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$ yii. The Importance of the new tban can be the case in this happier System of Education to the Ameliora- country, an undeniable proof is afforded tion of the People, and the Completion of the excellence of Dr. Bell's mode of of the blessed Reformation.

instruction; nor can there be the small. The Rev. F. Iremonger, in his “ Sug

est reason for doubting, that, wherever gestions *," bas summed up this argu

the same measures are steadily and perment:

fectly adopted, they will be attended P. S..The Author (says he) cannot uniformuly with the same lasting good conclude this introductory chapter with

effects.” oạt congratulating the original inventor


June 6. of the most famxious hopes, or the reward Tationale society was held va

the of those labours which will, under Pro. vidence, prove a lasting blessing to pos- Wednesday last, in the ball of Sion terity, and call forth the gratitude of College. The Archbishop of Canter. thousands in this country, stimulated bury, whose attention to the business by the same feelings of affection, which, of the Society has been upremitting, after eleven years silence, produced froin took the chair on the occasion, There his Indian pupils a letter, fully proving

were present the Archbishop of York, (as Dr. Bell says), ' That the senti

the Earls of Shaftesbury, Nelsop ; ments which it was his incessant aim to inspire, had not evaporated: and that

Lord Kenyon, Lord Radstock, the the principles which his dutiful pupils Bishops of London, Chichester, Cheshad imbibed, had taken deep root, and fer, Exeter, Hereford, St. David's, continued to yield their mature fruits.”

Worcester, Ely, Salisbury, tbe Speaker *“ This pleasing instance of gratitude, as

of the House of Commons, together. well as satisfactory practical proof of the with a very numerous and highly. strong hold which the new system takes respectable list of Subscribers and on the mind, is signed by nearly fifty Friends to the Institution. The Anof his pupils (in the name of the whole nual Report of the proceedings of the body) at Madras; and while it shews a Society was read by the Secretary, becoming gratitude on their part for the and some remarks were made on the unwearied assiduity shewn by their be prominent and leading features of it nevolent Pastor, it enumerates the respectable situations in life in which they The Report proved in the highest de

he: by the Archbishop of Canterbury. are placed; ascribing to his paternal care, under the Great Disposer of Events, gree gratifying and satisfactory to the their preservation, their comfort, and company assembled. It appeared that all the valuable advantages they enjoyed. the beneficial purposes of the InstiThey have since presented Dr. Bell with

tution have been carried into effect, a service of Sacrament plate, and a gold in the course of the last year, in vächain and a medal; and have begged rious parts of the kingdom, on a very that 100 copies of his miniature, on extended scale. The number of schools copper-plate engravings, may be sent to formed in connexion with the National, be distributed among them. When the Society are five times greater than total ignorance of those children, at the they were at the time of the preceding time of their first being instructed by Annual Report; and, of course, the Dr. Bell, is considered, the lamentable number of children educaied in difwant of early good impression, and their ferent parts of ļhe kingdom on the exposure to vice, and particularly deceit Madras systein, has increased about of every kind; and when we compare in the same proportion. Besides this, their subsequent moral and religious improvement, and the respectable places

a number of schools have been formed in society which they afterwards filled; precisely on the same plan, in various when, too, there was more to undo, be places, which have not yet established fore, sound principles could be imbibed, a connexion with the National So

* This is a must admirable work, weli ciety: so that the extension of this deserving not only the attention, but the been considerably greater even than

important system of education has absolute study, of every person desirous of establishing Schools according to the

that above stated from the Annual ReMadras system. The Author is no theo port. It appeared also, that, in the rist, but a real practitioner, having vi- Metropolis, pot only liąs the Central sited nearly all the principal Madras School, in aldwin's-garden, been schools in the kingdom, and established carried on with distinguished energy his own in consequence of the most ac

and effect, but other schools bave curate investigation.

beeu instituted, so numerous, and on


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so extended a scale, as to constitute,


May 31. on the whole, no inadequate system

UCH has been said, in your of education for the lower classes of

pages and elsewhere, concern. this large mass of population. One ing the Bible Society. I ain pot particular instance of the perfection aware that the following observations to which this plan of education bas on that subject have been anticipated: been brought, was mentioned by the whether they are well founded or not, Archbishop of Capterbury, and drew your Readers will judge. the very marked attention of the Yours, &c.

