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straw gauze raw

lawn broad caw saw

crawl George



Proper diphthongs, in which both the vowels are sounded.

oi and oy, as in boy; ou and ow, as in cow. Oil joy THOU

round boil


cloud COW moist


found how noise


house now spoil loud

mouse owl voice shout pound growl boy

sour ground down

[blocks in formation]

o like u short. glove some love

son nolie word

come done duve

work worm world

[blocks in formation]

Words containing consonants not sounded. Words with silent consonants, the vowel or diphthong having the short

or the middle sound. 6 silent


rock half Lamb back clock calm limb

black mock could dumb quack duck should thumb neck knit would crumb pick knot

w 8

sick knock wrap


wrist gnash


wrong Words with silent consonants, the vowel or diphthong having the

long or the broad sound. b silent reign knee stakk Climb gnaw knead

yolk comb



folks g knife talk

gh sign know walk high

* £ sound lika long a ia there, where; like short i in yes; and like ø is her.


sight sigh taught dough bright thigh bought though fight eight


W light

neigh thought write might straight bough wrote night caught plough sword Consonants, single and double, which have different sounds.

Single consonants.

chard like k. Cash crum clash

scar crab curd cling

scum can cold creep

count call

cool crawl crown

c soft like s. dance pence

since hence dunce fence prince whence lace nice

cease joice place price piece voice

[blocks in formation]

" his heirs keys tease

beds heads please needs

s flat like z. stairs leaves staves beans hares

wares praise
Double consonants.

th sharp.
thick breath

throw teeth
throat mouth


thank think three throne

[blocks in formation]

TH flat.

Than then they theirs

Charles charge chair child


that baths thus them paths these thy clothes those thine smooth

ch like tsh. chin much rich chick such which cheese coach

peach | choice couch reach

ch like sh. bench tench French bunch stench chaise

ch like k. | chasin

| scheme / school gh and ph like f. cough phiz nymph laugh phrase soph

inch pinch


rough tongh

Easy progressive phrases and sentences, consisting of words of one


* The combining of such words into phrases or sentendes, as the learner has previously spelled in a detached form, will aid him inaterially in acquiring the art of reading.

[blocks in formation]

Will he go?
Not to-day.
You can go.
Get my hat.
Put it on.
Let us go
A dim eye.

I can hop.

Will she come:
She will run. Go and ask.
We are in. By and by
It is odd.

Do not stay
All is well.

Let us try.
She is here. It is safe.
The red sky. A sly fox.

[ocr errors]
[blocks in formation]

He is to go.
It is my ox.

It is my hat.

It is my pen

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