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ii. verso.

A Ё 'Si

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i?" топ/Едите]: C. vo/mcovïlvrìtovo-Lou ACLA.
¿è ё‘аххшои А.
52 тачбекщшае А. тащила5 before Mßovrwv L. _.
{ё 'lrepvrwVe'rrepm'r'qa'avrwv'roVKvapxœpewV/cauypap/Lafauov CA. тощи AL.

xawwrpeo'ß. L. б om. 81, AL. терпит/шпагате CA.


од тгеригшиешшдетшубштощщиа'ои (ХА). е'тгерш‘тдпа'тбштоикпиа'ои L.

"OT- evrepw-rmretç A. 'rrwçeo'rwüçöäöoïç AL. (em-Lv in Ё very obscure or doubtful.)

7reptmq'rowcüevrepwmdewç CA. add. трое ‘roue ¢apwawv9 A.

ё AA

El öuojß. R. (This section is quite omitted in A, and a little confusion is thus introduced xii PREFACE.

into the subsequent numbers.) è_é evrepw'mznç А. weprmça'uvrehtaç CA. ò-é efouöevqo'œ C.


а терьтчшта'ешетоикиршкоиа'шрдтос ïTB IH 1H MH
TTI ‘ ‘rrepudteovra' ‘ПГ
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For convenience of reference to the MS., so long as it remains bound in the order of the
Lectionary merely, the following Index of the leaves will be found useful. The Roman
numerals indicate the pages of the original book, the Arabic point out where in the modern

order each of the older folios begins. '

ORDER or FoLIos 1N E.


i. 90 v. xxiv. 163 Xlvi. 74 lxviii. 173 v.

44 xxv. 10 xlvii. 73 Ixix, 96 v,
107 XXvi. 37 xlviii. 154 lXX. 155
iv. 170 xxvii. 56 xlix. 65 lxxi. 62
v. 8 1 xxviii. 1 1 9 l. 1 9 1xxii. 11 1
Vi. 52 XXiX. 120 li. 93 168
vii. 169 xxx. 55 lii. 86 lxxiv. 167
108 xxxi. 61 liii. 87 1XXV. 1 12
1X. 132 xxxii. 146 liv. 138 lxxvi. 63
x. 77 xxxiii. 145 — lv. 24 lxxvii. 84
x1 16 xxxiv. - 78 lvi. l lxxviii. 99
X11 33 XXXV. 156 lviÍ. 38 1XXÍX. 129
xiii. 18 xxxvì. 67 lviii. 39 lxxx. 12
xiv. 131 . xxxvii. 46 lix. 94 v. 1xxxi. 1 1
xv. 51 xxxviii. 97 lx. 4 lxxxii. 130
xvi. 2O xxxix. 122 lxì. 57 lxxxiii. 164
xvii. 117 xl. 121 150 lxxxiv. 25
xviii. 140 xli. 98 lxiii. 3 lxxxv. 26
xix. 1 18 xlii. 47 1Xiv. 144 lxxxvi. 30
xx. 41 xliii. 68 lxv. 139 lxxxvii. 29
xxi. 101 xliv. 7 1 v. lxvi. 2 lxxxviii. 1 7 1

Xxii. 126 xlv. 153 1Xvii. 149 lXx'Xix. 176 V.

xxiii. 125


Of these folios, vii., lxviii., and lxxxix., are only the lower halves of leaves: of which,
in the later book, Ixviii. is supplied with paper.

т тоиа'ашаточтои/сй АСА.
ЪТ‘г ‚дм-а C.
Subscription 'rowcarahov /caveva'yfye Maura/ce фата. А.

The following Notes on the text of E should be compared with the text of the MS. as printed, referring as they do to its present state, or to particular readings:

FOLIO iii. iv.



viii. ix.





xvi. xvii. xviii.



xxi. xxii.

obscure. The title EuwyfyeMov шт Aowcav, in red.

obscure. Part of ver. 2 is repeated in lines l and 2. кш. at the end of line 2, and
at the beginning of line 3, the second being erased: line 3 is the real соп—
tinuation of the text from fol. iii. verso.

verso, line 1, eöofe as printed, not eSoEev.
line 3, the letters ка— are gone, through a hole in the vellum.

obscure. Perhaps the numeral at the beginning of line 2 is fl, but there is only
a small mark now to be noticed after I.

the lower half only of a folio, forming the first folio of the last quire in the later book, being sewn on the half of another leaf, fol. lxxxix.

verso. Obscure.

and ix. verso, contain the same portion of text. In ix. a'vyfyeinya'ov, but in ix. v. U'U'Y'Yelfqço'oll.

obscure. The line pLa/LaefyaÄvvuWvXn/Lov is in the MS., though very illegible.

verso. ea'rw ova/.1.a av'rov, sic.

line 2, ev gone, from the leaf being torn.

line 4, the termination of evremcelra'r- similarly lost; but it appears from the space to have been -—-о‚ not _aa

verso. The head line of the first Icedaáìtawv stands below a portion of the Catena, just above the Text. I in the left hand margin, to note the commencement of the first xe¢á7vuov, if it ever was there, seems now to be buried beneath the upper writing.

line 3 (of text) 'quEave as printed, not _nav.

