manner we are to pay it to Christ, 307

God, the nature and being of, the basis of all true religion, 26, 27.
Nature of, an argument for holiness, 267, 268. Our likeness to him

the excellency of our nature, 267

Good, all, to be ascribed to the Spirit, 14

Spirit, why so called, 24

Gospel, the power of God to salvation, 233, 234. What it superadds
to moral duties, 126-128. Why foolishness to the old philosophers,
120. The study of it enforced, 310
Gospel Holiness, nature of, 174, &c.

Grace, the Spirit the sole author of, 84. All, originally, in Christ, 194.
Its conflicts with sin, 149-170. Invincible and victorious, 169. Is
preserved and cherished by the Spirit, 182. Excited to action, 183.
Always productive of a holy life, 223. Different degrees of, allotted
to believers, 85. Acts and duties of, 239 to 244
Grace and Morality essentially distinct, 229-232

Graces, some constantly to be exercised, others occasionally, 183


taken for simple nescience, how ascribed to the human na-
ture of Christ, 68
Illumination, how distinguished from mere natural knowledge, 103,
104. The work of the Holy Spirit, 368

Image of God, man originally created in the, 40, 133

lost by sin, 133; restored by regeneration, 41, 133
Imitation of Christ highly necessary, 235

Imperfection of all examples but that of Christ, 234, 235; and of all

other teachers, 296, 297

Importance of the doctrine of the Spirit, 13, 19

Impotence of natural men as to spiritual things, natural and moral,
considered, 117, &c. 122, &c. 131.

Impressions, serious, frequently wear off, 112, 113

Increase in knowledge necessary to the right understanding of the
Scriptures, 372

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Indwelling Sin the object of mortification, 246
Inhabitation of the Spirit, 327, 328
Intellectual gifts, 59


Intercession of Christ a cause of our holine
ness, 294. Of the Spirit what, 316.
Interest in Christ, none wittrout i
Internal external acts of
Joshua's commanding the sun and moon to stand still explained, 56, n
war the gospel thought to be, by some, 120

distinguished, 223-225

chles, instances of their proneness to Idolatry and Polytheism, 20
ustification faith vindicated, 168, 169, 196. Not repugnant to ho-
liness, 197

Killing of sin, what it is, 245

Kindness towards believers especially necessary, 270.
Kingly office of Christ, its influence on our holiness, 297
Knowledge of Christ, how to be obtained, 75

Law of God written on the heart, 144

A motive to holi-

expressive of his authority and holiness, 173
expounded and vindicated by Jesus Christ, 296, 297
just and good, 287, 288

Laws of men, why they have little influence, 285
Led by the Spirit, what it is to be, 243
Legal purifications typical of sanctification, 212
motives to holiness, how injurious, 265
Leprosy of the soul by nature, 216, 217

Letter of Scripture insufficient without the Spirit, 19
Liberty and ability in the renewed will, 237, 238

Life and Death, natural and spiritual, compared, 130-133. No prin-
ciple of spiritual in the unregenerate, 131

spiritual, from Christ, 163

of God, what it is, 116. Natural men alienated from it, 116, 117
of Christ our great example, 310.

Light of Nature, its insufficiency, 295. Not the rule of holiness, 231,


within, examined, 18

spiritual, communicated by the Spirit, 145-147
Likeness to God the excellence of our nature, 267

Literal sense of doctrines may be understood by natural men, 120
Local mutations in vision, &c. 54

LORD, what it is to call Jesus, 10

Love of God, in our election, a motive to holiness, 274, 280


of Christ to his Father, 71; to sinners, 71

of the Holy Spirit, 326

to Christ directed, 75

effectual, to make us like God, 269. Sin mortified by it, 257.
Gives delight in obedience, 270; of the brethren, declarative of our
likeness to God, 270; promoted by thoughts of electing love, 278
Lying, the vice of youth, 150. To the Holy Ghost, what, 35

Man, the formation of, ascribed to the Holy Ghost, 40. His moral
condition, ib.

the natural, described, 109. The old, crucified, 246
Manner and Matter of prayer supplied by the Holy Spirit, 316, 317
2 K 2

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