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dai sy Thai ry Trai ny

pa stry

Du ty (fury

sto ny

sure ly
pure ly

dai ry

The unaccented sound of y, at the end of a syllable, like that of i in the same situation, is always like the first sound of 'em--thus : fury, pleurisy--pronounced fu re, plu re se,


All the syllables long. Lady

neat ly

on ly * day ly

glo ry

Like ly poultry
gra vy
vain ly

live ly
Gree dy

high ly
late ly sweet ly kind ly
safe ly ea sy
state ly
dear ly

ho ly new ly clear ly no bly

beau ty
The double accent (") shows that the following consonant is to be pronounced in both out
lables; as co" py; pronounced cop' py; but the author has divided the words, so that, as often us
oongible, cach syllable is a distinct sound, and each sound a distinct syllable.

The first syllable short, the second long.
plen ty
lfil thy

Tur key
hea" vy

quick ly hun gry ear ly

pret ty rea" dy Fol ly

dus ky Sil ly

bo” dy pi" ty

mon ey dit ty sorry

mon key The first syllable long, the second short. Pa' rent shape less hei nous tai lor la tent name less neigh bour trai tor a gent plain ness pa per

Feel ing ja cent Fa vour

peel ing care less lla bour tra der

hearing pave ment ta bour

• Or daily

sul try

Нар' ру al ley car ry an gry Mer ry cher ry en vy

hon ey

co" py

dra per

pee vish

pa tron

healinģ deal er

qui et

Mire some glean ing reap er

kind ness Tu mour mean ing lead er blind ness hu mour read ing teach er

Pi ous ceil ing eag er

Itu tor chief tain read er vi al Mu sic ei Tier

stu pid nei Ther

li on fu el east ward Si lent

pew ter

bri ar

Fe ver

li ar

ce dar

ti ger

jew el

do ing

par cel

ru in

The middle sound of the vowels and diphthongs.'

The second syllable short. Harm' less gar net spark ling fath er art less sharp ness car tridge mas ter dark ness harsh ness bar gain

Bloom ing scar let

Hard ship var nish stoop ing har vest chürm ing" car pet gar ment arch ing parch ment card ing Par lour

cru et hard ness jar ring large ness far thing char ger fool ish

par tridge (gar ter Ru ral

The second syllable long. plaun dry good


(rude ly bar ley Gloo" my smooth ly crude ly

woo" dy pul ley
wool ly

ful lý
cool ly ru by


lar ger

cru el

har ness

Ar my

parę ley par ley part ly

boo ty
roo" my


D 2

The broad sound of the vowels and diphthongs.

The second syllable short. Walnut for der

bowl ing loun ger au tumn or chard clown ish down ward daugh ter Bound less cow slip draw er

tow el

fowl er hal ter doubt less Coun ter

pow er sau cer coun sel dloun der

floun der bow er al ter

Coun cil poun der show er wa ter

foun tain How er i warm er moun tain dower prowl er


prow ess

cow ard

Idrow sy

Sau cỹ faul ty

taw ny

boun ty

The second syllable long, pal sy

llord ly Gou ty

clou dy haugh ty taw dry sour ly. coun ty naugh tý for ty

hour ly

proud ly pal try stor iny

dow ry

The second syllable short. Join er loi ter

loint ment clois ter

poi son boil er coin er

Toil et
The first syllable short, the vowel of the second scarcely perceptible.
Can' dle Idaz zle rat tle med dle

han dle Gen tle Inet tle
fas ten ket tle

per son

Ifoil er

oys ter

Boy ish
Roy al

ap ple các kle an cle

peb ble

les son

heav' en reck on

gob ble

sin gle

oft en soft en

grum ble pur ple

strou" ble

Ba con

a ble

cho sen
fro zen

ri pen

mid dle Bot tle crum ble nim ble

dou" ble Lit tle sic kle cot ton

glut ton kin dle giv en

thim ble lis ten

whis tle Buckle shoy el pris on wrin kle bun dle

The first syllable long.
Sta bic stee ple' No ble

ta ble trea cle bro ken
ba sin Nee dle Bi ble
cra dle

ea gle bri dle fa ble le ven fright en open ma son le vil

wo ven ta ken peo ple

i dle ra yen

rea son tri fle
The accent on the second syllable.,

Both the syllables short. La ment Neg lect Dis turb at tend

ex pect in dulge a mend ex cel in struct cor rupt at tempt per verse in trust

Com mit a gain Dis tress Con fess

con sist a gainst him self

con sent con vince Ab surd in tend

Sub sist af front lin vent com pel sub mit a mong

dis pense con nect a mongst dis perse con tempt un til a bove in 'vert

un twist

clo ven

spo ken

Con cui

con sult

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pos sess

un fit

con tend



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Se rene

de light

re pose


de lay

de ny

Mo rose

pro voke

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de cay

lac çuse

Both syllables long. Be have' De tail re ceive Be fore de clare de tain re peat

be hold pre pare re strain Be sides be low re late se vere di vide

re store refrain

be lieve de grade between de


pro pose de bate de ceit

re mind de ceive

re quire pro mote The first syllable short, the second long. A bate Man kind A

go lin dict a wake ad mire a dore

A buse ac quaint a rise af ford a fraid

a lone

Ja muse
a way trans pire a bode tra duce
a maze ad vise a rose ab duce
ap praise af fright la tone
a ware

ac quire trans port ab struse
a bide

trans pose a dieu ab stain'

ap ply ap proach ab jure cam paign as pire a slope al lude

Mis take Dis creet al lure ex plain dis grace im peach Un ripe em brace ldis dain dis please un tie per suade in flame '

sur prise inain tain in nate Im bibe un kind ex hale

in sane \dis like ex claim in veigh

dis guise sup port, ex change mis place in quire

un known

ar rive

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ad jure

af fray

En gage

sin cere

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Sup pose

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