R. C. Meeting : this was, that, in the Deanery Perfect impartiality, on a subject of Tendring, near Colchester, the which is either in itself or in its cir. number of children reported as pro- cumstances highly interesting, is perper objects of the Madras system of haps, amidst human infirmities, a vireducation, amounted to about 2000; tue, rather to be desired, than exand that, of these, more than 1700 pected. This remark I am willing to are now actually receiving this edu- apply, as well to those who do, as to cation in the schools formed under the those who, like myself, cannot, apNational Society.

plaud the Bible Society. The advoOn the whole, the report of the cates of this novel institution, so far advancement of National Education, as has come within my observation, made during the last year, was such invariably represent those who foras fully to satisfy the highest expec- bear to join thein as averse to the distations of the friends and supporters, tribution of the Holy Scriptures. This of the system. It shewed that the is by no means the truth of the case. exertions of the National Society, for They freely and gladiy, according to the furtherance of its great and bene- their abilities, give copies of the Old ficial objects, have been and are 10- and of the New Testament to such as remitted : it shewed that the spirit, are in want of them; and many of by which those exertions are prompted them are members of one or of both and supported, has increased, and is 'those truly Christian establishments, still increasing, in the country at the Societies for Promoting and Pro-, large; and it encouraged the gratify. pagating Christian Knowledge; in ing hope, that, by the continuance both which Societies one main object of those exertions and of that spirit, is, to disseminate the Word of God, the the great and beneficial purpose of latter in foreign parts, the other both generally diffusing the blessings of at home and abroad. sound Religion and sound Morality by To the design of the Bible Society, means of this national system of edu- as far as I understand it, I have no cation, may soon be effected in this objection ; except that the indiscrikingdom to a very satisfactory extent., minate distribution of the Bible among

The Treasurer of the Society, at Hindoos, Mabometans, or other Inthe same time, made a report of the fidels (if that is a part of their design), general state of the Society's funds. I cannot but regard as a profanation It appeared, that from the very li- of the Holy Volume; which, thereberal grants which had been wade for fore, like other things in themselves the establishment of schools in va- wrong, can tend to no good; but to rious parts of the kingdom, some di- an individual, whether Gentoo, Maipinution of the permanent property hometan, or Pagan, who, like Cor. of the Society has unavoidably taken nelius, was humble aid willing to be place in the course of the present informed, I would freely give a copy year ; but the Committee have rea- of the Bible, if he wished to receive dily acquiesced in suffering this to be it ; though I think personal conferdove, under the fuliest feeling of con- ence or preaching the word of life is viction, that a judicious and well-din now, as in the Apostles' days, the rected application of their funds, for most likely means, uuder Providence, the purposes of the Society, must, to bring those who never heard of under all circumstances, furnish the Christ to believe ju him. ipost certain means of ensuring the li. With this


Jinvitation I apo berality of the Publick, so as to pre prove of the design of the Bible sovent their permanent diminution. ciety; but have serious objections to Yours, &c. A SPECTATOR, the constitution of it. The patrons and promoters of this Society boast

of ers.

f of that peculiar circumstance in the ritans, or heathens, or the worst o formation of it, which to me seems

mankind. But are we encouraged most exceptionable ; namely, that voluntarily to associate ourselves with they admit into their ranks, without schismatics, or beretics, or with any scruple or inquiry, members of every who, naming the name of Christ, denomination of Christians. There hold the truth in iniquity? " I beare found in the Bible Society those seech you, brethren,” the Apostle who reject both the Sacraments, which says,

ri mark them which cause divi. Christ hinself ordaived for the ge- sions and offences; and avoid them.neral use avid benefit of all his follow- Rom. xvi. 17. " A man that is an

