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corps † form ||



Fold bow boat soul board boast bloat bold Source bolt bowl grope both coal course coast coax code cone quote


squire strike

mine stripe whine

wright stride site while

strife knight Vowels and diphthongs like o in no. hoarse sloe court

Iroach mode

roan doe

horde more Idolt

cove mote roast whole broach mould robe dome broke Inode rode dose bronse nose

droll lchoke note croak

rote hoaf
float loan hoard

beau porch foam loathe pole

rogue ford

Jone fore scold goals growth forge scope goat Hore Iforth

score rove

bourn four scroll close moan prone

Ishore globe moat gourd shorn gore' groan prose

shown hoe gross probe slope

Vowels and diphthongs like u in mute. stew glue flewd sluice spume lieu news

Alue sure

hew flute cube feud knew fuse dupe

Huge lute


muse mute


The middle sound of the vowels and diphthongs.

Vowels and diphthongs like a in far. Dart yard mark scarf lharsh parse marl dark

march parch gaunt park

start mart scranch bard darn charm carl shark balm marsh farce spark snarl farm hark harp barge starch

Like o in move. Prune boon hoof inoose Iswoon shrew boot hoot

pool whoop rue brood loom proof sloop bruise choose loon roof

soup cruise gloom loose Iroost

tooth shrewd groom

mood wound bloom brew

tool tour hoop loof youth fool

group spool moor boom stoop moose stoop ooze The short sound of the vowels and diphthongs.

a as in hat. Batch \frank |frank stang

lamb rank blank glance task tract sack branch flash twang

brand scrap brass mask chance drank brand camp patch dram chaft rack fast knack

rang draught* raft lwrack lack rash flank snatch class dash

rasp flash Isplash cramp clasp prance


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lance shalt


clack flax hang scant

clang slack trap match

casque stack Vowels and diphthongs like e in mel. Bet glen Itense helve etern held knell term hemp check blend lend ldebt herd tempt breast nerve

deck herb dwell cent peck

dense ljerk threat chest pelf depth jest rend cleanse pelt dregs

ketch verb cleft

perch drench next verse crest

earl swell twirl dearth

press earn scent wealth elk quell edge quench guest else

speck elm whelpledge end stead tent zest chirp etch stealth fell

realm yelp fend stem vent rend pledge feoff step cell sedge length fetch swept hem self

Idread fledge sweat help sense meant germ swetve yesto serve whirl

Vowels and

dishthongs kike i in pin, Blink filch

quilt infowing ichink bliss Ainch


switch clinch brick Aint Ishrill thrift crisp brink Aitch shrink Ithrill crimp built gift sink


litch chill grim

sixth Jtwitch film

lisp mince spill wring wind dint prism squib midst wink gild Imint

nymph * bridge zinc hitch print

squint whim quince

· kick hinge strict whiff fringe lick sling

sling strip whig : wince

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Vowels and diphthongs like o in not. Pomp Jdock shock frost cough prong llock notch

shone clod block dross flock squash clog blotch fosse stock squat crop botch froth scoff frock chops flop

knob Isolve Iwatch wand dodge mosque stocks sconce swamp

Vowels and diphthongs like u in tub. Luck husk

stump worst church luff durst

surge birch churl lull ront thump blur

clump lunch rush judge budgecull monk rust pulse bulge curl lurk shové truck bulk curse month shrug truss plunge curve mumps shrub

trust drudge scourge numb shun turf bump scrub punch spunk wrung bung worth purl stuff tongue chump sponge

*pa, gh, wc.

The broad sound of the vowels and diphthongs.

Vowels and diphthongs like a in fall. Bawl fawn scorch wharf brawl maul

vaunt qualm calk sauce ward

quart chalk scrawl scorn

groat dwarf sprawl

corpse fraught cause ought naught brought pause vault

sought wrought Proper diphthongs, in which both the vowels are sounded.

oi and oy, as in boy; or and ou, as in pound. Broil bout


scou" troy fount

gown scout coif brown lounge

scowl coil browse louse shroud coit doubt trout slough foil

flout mount snout point flour ounce

spouse poise flounce pouch spout buoy foul

rouse sprout bounce fowl

rout trounce bound frown route town

Der Monosyllables being the roots or radicals from which most of the derivative words are formed, copious lists of them have been inserted. The judicious teacher will not only find them very useful in aiding the learner, in acquiring a correct pronunciation of the various Towel and diphthongal sounds, but confirm him in the orthography of many important words in our language; an acquisition of great utility in'elementary instruction.

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