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J. M-Curdy, esq. surgeon, of Ham- from his own door, about 100 yards, by bledon.

his three sons and younger son-in-law, At Southampton, John Henderson, esq. agreeably to an antieut and affecting cusson of the late Robert Henderson, esq. tom in the Principality. He and the late of Brighton.

Dr. Caleb Evans, of Bristol, were brothers' At Christchurch, aged 43, Capt. James children. His eldest son, in conformity Noyce, R. N.

with the desire of the deceased, inproved At Newport, Philip Reece, gent. comp

the event of his death at Worship-street, troller of the custoins at that port.

from Job xiv. 1, 2. Rev. W. Alcock, D. D. rector of Sel- Norfolk.-Aged 58, Rev. Leonard Shelborne. It is painful to add, that this un- forel, rector of North Tuddenhain, and fortunate gentleman (who had at times, formerly fellow of Corpus Christi college, for some years past, been in a low way). Cambridge. shot himself in the absence of his family. At Hadiscoe, aged 92, the wife of Mr. Hereford.

!--At Hereford, Mrs. Hayton, W. Lamb. widow of T. C. H. esq. of Wisteston Court. At Norwich, aged 64, Mrs. Martha

Jane, eldest daughter of Rev. J. Bul- Hook, sister of the late Counsellor H. of lock, prebendary of Hereford cathedral. Mulbarton,

At Here fors, aged 33, John, son of C. At Woodbastwick, in his 105th year, Berrington, esq. late of Wintercoit. Mr. John Ling.

At Leominster, aged 65, Abraham Aged 75, C. Ayton, of Diss, who had Wyke, esq.

been 49 years sexton of that parish. Hertfordshire.--At the house of her son, Felicia, daughter of the late Rev. Edw. West Hyde, near Rickmansworth, aged 73, Barker, of Bacton, and one of the prinAnne, widow of John Bache, esq. of Wat- cipals in the Female Academy at Groveford, in the same county.

house, Diss. Lancashire.--At Stretford, aged 21, Mr. Aged 80, Mrs. Mary Drake, relict of J. Hulme, jun. member of the College of Mr. John D. of Yarmouth. Surgeons.

Northumberland.--At Alawick, Thomas Of a fever, caught whilst visiting the Adams, esą. poor and necessitous sick, in the discharge At Humsbaugh, near Hexham, aged of his pastoral duties, aged 33, Rev. Philip 79, Mr. Robert Rowell. Darell, one of the clergymen of the Ca- In Berwick, aged 83, Mr. Wm. Bruce, tholic Chapel, Preston, son of H. D. esq. late farmer. of Calchill, Kevt, and nephew to Mrs. Aged 91, Jacob Watson, of AllendaleDalton, of Thurobam. He was some time town, one of the Society of Friends. one of the professors in the college of Notts.--At Nottingham, aged 79, Mrs. Stonyhurst.

Clarke, who survived her husband but a Rev. James Fordyce, rector of Stand, few days. near Manchester.

At Edingley, aged 88, Mr. Wm. Cutts, At Ulverston, Lieut.-col. Irton, of the father of the late Mr. C. attorney, of East India Company's service; brother to Nottingham. E., I. esq. of Irton-hill, near Whitehaven. At Carborton, ' aged 102, Eliz. Wil.

Rev. John Farringdon, curate of Astley cock, a poor woman, who retajued her chapel.

eye-sight, and her faculties in general, till At Gorton-house, Thos. Beard, esq. her death.

At Naworth castle, Susan, wife of Thos. At Southwell, Rev. M. Jackson, one of Ramsbay, esq.

the vica's choral of the Collegiate Church Leicestersh.---Susan, wife of Geo. Moore, there, and some time since master of the esq. of Appleby.

Free Grammar school. Lincolnsh. Thos. Cracroft, esq. of West At Standard-hill, after many years conKeal, near Spilsby.

fivement by a nervous complaint, Miss At Grantham, in bis 73d year, Mr. John Freeth, daughter of the late Mr. Dan. F. Eggleston; by whose death society is de- Oxfordshire.--Augustus, youngest son prived of a valuable member--religion of of Charles Marsack, esq. of Caversham. a strenuous supporter—and the poor of a park. kind and generous benefactor.

