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de press

pro tect pro test

re lax

di gest

be long

de camp

pre sent

e quip


re fer

De mur

The first syllable long, the second short. Se dan de sert de test

fre scind re cant de fect re pent

Pro fess re past de scend

Ide scent re fract de tract re ject di rect pro pense re quest di vest

fo ment re tract re spect


De spond de cant re gret re fresh

De pict be yond re lapse

re solve be chance pre vent e clipse re volve

e vince e rect re sent be twixt

re Aux e vent re trench re miss de fend re venge

re strict Jre verse

de duct re pel

re print re turn de fence se lect

be gin

pre judge

be come be hest

se nough The broad sound of the vowels and diphthongs.

The first syllable short, Ap pal la dorn with draw la void ap plaud Per form

Per form in form a ward ex tort

dis tort em ploy bash aw

A mount

en join a broad

Mis cal an noy ab hor

ap point ex ploit

re sult
re fund

de pend de serve

re fit

de ject

re lent

pre dict lre sist

pre fer

En joy

ex hort

em broil

in stall

dis joint in join sub join

ja loud

de spoil

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be cause

De coy

de stroy

Disjoin' pur loin la round : mis count Itur moil ja rouse

Sur mount Al low Ex pound sur round

Dis count un sound

The first syllable 'ong. Re call fe tort

be foul be fall de form re coin re nounce re form

me moir' re dound re ward

re morse de void re doubt de fraud

re join

re bound e clat

Pro found de vout be daub.

re coil pro nounce de vour de bauch sphe'roid pro pound se spouse re sort de voir Re nown

re sound be sought re joice

re count

de nounce The middle sound of the vowels and diphthongs.

The first syllable short. A larm Em bark track oon im prove a part en large shal loon .in trude

ap prove Buf foon. dis bark bal loon Fes toon dis card drag oon Dis prove un truth

The first syllable long. De part Where to be hoove re move be calm Fore warn be fool lje june re gard fore doom re proof de trude re mark Be hoof here to

Jre cruit re tard be took

re prove re prune

Dis arm

Bab oon

un do

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mow ed

pray ed

mov ed prov ed

When the verbal termination ed, is not preceded by dort, the e is almost universally silent: as loved, filled, barred, saved, &c. which , are pronounced as if written lovd, filld, barrd, savd, &c.

When d or i precedes ed, the e is fully pronounced ; as, added, divided, commanded, waited, &c. ,

Words ending in cd.

Pronounced as one syllable. / Beg'ged crown ed sa ved Ibri bed swell ed drown ed call ed Iti red fled ged llov ed

warm ed kill ed. rub bed form ed

sow ed liv ed scrub bed pleas ed show ed

seal ed

mu sed
rais ed
seem ed

u sed d sounded like t. Ask' ed perch ed cross ed Iscorch ed hatch ed stitch ed" drop ped talk ed scratch ed fix ed hop ped reach ed thatch ed mix ed llock ed

preach ed thrash ed miss ed

nurs ed

screech ed dress ed wish ed work ed crouch ed press ed" whip ped pla ced

Pronounced as two syllables. Dread' ed Icard ed

Iload ed mend ed

cart ed feast ed mould ed tempt ed part ed seat ed

scold ed ha ted treat ed count ed sift ed Isha ded Imind ed shout ed last ed tast ed

slight ed

pound ed
wait ed
light ed

halt ed
crab bed
wast ed

fold ed want ed

ra ked

past ed

gild ed

pat ted

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Progressive. W Words of one, two, sc, syllables combined, to which the child my attach some ide o Geir import: they are also suitable examples for illustrating the principles of grammar. A cheerful boy.

A tidy girl. A kind friend.

A good neighboar. A frosty morn.

A rainy day: An early spring.

A hot summer. A cool autumn.

A severe winter. A sweet blossom.

A pretty daisy. A tall woman.

A good figure. A high steeple

A large belfry. A fine sample.

A blue ribbon. A deep valley

A lofty mountain. A kind înother.

A tender father. A loving brother.

A friendly sister. A trusty servant.

A kind master. | A green carpet.

A yellow curtain.
A gloomy cavern. A frightful prospect.
A rural village.

A pleasant town.
The rustling leaves. The weeping willows.
The vivid lightning. The loud thunder.
The sweet moss-rose.

The modest lily.
The harmless doves. The spotted leopard.
The stagnant water. The muddy rivers.
The babbling brook. The foaming billows.
A field of barley:

A basket of currants. A barrel of cider.

A gallon of spirits. The bull bellows.

The lion roars. The raven crvaks.

The black bird sings. Cull the flowers.

Make a nosegay. Get some cowslips.

Water the plants.

Progressive. Lemons are sour.

Honey is sweet. Silver is white.

Gold is yellow. Millers grind wheat. Baker's make bread. Farmers raise grain.

Tailors make clothes. Drapers sell cloth.

Cobblers mend shoes. The turkey gobbles. The hen cackles. The swallow twitters. The morkey chatters. The quail whistles. The partridge drums. Wash the linen,

Dry the towels. Shut the door.

Open the windows. Sweep the floor.

Dust the carpet. Light the lamp.

Make the fires. Bring the snuskers.

Snuff the candles. Boil some coffee.

Get the table. Broil some chickens. Carve the fowls. Hold the pitcher.

Pour some cider. Break some biscuit. Spread the butter. Bake some puddings. Roast some mutton. Fry some oysters.

Get some sallad. Weed the garden.

Pick some parsley. Bring the basket.

Gather some peaches. 'The spring is pleasant. The summer is warm. The rain descends.

The water flows.. The valleys are fertile.

The flowers are fragrant. The season is fruitful.

The harvest is ripe. The climate is mild. The autumn is cool. The winter is severe. The trees are leaflese. Man is mortal.

Death is certain. Youth is fleeting.

Virtue procures friends. l'ools hate knowledge. Sluggards love sleep.


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