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There is a pretty robin flying about the room. We must give him something to eat. Fetch some bread for him. Throw the crumbs on the floor. Eat, pretty robin, eat. He will not eat; I believe he is afraid of us. He looks about, and wonders where he is !

O, he begins to eat! He is not afraid now. He is very hungry. How pretty it is to see him pick up the crumbs, and hop upon the floor, the table, and the chairs ! Perhaps, when he has done eating, he will sing us a song.

But we must not keep him always. Birds do not like to be shut up in a rooin, or in a cage. They like to fly about in the air, and to pick up seeds, and to hop about on the grass, and to sing, while perched upon the branches of high trees.

And in spring, how busy they are building their nests, and taking care of their young ones. Robin has flown against the window; he wants to get out. Well, we will open the window, and, if he choose, he may fly away. There, now he is gone. When he is hungry, he may come again. We will give him some crumbs.


Love your

brothers and sisters. Do not tease nor vex them, nor call them names; and never let your

hands be raised to strike them.

If they have any thing, which you would like to have, do not be angry with them, or want to get it from

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them. If you have any thing they like, share it with them.

Your parents grieve when they see you quarrel; they love you all, and they wish you to love one another, and to live in peace and friendship. People will not speak, or think wall of you, if you do not behave kindly to your parents, and to your brothers and sisters.

“ Whom,” say they,“ will persons love or be kind to, if they do not love their own father and mother, who have done so much for them; and their own brothers

1 and sisters, who have the same parents, and the same homes as they have, and who are brought up with


Love your father and mother; they love you, and have taken care of you ever since you were born : they loved you, and took care of you, even when you could not help yourselves, or when you could not talk, nor walk about, nor do scarcely any thing but cry, and give a great deal of trouble.

Who is so kind to you as your parents are? Who. takes so much pains to instruct you ? Who taught you almost every thing you know ? Who provides food for you, and clothes, and warm beds to sleep on at night?

Who is so glad when you are pleased, and so sorry when you are troubled ? When you are sick, and in pain, who pities you, and tenderly waits upon you. Who prays to God to give you health, and strength, and every good thing? It is your parents. You should therefore do all in your power to make them happy.

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The long sound of the vowels and diphthongs,

Vowels and diphthongs like a in fate. Аре whey cave paint grace ace

rein date glaze fate aid slay dare mace dray ail

snare dame mail snake

spake bear rake lame ale spare baize

range Iquake ere spray

bane raze trade gay state blame rare

slave gale bait blaze


tare brace bake rage grate vague braid bare haste spade

It wain brain lake

stage whale stain brake hare wade train traipse chafe mare skate Itrait

plain chase stairs


praise grain Claim bathe

scrape strange strain Crape glare

square plague vale deign base drain stame

tray shame swear


fare shake

male fate plane pale schade safe fail plate pane scale race


pare saye lace faith stave sale

lake fame waste clave sake late Mail wake sage

hale take wave slate case paste crave frame sway came pain Ipave


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glade game

[blocks in formation]

eighth tear

gange quail wage wear gaol * strait stare

prey plait stray pace pear

quaint steak page

rein maize blade gate

maini saint chain hail maim

weight scale swain knave stain waist

Vowels and diphthongs like e in me. Beak Ifee each Kree bead beet


Ifleet heat bean

cede fleece leek beach cere greet lean olear cheat grief lead creek cheer lheal keen creed breed heap jeer deal breeze hear heel smear feast mead mere

screech feat pique mete queer ween

heave meet rear meek beed reel screak meed

peace seal speed wield

peak scar sneak glee peal. seek teach beech beast sheet steam cream

bleak thief yield shield

wield flea deep cheap seem ease deer

sleek spear


treat tear teal steel theme veal weal sneer tier niece brief bier zeal year

schief seen


squeeze ceil

weak leap near liege glearn team least


shield beard weave crease mien suite

steep sere ideed cleave lieve

steam seize Ideam dream wreath sweep seine pleak fierce


teem sphere * bleed freak peel veer spleen breach freeze


wean fleer peer

Isheath squeal drear

scream pierce weep steed wheeze blear plead · wheel reed beat grcase scene

kneel reap

meat grieve seam knead ream meal. league shriek

flee quay meer leak shears beam preach neal

least skreen heath plea neap

lees streak fley

Vowels and diphthongs like i in pine. Mite find ikine slide thrive bide flight mile snipe thyme bile gibe mire lime tide bind guide

guide nigh wire tight Vithe guile 1ітне

plight slime tithe bribe hide prime spine tribe brine hind rhyme height trite strive

twine crime hire size spire type chide lisle +

sleight splice scribe cline blight slice



scythe fife


* yh as fa


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