line 4. The reading of the MS. is either Кур/‚уши, or else Kvpnvov, certainly not Карт/юн: the cross strokes of N and of H (if that letter were there) have disappeared, and it is diflicult to form a judgment from the distance apart of the upright lines, whether N was formed by the two middle or the two latter of the upright strokes: the latter seems to my eye to be probably the case. The repreparation of vellum for palimpsest use often causes it to shrink unequally, so that the space between upright lines is no certain guide.

verso. Obscure.

the head line of the second xe¢á7tawv, below a portion of Catena.

line 6, еибокщ' (sie), clearly without any correction, so that the MS. could never have read сабо/еще.

xix. verso, and xx., all contain chap. ii. 21, thus repeated: in the margins of xix. and xix. verso, the section [Ã is noted, but it has been erased: xx. has no notation of any section.

verso. The notation [E of the larger section (the Capitulatío Vaticana) stands thus small over that of the 83rd, referring to the Catena.

verso contains part of what had been given in xxi.

verso obscure. The notation тт2 of the Catenary section appears to be in the




xxiii. xxiv. xxv. xxvi. xxvi. xxvii. xxviii. xxix.

xxix. xxx.

xxx. xxxi. xxxii.

xxxiii. xxxiv. xxxvì. xxxvii. xxxvii. xxxviii. xxxix.



xli. xlii. xliii. xliii. xliv.



margin by the side of 'E (which marks the fourth xe¢á7\awv), but it is now hardly traceable. . y , .

verso and xxiv. The xedaámou Т‘ in the first of these pages stands marked as if it began in the middle of iii. 7, and in the other at the beginning of ver. 14: it is commonly marked at the beginning of ver. 10, a part defective in Cod. Zacynthius.

verso, line 5, half buried in the binding.

head line between Catena and text.

verso, lines 8-11 obscure.

and. xxvi. verso, obscure.

head line of кеф. î at top of page, with Catena below it.

verso, obscure. The notation KH just traceable before line 9.


head line at top of page.

lines 2 and 3 of text a litt-le torn.

verso, obscure. Line 7 slightly torn. .

obscure. Head line of кеф. ё, above text. After 1re1'pov the letters таи. аи are traceable, though erased as well as the intermediate letters.

verso. Head line of кеф. Т at the top of the page.

Head line of кеф. ‘Е?- at the top of the page, erased.

verso, obscure. The head line is at the top of the page, partly erased; but it seems certainly to read 'rou тешит), а primâ manu (the termination perhaps taken from ver. 27).


verso, obscure.

Part of ch. vi. 24, in this and the next page.

line 2 expone, sic. not exůpavç.

verso, obscure.

obscure; especially lines 8, and 11, 12. The notation *am apparently erased.

verso, obscure. ,

obscure, especially line 12. The notation ‚(йё on the left hand side of the page very faint.

verso. Line 1, xovex'rovodaůakpov repeated from the preceding page; and the two last lines repeated in the next page.

verso, obscure.

obscure. ‘так.` at the end of the page appears to have been erased.

the head line of кеф. |Т-| above the text.

verso, obscure.

line 9, ‘Г added smaller above thc line.

verso, obscure. No number prefixed to the head line of кеф. i2, which stands at the top of the page.

line 8 (of text), NP on the left hand margin apparently erased, as also iS K before line 10.

line 11, especially obscure.

line 12, о before ищите, added small by а corrector.



111. liii. liv.

lv. lvi.

lvii. lvii. lviii.


lx. lxi.

lxi. lxii. lxiii. lxiv.



lxvi. lxvii. lxviii.

lxviii. lxix. lxx.

lxxi. lxxii. lxxiii.

obscure, especially lines 2, 3, 4, and 8.

verso, line 13, 'roue added in margin smaller.

line 4, трьфп thus, not трифп.


verso, head line at top of page.

line 2 of text obscure.

slr before NS is almost entirely cut off; a little bit shows that it was there.


the notation [f1 and [ё in the margin very faintly traceable.

verso, obscure. I


verso, obscure.

verso, obscure.

obscure. Line 2, o (in on) apparently erased.

lines 5, 6, 7, peculiarly obscure.

line 3, a1ro a prz'mâ manu, varo a correctore.

verso, obscure.

obscure. N at the beginning of line 4, afterwards erased.

obscure (lix., lix. verso, and lx., all contain the same passage).

the notation in the marg. i, quite small.

obscure. The numeral 1€ in the margin very faint.
a pn'mâ manu : a deleted by a corrector.

verso. The head line at the top of page.

verso. A repetition of part of the contents ofl


the numeral Ш stands twice ; opposite the beginning of line 1 it appears to have been erased, and it is so obscure that it was omitted in the printed page; see

[the facsimile.

Lines l, 2, re'rpaapxns

verso, obscure.


contents same as part of lxv. verso, but with a variation of reading.

verso. Head line at top of page.

obscure; contents same as lxvi. verso.

the upper part of this folio is gone, and is supplied in making the later book with a piece of paper.

verso, obscure. The third line torn near the beginning.

verso, obscure.

obscure. Head line in red at top of page.

verso, part of preceding page repeated.

verso, obscure.

obscure. Line 5, a hole at end; not clear whether O were there or not.

(TL apparently in margin, put for Óì.

verso, obscure. Head line in red at top of page; scratched out, and numeral at the beginning gone. The notation OA appears very faintly on each side the text. Ж- in red.

line 4, at end very obscure; but k-è does not appear to have been there.

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