Somerset. At Bath, E. Barkett, esq. Monmouthshire.-Thoinas Wanklyn, esq. of the Lawn, South Lambeth. of Monmouth.

At Bath, Miss Wills, sister of the lady In his 71st year, Mr. Caleb Evans, of of Sir G. Beaumont. Pontypool. He was an active and useful At Bath, the wite of Dr. Moodie, eldest member of the community; possessed a daughter of the late R. Crowther, esq. of good understanding, a cheerful disposition, Boswell-court, London, and grand-daughand a benevolent heart. Beloved and re- ter of the celebrated Mr. Sam. Richardson, spected through life, a more than usually Mr. John Jelly, attorney-at-law, many large concourse of people followed his years vestry-clerk of the parish of Walcot, remains to the tomb. His bier was borne Bath,

At Clifton, John Quarrel, esq. late chel-park, belonging to the Earl of Egrecommanding-officer of the 10th foot. mont, by wbich his hand was so dreada

At Clifton, aged 53, the wife of the Rev. fully shattered that he died shortly after Thomas Birt, of Newland, Co. Glou- from loss of blood, Thos. Johnston, a lacester.

bouring man, of North Chapel. At the Hot Wells, Bristol, the eldest, Aged 60, William Cooper, an eminent daughter of Walter Fletcher Gasen, esq. solicitor, of Lewes. of Lincoln's-inn-fields.

At Chichester, Joseph Kirkman, esq. At Bedminster, the wife of Rev. T. captain in the Royal Navy. Exon, of Creech, daughter of the late Mr. Rev. R.-J. Sayer, vicar of Rudgwick, J. Getley, ironmaster, Bristol.

and Leominster. At Hallatrow, aged 8+, Mr. R. Purnell, Aged 61, the Rev. W. Lord, rector of the venerable and highly-esteemed uncle No:thiam, and prebendary of Chichester. of J. P. esq. of Woodborough House, Warwickshire. At Coventry, aged 93, near Bath.

Mrs. Sherwood, relict of Henry S. esq. At Dodington, the youngest daughter At Oldbury, in his. 96th year, Mr. John of C. Codrington, esq.

Sedgley. Aged 98, Mr. Francis Weaver, of Curry- The wife of Mr. Crump, solicitor, CoMallet.

ventry. At Beechen Cliff, near Bath, Mrs. Anne Miss Coles, daughter of Rev. Mr. c. Collibee, last surviving daughter of the formerly vicar of St. Mary's, Warwick. late E. Bushell C, esq.

At Claverdon, aged 45, Rev. T.-H.Davis. Stafford. - Emma Maria, eldest daugh. At Milton, Mrs. Bird, sister of W. ter of Rev. Thomas Grove, rector of Ma- Phelps, esq. of Puckrup. vesyn Ridware.

In his 65th year, Rev. J. Eyre, head. In his 80th year, Mr. Solomon Grosve- master of the Grammar-school Solihull, nor, of Wolverhampton.

aad rector of Winterbourne Stoke and Aged 66, the wife of Rev. Wm. Corne, Nettleton; equally distinguished by the rector of Tixall and Swinnerton.

solidity of his understanding and the bene. At Brereton, W. C. Glover, esq.

volence of his heart. In his 64th year, Rev. John Best, pre- At the Apollo-louse, Deritend, near bendary of the Collegiate Church in Wol. Birmingham, in the prinie of life, Herryverhampton, vicar of Sedgley, and per- Thomas Murcott, esq. the representative petual curate of Bilston.

of an antient family of Ladbrooke. At Meaford-hall, aged 85, Wm. Jervis, Mr. Thomas Spurrier, an eminent esq. eldest brother of Earl St. Vincent. malster, of Birmingham.

Rev. J. Applestone, priest of the Ro- At Hall-court, Mrs. Smith, relict of man Catholic Chapel, Forebridge.

John S. esq. Mary, second daughter of R. Bamford, Aged 100, Mr. John Ward, of Hampton esq. of Glascote, near Tamworth.

Lucy. At Cheadle, Rich. Smith, esq. of Hain- Westmoreland.-- Al Kendal, in conseton, cn. Lincoln,

quence of falling into the fire, aged 85, At Keel, Louisa, daughter of Walter

Sarah Gregg Sneyd, esq.

