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gud geon

pan cake

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Hex ure

scape sal low

ex ile

virt ue

hlub' bersul phur * |com fort lunch eon
rud der stub born won drous dun geon
shud der sum mons col our
snuf fers sculptor blus trous punch eon
shut ter SUC cour


trunch eon tum bler cum brous blud geon nunch ion

The first short, the second long.

fal low breast plate vent ure

nar row mer maid gest ure rats bane pass port Em pire gang way flam beau pen knife vest ure land man date Stat ute Fel low verd ure nar rate stat ue

whet stone prel ude stag nate rapt ure bed clothes press ure back stays past ure Slant wise capture

bel low treas ure back bite stat ure el bow vaccine

mel low pleas ure \fract ure

mead ow Nick name Tell tale fel loe Shipwright quag mire headache thresh old quick lime men ace echot

in sight ar row

Cens ure sack eloth mess mate lecture

Tip toe mes suage neph ew* in road trans port pres age

whit low shal low tes tate res cue

in most tal low thread bare schedule pillow *plas I.


yel low

per jure

del uge

Ival ue

man like

pas time

Shad ow

es say

mid night

har row

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ref uge

sun shine

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host age

lal so

fur row

is sue

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mixt ure


scrip ture mor row Sun rise im post fis sure

sor row win now scis sure wal low um pire prim rose For age mot to Turn coat bil low

* wil low bond age quar to

pur port brim stone Spon dee grot to

bur row Fig ure fron tier swal low Vol ume trib ute

col league fal low non suit

Con trite con course post ure strict ure loft times Sur name Vult ure pict ure bon fire flood gate junct ure fixt ure Hol low bug bear

bug bear cult ure bor row frus trate punct ure The first syllable short, the vowel of the second scarcely perceptibloo Crim' son

Idoz en

tum ble shin gles pim ple min gle hid den

ljug glechris ten † brit tle ruf fle hud dle scrib ble Tur tle

Thum ble driv el sup ple

fum ble quick en sub tle mut ton bus tle dribble stum ble

but ton

bur then brin dle

smug glemus cle bur den
slow en

muf fle
The first long, the second the middle sound.
Care' ful child hood right ful Wo ful
Mind ful light foot spite ful

dole ful
|fright ful dire ful

dim ple

ljus tle

cous in rum ble

puz zle

muz zle

quib ble

pur fle

guile ful

hope ful

a broad

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arc tic

gar lic

Na vy va ry

bri ny

ha zy

flee cy

Puny fu my

ha sty sha dy cra zy

ri my

To ry

The first the middle sound, the second short. Pars' nip carv ing Har bour jbar ter car nage ljaun dice Jar bour

part ner tar nish

dark some mar tyr mar quis

chal dron 'farm er art ist

mar gin bar ber Igar ner

Both tře syllables long,
sca ly mi ry sto ry
Fee bly

tro phyt
fri day
I cy
sly ly

fu ry wi ly rosy

hu ry The first syllable short, the second long. Bad' ly *

Ichim ney

love ly apt ly

grist ly come ly gent ly Cof fee

trus ty jel ly drop sy

luc kỷ. pan try shab by pet ty

thurs day bran dy sen try

joc key mur ky glad ly ves try

lob by

mus ky scan ty

isun day Lev ee twen ty proxy

stur dy earth ly

sur ly a ny heal thy Clum sy cur ry ed dy Pig my wor THY

rud dy brisk ly

mon day scur vy

fer ry

gen try

fan cy

han dy

dus ty

ker sey

bog gy \fog gy


wher ry

Трор ру

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in most

Both the syllables long. '

gravestone sea coast fi nite a zure

Fe male steam boat twi light ra sure Le vite Creat ure life time na ture *

sea fight feat ure sky light fail ure Nine teen leis ure

eye sight way lay Fire stone seiz ure Mo hair va cate

fly blow Leap year por trait day break nine fold field piece nose gay stair case hind most Sea breeze post date main sail sign post Key hole Four teen. Day time blind fold Li brate oat meal day light side board vi brate Fore sight May pole lime stone climate Port hole rain bow mile stone side ways So lo whalebonety ro

night mare four fold hail stone eye sore

bride maid four score where fore Ne gro

ico coa scare crow three score Fire side Cu rate waist coat three fold like wise Pseu do

The first long, the second the middle sound. Bale' ful bare foot hate ful Need ful bane ful shame ful pain ful heed ful faith ful Igrate fül waste ful peace ful

The first long, the second broad. Train' oil |Vis count t|Eye brow Lighthouse

The first broad, the second long, Cgin' age Moisť ure ljoint ure House hold

mi grate


1 Vi crap


tor por

Roy al

saw yer

quar ter

point ed

for mer .

au thor

bal sam

mor tise

The broad sound of the vowels and diphthongs.
The second syllable short.
mor sel

lord nance au burn

mor tar tor toise
slaugh ter fcord age poig nant

Warm ing dau phin * Moist en bor der for feit hor net gor geous sor did aus pice joy less cor nice aw fult

hoi den pau per dawn ing law ful Joy ous sau sage

Mor tal noi some

quad rant toil some awk ward awn ing

or phan * point er

The second sydlable long. War' fare Law suit Broad side Tort ure cause way Ward robe horn pipe fort une mort gage broad sword fort night Or gies The middle sound of the vowels and diphthongs.

The second syllable short. Wool' len char'ger |brew ing Dar ling rude ness jarch er pul pit arm ings move mentalm ond bush el


nish fruit less Wood land Ar gent ar gil Tru ant Foot ing ar dent

carp ing bru tal crook ed daunt less Cool er

pud ding heart felt bo som charm er boor ish heark en bull iont

mov ing Sar casm cushion char ter prov ing ser geant Pru dent

Ar mour

14,2ol. us in full.

carv er


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