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Progressive. XIt is a good exercise for the instructer to prononnce these and similar sentences, and accustom the learner to spell or write them ou a slate or black-board, and, at the same time, tell the parto speech. Begin to read.

Prepare to write. I am sincere.

They are steadfast. Oblige your friends. , Regard good advice. Instruct


brothers.. Protect your sisters. . Scorn an untruth.

"Adhere to truth. Obey your parents. Respect old age. Give no offence.

Quarrel with none. Insult no person.

Treat all kindly. Keep from lying.

Refrain from swearing. Esteem good people.

Virtue exalts us. Correct bad habits.

Amend your ways. Praise excites envy.

Avoid self-conceit. Regret succeeds folly. Jesting provokes anger. Confess

your faults. Crimes debase men. Retire to rest.

Depart in peace. Visit the sick.

Assist the needy. Reward the faithful. Comtend pious deeds. Vice degrades us.

Abhor wicked actions.
Correct vicious habits. Desist from bad conducta
Despise no man.

God made all men.
Commit no crimes. Sinners deserve death.
Folly misleads us. Sin beguiles us.
Revere the godly.

Faith upholds us.
Rely on God.

Believe in Jesus. Belief secures us.

God supports us. To err is human.

To forgive is divine. To swear is wicked. To steal is sinful. To live is pleasant.

To die is dreadful.

Progressive. A new blanket.

A yard of muslin. A ripe chestnut.

A bunch of spinage. A sweet turnip.

An ounce of pepper. A neat surtout.

A pair of stockings. A fine waistcoat.

A piece of broadcloth. A sour orange.

A peck of apples. The damask rose.

The sweetness of pinks.
The cooling breeze. The blowing of winds.
The shady groves. The singing of birds.
The craggy rocks. .

The pouring of floods.
The fertile meadows. The culling of flowers.
The twinkling stars. The shining planets.
The happy parents. The loving children.
Patience is a virtue. Anger is a fault.
Do no mischief.

Quit your foibles.
Perform your duty.

Tell no falsehoods. Clothe the naked.

Feed the hungry Live in friendship. Love


teachers. Shun all quarrels. Honour your parents. Study your lesson.

Learn your grammar. Always be honest.

Shaine follows vice. Sin causes sorrow.

Read the holy Bible. Death conquers all. Say your prayers. Anger kindles råge Love covers faults. Cherish not inalice.

Kindness makes friends. Beauty soon fades.

Reason governs us. Keep your promise. Finish your writing. ISourish the poor.

Support the infirm. "Var ruins many.

Peace is pleasant. Prudence saves expense.

Discord destroys friendship.

Do as you would be done by.
We should render good for evil.
We should do justice to all 'men.
We should always reward merit.
Despise not the poor and friendless.
Let us never insult the distressed,
Respect is ever due to the aged.
We must not spend our time idly.
Strive to excel in


Wisdom is much better than riches.
Learning will make life pleasant.
We should envy none for their wealth.
Gold cannot purchase ease or peace.
We should never get angry at trifles.
A wise man avoids being angry at all.
We should try to improve our morals.
Avoid gaming; it is an evil přactiee.
Do not confide in wicked men.
Quarrel with none of your friends.
Injure none of your playmates.
Last not of the favours you bestow,
We shouid delight in acts of kindness.
We do not live for ourselves only.
Always think before you promise.
Never persuade any one to do wrong.
We should always avoid mischief.
Live well,

you may die well.
Good men forgive those who injure them.
God forgives those who are humble.
He sent his son to redeem the world


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Progressive. None, who are able to work, should be idle. All good boys love wisdom more than play. A life-welk spent makes old age pleasant. He who wants virtue wants all things. Correct the heart, and all will be right. The love of money is the root of much'evil. Those who steal will come to a bad end. Peace and plenty are the greatest blessings. All wish to be happy; few strive to be good We can confide in none, but the truly good. A wise person will not begin a quarrel. 'To forget a wrong is the best revenge. Of two evils, we should choose the least. One lie requires many more to cover it. We ouglit never to tell a lie, even in jest. Nothing can be great which is not good. Do not practice what you blame in others. Imprint on your mind the love of truth. Parents should govern, and children obey, Trust not too much in boasted friendship. A friend in need is a friend indeed. Envy is the greatest cause of evil-speaking. To know one's self is the first step to wisdom. Try to be good, and you will surely be so. We should prefer our duty to our pleasure. Virtue is the only good of which man can boast. Bad as the world is, respect is always paid to virtue. Of all dreadful things, death is the most dreadful. God is worthy to be beloved and trusted. We can never conceal a crime from God.



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HAY-MAKING. Hark! what noise is that! It is the mower whetting his scythe. He is going to cut down the grass and the pretty flowers. The scythe is very sharp. Do not go too near it. Come into this field. See! all the


is cut down.

There is a great number of men and women with their forks and rakes. They toss, and spread, and turn the new-mown grass. How hard they work! Come let us help to make hay. `0! it is very hot! No matter; we must make hay while the sun shines.

How sweet the hay smells! When the hay is quite dry, it must be made into stacks. Hay is for sheep, cows, and horses to eat in winter, when the grass does not grow.

THUNDER AND LIGHTNING There has not been any rain for a great while. The ground is very dry and hard. The grass does not look green, as it used to do.

It is brown: it is scorched by the sun. If it do not rain soon, we inust water the trees and flowers, else they will die.

The sun does not shine now: but it is very hot. It is quitė sultry. There is no wind at all. The leaves on the trees do not inove. The sky looks very black : and how dark it is! A bright light shone through the room. It did not last long. It was lightning.

Lightning comes from the clouds. Now it lightens again. What a noise there is in the air, just over our heads : That is thunder. How loud the thunder is! It begins to rain. O what large drops ! Now it rains very fast.


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