At Kendal, aged 80, Wm. Woof, late Suffolk. -Aged: 70, Robert Trotman, of Stainton. esq. many years an eminent brewer at At-Kendal, aged 76, John Postlethwaite, Ipswich. He had repeatedly served the esq. who practised as a solicitor 50 years, office of bailiff for that borough ; and was and was much respected in his profession. high sheriff for the county in 1786.

He contributed liberally to several chariAged 70, Mrs. Wynne, relict of Rev. table institutions. W. W. of Dennington.

Aged 96, Mr. Matthew Harrison, of At Offton, aged 87, Sarah, widow of Bampion, near Appleby. Rev. Luke Leake.

At Broughain vicarage, aged 72, Mr. Aged 104, John Stiff, labourer, of John Pearson. Norton.

At Ings, Hugil, aged 175, Rev. Mr. Aged 87, S. Kilderbee.esq. of Ipswich. Kilmer.

At Woodbridge, aged 83, Maximilian At Reagill-low-field, after an indispoDaw, esq.

sition of nearly 10 years, Mr. Tho. Hodg. At Landguard Fort, aged 16, Henrietta- son, late of Liverpool, coal-merchant. Maria Stuart, daughter of Ferdinand Jills ----In his 85th year, Mr. Joseph Smyth S. great-grandson of Charles II. Lush, of Hyde Farm, Damerham. The

Aged 78, Mr. C. Lockwood, attorney, above farm (in which he was born and of Stow-market.

died) was occupied by his father and him: Surrey.--At Egham, Mi, Geo. Cater, self nearly a century and during that attorney-at-law.

time the disproportiopaie mums ef 41. 10s. Susser.-In consequence of his gun and 501, were received per load for wheat bursting whilst shooting pheasants in Mi- grown on the saine,


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Rev. Geo. Gibbes, D. D, nearly 50 whom attended him to his grave. In 1789, years rector of Woodborough, and in the he was sheriff of Hull, and, on turning commission of the peace."

over his office to his successor, received a Caroline, youngest daughter of Rev. H. most grateful testimony of his humanity, Rice, of Tollard Royal.

in a letter signed by all the prisoners in Catherine, daughter of the late Thomas the gaol. Burrough, esq. of Laverstock, near Salis- Aged 77, Mr. Matthew Gedling, of Hull. bury.

At Pontefract, aged 93, Mrs. Stroaker. At Devizes, Thomas Lynch, esq.

Wm. Downing, esq. of Studley; he Aged 57, Mrs. Weeks, relict of Mr. was an alderman of the borough of Ripon. William W. of Poulton.

Aged 81, Mrs. Anna Lowson, of BridAt Clack. Mrs. Lucy Heatb, widow of lington Quay, widow of Mr. M. L. late of Matthew H. esq.

Carnaby. At Chitterne, Mrs. E. Morris, widow of At Kingthorp, Mary, wife of Lieut.. Jeremiah M. esq. late of Mere.

col. Fothergill, youngest daughter of the At Westbury, the wife of John Crosby, late Mr. Alderman Bacon, of York. esq.

At Kirkella, aged 52, John Sykes, esq. Mrs. Edgecumbe, of Malmsbury.

At Longwy, aged 45, Capt. Wm. AtAt Trowbridge, Mr. John Innes, late of kinson, of Hull. He was taken prisoner Plymouth, father of · Rev. J. I. formerly about two years ago, in the ship Harvey, minister of the Independent church, Trow- of Hull, by a French privateer, in the bridge.

Mediterranean. Since that time he has At Seagry, G. Bayliffe, esq.

been a prisoner on his parole, and of inAged 82, John Rooke, esq. of Thorpe. finite service to his fellow-prisoners at

At Tilshead, in his 438 year, Mr. Rob. Longwy, Edwards. His benevolence had endeared In her 102d year, Elizabeth, widow of him to the poor, and no man ever lived Elias Hartley, of Clifton, near York. more beloved, or died more lamented. Fell from his horse, and expired imme

Worcestershire. At his prebendal house, diately, whilst riding with his son, appa. Worcester, in his 80th year, Rev. James rently in perfect health, aged 52, Rev. R. Torkington, LL. D. of Stukeley, Hunts, Paver, vicar of Ledsham, and rector of only brother of Rev. John T. D. D. master Kirksmeaton. of Clare-hall, Cambridge, and elder brother Aged 96, Rev. " David Price, vicar of of Mrs. Lafargue, see p. 387.

