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EMENDArions of the Text and METRE,
GREY (Zach.) Critical, istorical, and Ezplanatory Notes
on Shakespeare. 2 vols, 8vo, calf meat. 10s 6d I754

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TT might reasonably be imagined, after the publication of so many editions of Shakefpeare, by poetical or critical editors, within the compass of less than half a century; that no room should be left for emendations either of the text or meter, or other improvements of any kind whatsoever. And yet I must take the liberty of thinking, that no dramatic poet, either antient or modern, has had the hard fate of our author; or contains still more mistakes, than the plays of the most celebrated Shakespeare. Every editor has done a great deal towards the emendation of the text, and contributed largely to the clearing of several obscure pas. sages: but most of the historical incidents referred to by Shakespeare, as happening within his own time: and a great many laws then well , known, but now in a great measure obsolete, have been overlook'd, or not known, or perhaps not thought worthy of notice: though they certainly tend to the making our author much more clear and intelligible, than he seems to be at present. Mr. Rowe the poet, was the first who (in the dićtion of a celebrated modern writer) “ had “his appointment as an editor of Shakespeare “ in form.” And he was certainly possess'd of talents sufficient to have enabled him to go through the work with credit; yet, for want of A 2 collating

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