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Come here and sit by me. I wish to hear you read. Run first and get your book. Do you know where it is? Yes, I think it is in school. James, have you seen his book? There it lies, on the floor. You should not leave it there. Go, child, and bring it to me. I think I left it in my desk. Look! some one has torn it. Where did you read to-day? I will soon find the place. Here it is. It reads thus: Live in peace with all men. Of two ills choose the least. Do not league with bad men. Lie not, but speak the truth. Play with none who are bad. Make the best use of time. Be not too proud to learn. Boast not of what Wise and good men are scarce. Vice is the bane of life. We should love and fear God. This world was made by him. He gives us life and food. He is our true and good friend,

you know.

Progressive. Let us all try to do no ill. Go not in the way of bad boys. They will try to do you much hurt. You and I must die, soon or late. He who made us, is kind to us. We ought then to love and serve him. Speak the truth at all times. Sin will lead us to pain and wo. Love that which is good, and shún vice. He inust live well that would die well. Be just and true and kind to all. Take your book and read with care. Keep in your place, and be not rude. He who goes with bad boys will fall. A bad life must make a bad end. But he who does what good he can, Will gain the love of God and man. Go to the ant, you that love sloth; Think well on her ways, and be wise. She does not waste all her time in play. She lays up food for time to come. Help such as want lielp, and be kind. We should pray for those that hate us. Hate no man, but strive to love all. A wise child loves to read his book. A dunce loves to play with mere toys. Let not pride have a place in thy heart, But strive to be meek, and fear God: And do all that is right, just, and proper. Progressive. The sun shines. It is time to get up. Jane, come and dress Charles. Wash his face, and neck, and make him quite clean. Comb his hair. Tie his frock.

Now, Charles, we will go down stairs. Sit down. Here is some milk; and here is a piece of bread. Do not spill the milk. Hold the spoon in the right hand.

The crust is hard: dip it in the milk. Do not throw the bread on the floor. We should eat bread, and not waste it.

There is a poor fly in the milk. Take it out. Put it on this dry cloth. It moves; it shakes its wings; it wants to dry them; see how it wipes them with its feet.

Put the fly on the floor, where the sun shines. Then it will be dry and warm. I am glad it was not dead. I hope it will soon be well.

Where is puss? There she is. Do not hurt her. Charles does not like to be hurt; and puss does not like to be hurt. Feed poor puss. Give her some milk. Now as Charles is so kind to her, she will not scratch or bite him. She purrs and looks glad.

Let us take a walk in the fields, and see the sheep, and the lambs, the cows, and trees, and birds. Call Tray. He shall go with us. He is glad to see us. Feed poor Tray. Tray likes those who feed him, and are kind to him.

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crev ice

lem on

gray el Nap kin ac tive

Words of two syllables. In order to determine the pronunciation of the words in the spelling lessons, they are analogically arranged in small divisions, according to the precise sounds of the vowels.

Every word, in cach of these subdivisione, has the corresponding vowels or diphthongs in each of the syllables, sounded exactly alike.

The leading word, which determines the pronunciation of the class to which it belongs, is distinguished by a capital letter.

The accent on the first syllable.

All the syllables short. Ab sent

bat'ter head land len ter accent Jan Swer

herds man ev er bad neşs chap ter Cred it

pep per flan nel chat ter

shep herd
lad der fer tile
sam plerver min

Imel on

sel dom cab bage* tat tler hec tic meth od pas sage

bless ing Brick bat bas ket* break fast learn irig. dis tánce blan ket stead fast self ish in fant bran ches pheas antt ser vice

in stant rag ged pleas ant her bage* dis taff Al lum ser vant cer tain

kins man dam ask

wind lass backwards preface Chest nut rid dance ban ter men tal

syl van mat ter med al bet ter af ter es tract

fet ter ang er mer chant scep tre 2, 4, 11 syl. as i in pin,

t pbas

am ber

ex it

Bel man

tres pass

hed ges

beg går

syn tax
sig nal

kid nap

cyg net

quar rel

in let guilt less

prop er

num ber

'gim let

sil ver

pil ter

un der gun her

In sect llit ter

cot tage

blus ter ill ness lim ner or ange

sup per sin ner

thun der fit ness

bit ter Con duct blun der gin seng din ner dol lar

fur Ther fing er

huck ster tim ber of fer shut ter chil dren lim ber

cop per

doc tor clus ter fin ish

com mon plun der shil ling

Cob web blós som build ing non sense bot tom sing ing com plex scol lop cut ler swim ming novel mis chief gos pel

Mus lini Islum ber chick en prob lem curtain hun ter kitch en con vert

drum mer lin en off set tur nip

bux om wick ed

cus tom ur Bob bin

ful some in jure

bur nish pur pose pil lar

sul len sum mon win ter

rob in com ing broth er dif fer

wor ship MOTH er prim er

Mur mur

smoTH er hor rid sub urb

OTH er mil ler

hus band riv er

fut ter gis ter olive

sum mer COV er

spon sor

mur der

pun ish

con vex

Hick up

pub lic
rus tic

gos ling prom ise

ros in

con ic prin ter

vom it one top ic

won der gov ern

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