Ormsby. At Worcester, Rev. Clement Weetman At Acomb, in his 76th year, Mr. H, Catholic priest, of Grafton, near Broms-' Sotheran, of the corporation for Bootham grove.

Ward, late bookseller and stationer of At Worcester, Dr. W. Kirkland, an emi- York. pent physician, formerly of Chelmsford, At Acomb, aged 82, Wm. Burstall, esq. and late of Bath.

At North Stanley, aged 83, Mr. W. H. Dangerfield, esq. of Mathon. Mitchel. At his funéral, the poor of

At Peopleton, in her 90th year, Mary, Stanley were accommodated with chaises widow of Josiab Dineley, esq.

to Burneston, where he was interred Frances, daughter of J. Skey, esg. of among bis ancestors. After liis interment, the Hyde, near Uptou-upon-Severn. the procession moved on to the Old Oak

Aged 103, Mrs. Yates, of Chaddesley tree, Leeminghouse, where a hot dinner Corbet.

was provided for 150 persons. York. At York, aged 86, Mrs. Sarah Aged 80, Mrs. Burton, widow of Mra Rhodes, a lady of exemplary piety and R. B. surgeon, last surviving sister of Albenevolence.

derman Dickons, all of Beverley. The wife of Rev. Mr. Kitchinman, of At Staniforth, in her 91st year, Jeanette, York, youngest daughter of the late Dr. relict of Mr. T. Foster. Knowler, of Beddington, co. Northampton. At Woodhall, near Wetherby, aged 87,

Aged 74, Rev. J. Cantley, rector of Wm. Fenton Scott, esq. Over Helmsley, near York.

Elizabeth, third daughter of T.-A. InAt Hull, aged 72, John Harneis, esq. gleby, esq. of Laukland Hall, ncar Settle, father of the corporation of the Trinity- Wales.-Rev. T. Rathbone, vicar of house, at that port. No man ever lived Llanbedrog, Anglesea. more respected, or died more regretted. Aged 103, Mrs. Jane Jones, of Tan a He was a member of the Trinity-house 35 Wall, near Mold, co. Flint. years, and the opinion entertained of him! At Cardiff, aged 64, E. Morgan, esq. by his brother members may be gathered of Llandaff. from the unusual circumstance of the At Dolgelly, co. Merioneth, in his 69th whole body attending his funeral in their year, Rev. Owen Lloyd, vicar of Siapencloaks. He was an unceasing friend to hill, near Burton-upon-Trent. the poor, especially in promoting the edu- In his 92d year, Rey, John Higgon, of cation of their children, great uumbers of Haverfordwest.

May May 1. Sophia, wife of Mr. William

At Rempstone Lodge, co. Nottingham, Philpot, of High Holborn.

aged 58, Mrs. Entwisle, the wife of John May 2. At Tottenham, in her 19th year, Entwisle, esq. of Foxholes-hall, co. Lan. Hannah, wife of Mr. Richard Blachford, caster, and the eldest daughter of the late jun. Lombard-street, daughter of Mr. Tho. Hugh Lyle, esq. of Coleraine in Ireland. Hankin, of Newlands, near Stanstead, May 4. In Gray's Inn Passage, of a Herts.

rapid consumption, which brought him to At Lambeth, aged 75, Mrs. Elizabeth the grave in three weeks, aged 25, Mr. Jones, daughter-in-law of the late Joseph John Fleming, a Compositor in the office Buckmaster, esq.

of the Printers of this Magazine. He was In his 62d year, Mr. Robert Whittaker, a native of Aberdeen; and it is much to of Monument-yard.

his honour that he surmounted the narrow' At Lambeth, John Herring, esq.