There are some who deny the heretic-reject.” Tit. iii. 10. “We Divinity of our Lord, and pronounce command you, in the name of our us idolaters, because, as the Scrip. Lord Jesus Christ, that ye withdraw ture enjoins, we “ honour the Son yourselves from every brother that even as we honour. the Father.”- walketh disorderly.” “ If any man There are those who separate them obey not our word, note that man, selves from the Church, founded by and have no company with him, that Cbrist and his Apostles; and hold it he may be ashamed.” 2 Thess. iii. lawful to act as ministers and ambas- 6. 14. sadors of Christ, without any ap- St. Paul certainly, by such injuncpointment or commission from him. tions as these, does not recommend

Is it possible for me to join such a associations of heterogeneous, unac. motley Society, without giving coun- cording members. Does St. John, tenavee, however unintentionally, to who survived bim many years, teach some or to all these errors and evil a doctrine, which, in the fashionable deeds? or without violating the prin- language of these times, is more liciple, “ Not to do evil, ihat good beral and extended ?

• He that may come?" Let scriptural exam- abideth in the doctrine of Christ, he ples and precepts of Scripture decide hath both the Father and lhe Son. If the question.

there come any unto you, and bring When the Jews, on their return not this doctrine, receive him not into from Babylon, began to rebuild the your house, neither bid hin God speed. temple, some of their neighbours For he that biddeth him God speed, is came to Zerubbabel and to the chief partaker of his evil deeds." 2 John, of the fathers, and said, “ Let us 9, 10. build with you; for we seek your God,

The conduct of the beloved Disci. as ye do, and we sacrifice unto him.” ple was conformable to what he But the answer of Zerubbabel and the taught. History informis us, that gofathers of Israel was, “ You have po- ing with some friends to the bath at thing to do with us, to build an house Ephesus, and finding Cerinthus there, unto our God, but we ourselves to- he withdrew in haste, saying, “ Let gether will build unto the Lord God us be gone, lest the bath should fall of Israel.” Ezra iv. 1-3. Some upon us, when such an enemy of the such proposal seems to have been truth as Cerinthus is in it.” Irenæus, made afterwards, when they had be- who records this from the mouth of gun to repair the walls of the city; those who heard it from Polycarp, and Nehemiah's answer was such as St. John's disciple, having related a Zerubbabel's had been : “ The God of similar anecdote of Polycarp himself, Heaven, he will prosper 118; there makes this observation : “ So careful fore we his servants will arise and were the Apostles and their disciples build ; but you have no portion, nor to hold no intercourse, not even in right, nor memorial in Jerusalem.words, with those who perverted the Neh. ii. 20.

truth." Iren. adv. Hæres. L. iii. c. 3. These are some of the apposite ex- Whoever duly considers the preamples of God's ancient church. What cepts and examples here alleged, will are we taught in the later and more find it impossible, I think, to reconperfect mauifestation of his will? We cile with them any such anomalous are taught, more clearly and expressly iostitution as the Bible Society. Truth, than in the former dispensation, to without doubt, cannot successfully love all men, and to do good to all be maintained and promoted, but by men; to perform acts of kindness and truth alone. If any advantage may humanity to our enemies, to Sawa- seem to be obtained by pious frauds,


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1813.) Mr. S.Jackson on Junius's Letters.--Alchorne Catalogue. 511 or by any dereliction or compro- letters ; --sometimes they came by mise of principles, it will be more post; but in thegeneral way by porlers. than overbalanced by ruinous conse- During Mr. Woodfall's absence, I quences, which must, in various ways, have often had in separate rooms, at ensue from such proceeding ; nor am I the same time, Mr. Wilkes and the ever at liberty to do the smallest evil, Rev. Horne Tooke, whenever they if I fancied or was sure (which is im. had any thing for publication. Being possible) that I could save the world more familiar with the latter than the by it. If the laws of iny country, or former, I have mentioned to him the duties of bumanity, join me with a circumstance; when, with great good Socinian (though, I thank God, i humour, he has begged me to keep know no such person), I will pot de them separate, lest he should resort sert him. I will assist him in saving to other means to settle their polithe life of man, or the life of a beast. tical differences, If I were a soldier in the same regi- Mr. Blakeway makes me smile at ment with him, I would fight honestly the idea of the lapse of time having by his side. But I will not volun- impaired my memory:

Most assutarily combine myself, not even for redly I cannot run so fast now as I the purpose of diffusing truth and could nearly half a century ago; yet, distributiog the inspired Word of God thank God, my intellects are unim(perhaps indeed least of all for any paired, and the transaction to which such truly pious purpose) with one i allude is as strong in my recollecwho does not hold the truth as it is in tion as any occurrence of yesterday. Jesus Christ, the Son of God, the Yours, &c.

