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Progressive. We must do good to them that hate us, and use us ill; and love those who do not love us.

You must not play with bad boys, who throw stones, fight and tell lies: if you do, they will do you hurt: and those who see you with them will think that you do the


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Bad boys will call names and make game of good boys, and do all kind of bad tricks, and will take from you all your tops, kites and balls'; so it is best not to go near them.

A good boy does not get whipt, for he does not want it: a word spoke to him will make him good; for he minds what is said to him, and does as he ought to do.

If you are a good boy, and strive to learn your book, Four friends will be sure to speak well of you : and I am sure it will please you more to hear your friends praise you, than all the fine things they can give you.

Beware of vice, whose empire will control your freedom; avoid her snares, where certain ruin waits.

The slaves of vice can never be deemed free; and a slave he ever will be who suffers his own bad habits to get the better of him.

Freedom is one of the greatest blessings in the world, and life itself is but of little value without it; but it is in vain for any one to suppose himself free who is not also good.

If we expect or desire that Heaven should not forsake us, we should not forsake Heaven ; and let us always reflect, that there is nothing solid but peace of mind, nothing lasting but virtue.

na tive

na dir

pa pal

la va

da ring

may or

e dict


ze nith

Iwait er

Words of two syllables, with the accent on the first.

The first syllable long, the second short. Fa' tal la pril Iba ker lre cent pa gan

se quel va cant

ba sis cham ber fre quent
gla ring stran gér neat ness
fra zor

clear ness
dra' ma
sla vish
a pron

cheap ness lay man kna vish

leaf less va grant cai tif ma tron

De ist fra grant bail iff ma jor fla grant plain tiff sail or seeing states man paint ing bjail or main mast faint ing

the ist Ca dence wear ing paint er

seek ing ha tred Sa turn

eve ning way ward break er an gel

bear er pale ness dan ger weigh er pay ment game ster sa vour peer age brace let man ger

\fa mous

se eret rai ment

mea sles Gra tis scra per

lead ing
wa ver

year ling cam bric ra ker re gal

teach ing sea man thiey ish

feast ing gra zing

steel yard* fear ing say ing

De cent

treat ise second phable u in far.

nail er

sa cred

gra ter

meet ing breed ing steer age

qua ver

va pour
Ha vour

pa pist

sa bre

la ding ta king

free man

ca per ta per

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ma ker


mea gre bea ver

ti dings ri ding hire ling li ning wri ting

bolt sprit cloth ing

Oak um

Cri sis fire work gold finch me tre

O val

gold sinith lo cal

vo cal east ern

so lar

poul tice weav er

to tal

mourn ing griev ous filings free dom fire ship

over Ri val light ning quo ta own er vi tal child ish cho ral * Fi brous

yeo man gi ant

ci pherf hold fast final rhy mer boat man roll er gui dance spi der fro ward bro ker li lach *

ligh ter

po lar so fa

bi as

por ter
so ber

to per

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hy dra

li vre

po em no ted po tent

dro ver clo ver tra ver bol ster

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boast er board er

high land mi ser fire brand ci der Cli ent Ini tre di et

cri er i tem fi bre li bel mi tre li cense vi

per, si lence pliers

pi lot life less ron hy men riot hy phenti dol cy press

mi nor

si ren

co gent

Jo chre * lo vert

coax er
mo ment
Sto ic
post age bolt er
mo tive

coul ter

mourn er Ao rist spor tive

quo rum ro guish cho 10g mole hill so joum



no tice

horne spun hu man

du ring

u nịt

lu cre

pu trid

do nor

an nals

glo' bous

\fu sil Itu mid o dour

lu cid po rous u sance Au id

stu pid dole some Inui sance fu mid tu nic lone some Lu cent :

fu tile whole some stu dent hu mid Tu mult glow worm use less pu pil do lour Au ent

neu ter Cu bic

tu lip suit or

Both the syllables short. Gal lant Ivas sal tan gent harsh ness ab stract phan tasmfbạn quet palette ar rant chap let

as pect bar rack bal ance clar et

tram mel das tard bal lad trav erse gran

dam car at dam sel hag gard man na frag ment An tic hang man pal ate mal let

lamp black pam phlettimal ice ras cal ram part chap el

an guish pas chal * at las

Ichal ice sal ad

gram mar ab sence fam ine scan dal ran sack

ad verb graph ict stand ard can vass ad verse stag nant phal anxt cas ket

snap pish bal last knap sack crab bed par ish pal ace

match less van ish Tal ent chan nel rap id

. I pb as

ab ject chal lenge

can did

har ass

Jan vil

cap stan

val ance

bar ren

gar ret


lasth ma

san dal


sal vage

cat sup

pas sive

ma" gic

gath er

pla” cid

Jax is

man age

land ing

a” gile tra” gic

jave lin

last ing

tactics jas mine mas sive

band age can cer fa" vile bran dish rav age

Icrack ers a" cid Ifran tic

bag gage dabbler sam phire* tan guage flat ter ta" cit fran chise dam age

ham mer fra" gile

mar riage \lat ter bap tist

car riage pam per tran quil plan tain plan ter

san guine cap tain raTH er lav ish

chap lain scam per practice ham string pan el shat ter

plan et slan der cab in hang ing pack et slat tern val id llat in jack et smat ter ban dit ad dice mat tress spat ter ban ish laf fix bar rel

tan ner blan dish chaf finch lan cet stat ics bap tism

cank er clas sic satch el ram mer fam ish hatch et hab it

llatch et cav ern sat in

Gam ut

pat tern traffic tank ard ram bler lan guish fabric black ish tran sit

stag ger scant ling hav ing pa" geant tap

ster rad ish sav age

scab bard sad dler

spav in

rap ine

pan ther

can Gel

cav il

dag ger

rapid cap tive

max im

sap ling

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