S. JACKSON. ooly mediator between God and man. Yours, &c.


June 10.,

OUR last Number contained a Mr. URBAN,

ipswich, May 27. short, but splcnetic, notice (as I "HE Rev. J. B. Blakeway having, thought) of the Catalogue of the Alanimadverted upon my account of by auction by Mr. Evans, on Saturday, having seen and followed a person, the 22nd of May last. What there who threw a letter of Junius into the can be in that Catalogue deserving of office-door of Mr. Woodfall, it may especial attention, or rather of indibe proper for me, although it proves rect vituperation, it seems difficult to nothing as to the real identity of the discover. Some men, however, are Author of those Letters, to be a little resolved to look perversely upon every more explicit on the subject. The thing. There are miods in such an irritransaction occurred between eleven table state of prescience, that the and twelve o'clock at night. The most harmless and well-intended effulate Mr. Woodfall, at the time I was sions are considered as the channels in his employment, (or his servant, of malevolence and mischief. if the Rev. Author will have it so, for It is well known (in what is called I assure you, Mr. Urban, I bear the the book-world) that the Rev. Mr. recollection of it with pleasure, at this Dibdin has been engaged, for nearly moment, whatever term may be used,) the last twenty months, in an elaborate had lodgings at Islington, to which Cutulogue Raisonné of the early-printplace he went every evening at eighted books in the Library of Earl Spevo'clock, and left to me the manage- It is also not less notorious that ment of the Public Advertiser, ex- the Alchorne Collection was purchased cept when a lelter of Junius was to by the same Nobleman. Those books appear the next morning; then, in which became duplicates, together deed, he did not go so early, and with others before acquired, were sometimes he staid in town all night. disposed of in the manner above The hand-writing, of Junius was at noticed. But as a great portion of that time so familiar to me, that I did them rly Classics, and of con. pot want to open the letter to know siderable rarity, it seemed to be no from whence it came. The super violation of the rules of good-breedscription was invariably written in the ing, or common sense, that Mr. D. same hand, but the contents were not should avail himself of his former la. always so. Nothing could be more bours ; and give brief abridgments of various, too, than the delivery of the what the Public will one day find to




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!... Seks -- Newcastle. --Grestan Lectures ; &c. (Jane, .. wew ataki Saithful descriptions Cousiv cruited - Suum cuique"

in mu that have precedent said we earne, in the fly leaves

I was hard, indeed, in a of us kuts; and so says, Sir, in the pealers uit eted as Mr. D. must protest Uns of the Gentleman's

sans.t to be with the Library Tagaszne.
Last Yeart, could not ruiunteer

As CORRESPONDENT. i stabios, raphical services w Chout

wywod to have singhiot. Uie 1. Jeucastle, June 5. Liwww ! Mr. Beloe, 1 LES

i astonished to find, buradure, in the Alchorne Carugue, a Xenant of St. Nicholas ** in the letter D. s sajul Cure, art, that the steeple

we gothing more * * * Send to fall, in consediunt extracts from the tolerie pese awesiderable crack," ription--lohen the every Lee The cation giving way. examination of the existe uges dans - En trat nothing of the themselves which is the will see us MSI and that your discover to be in the BONILA Vase Emas been indulging SPENTERIANA,

hise wahe idea of whai
One won more. The suite a TESSEREUS SE te steeple would
will be pleased to remenex I de Nuit - Se pren.
Arst intimation of

J. M. B.
diffredi, Panser. Crochurn..
and others, (in the seria BISE

June 18.
publication) wang** W Desa a 58 Sbs Str The
the "Tulevaisuus

e Astronoof Rare and 12 sende en fer basers.

Ini Lax, &c. Grock and Latin V. se a skuse diach every three years kryTime Ne sme zeud TODA Mr. Blaries and an ask a Roral Ex. edition of ik x R2 N * E Samir Tasses this day. 1308; and V Events atsames is tem, and as the

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