bounds of a common school education, At his seat at South Dalton, co. York, and by unwearied study attained a very aged 77, William Hotham, Lord Hotham, considerable degree of knowledge in CheBaron Hotham of South Dalton, and a inistry and Natural Philosophy, and in Baronet, Admiral of the Red squadron of other departments of Science. A proof of his Majesty's fleet. His Lordship was

this exists in some Lectures in MS. (part born April 8, 1736, the third son of Sir of a series which he delivered publicly in Beaumont Hotham, bart, the seventh ba. Aberdeen in 1812) on Geology, on the ronet in descent from Sir John Hotham, Properties of Matter and the Laws of Mocreated to that dignity, Jan. 4, 1621, who tion, &c.—He was a young man of mild was afterwards beheaded on Tower-bill, and unassuming manners, diligent in his with his eldest son, Sir John Hotham, knt, business, and exeinplary in his conduct, for his loyalty to Charles II. Lord Hotham' He had for several years supported his entered early into the Navy, and was Mother, a widow, who resided at Aberpromoted to the rank of captain in 1757; deen; and, just before his illness, had rear-admiral in 1787; vice-admiral in anticipated the satisfaction of sending for 1790; admiral of the blue, 1795; admiral her to London to reside with him. On of the white, 1799; and admiral of the being informed of his alarming situation, red 1806: and for his distinguished con- she set off immediately from Aberdeen; duct on several occasions, was created and by a passage by sea of four days ara Baron Hotham of South Dalton, with a rived in London in time to be present at a remainder to the issue male of his father, few of the latter hours of her lamented Sir Beaumont Hotham, bart. In 1811, his son, by whose loss she has now, at the Lordship succeeded to the family estates, age of 63, to seek for the means of future and the title of baronet, on the death of subsistence. his nephew, Sir Charles Hotham, the May 5. At the house of John Willis, tenth baronet.—Lord Hotham was never esq. Loughton, Essex, in hér 86th year, married; the titles and estate consequently Mrs. Anne Bates, widow. devolve to his next brother, Sir Beaumont At Barhampton, J. Wombwell, esq. who Hotham, knt. late a. Baron of the Exche- had just completed that elegant residence. quer, now the second Lord Hotham, and Missed his way, owing to the darkness of the twelfth Baronet.

the night, and drowned in the Thames be.. Fell bravely fighting against the French, tween Salthill and Staines, Mr. Cha, Cecil. in the battle of Lutzen, his Serene High- May 6. In Great Rupert-street, in her ness the Prince of Mecklenburg Strelitz, 73d year, Mrs. Martha Cranmer, of nephew of her Majesty the Queen.

Quendon-hall, Essex. At Berlin, in his 83d year, his Royal

In Panton-street, Mr. J. Pearse, purser Highness Prince Augustus Ferdinand of of H. M. ship Blake. Prussia. He was youngest son of Fre. The wife of Mr. Jack, of St. Martin'sderick William I. brother to Frederick II. lane. and great uncle to the present reigning Anne, wife of P. Guillebaud, esg. of Monarch.

Spital-square. May 3. At the vicarage-house, Wad. At Clapham, aged 81, Mrs. Geledneki. hurst, Sussex, Mrs. Salmon, widow ; mo. At Felstead, Rev. W. J. Carless, B. A. ther of Rev. W. Salmon, vicar of Wad. 19 years master of Felstead school. burst, and sister to W. Gray, esq. of At Teignmouth, Mary, wife of T. WhitCrewkerne, Somerset.

more, esq. of Dudmaston, Salop. In Great Tower-street, aged 55, Mr. At Bath, Eulalia, wife of J. Burn, esq. Jobn Botheroyd.

of Lincoln's-inn-fields. At Winslow, Bucks, in his 79th year, At Clifton, at an advanced age, Capt. W. Selby, esq. son of R. Lowndes, esq. George Parkınan, who many years was a formerly one of the representatives of the Trader from the Port of Bristol. county of Backs, and father of William Thomas Pomeroy, esq. descended from Lowndes, esq. the present member for the the antient fainily of Ralph Pomerai, county.

Pomeris, or de Pomeroy, who came over with William the Conqueror, and had of the Commissioners of the Navy; leaving grants in Devon, Cornwall, and Somerset. a widow and eleven children. He was This gentleman had till lately the spurs


brother to Lord Gambier. and spoon given by the Conqueror at his At Hackney, aged 28, Mr. Daniel Dys. coronation to his ancestor.

ters, of Cooper's-row, Tower-bill, only In Dublin, Mrs. Handcock, relict of the brother of Mr. J. D. of Leadenhall-street. late W. Handcock, esq.

At Roniely, near Chesterfield, in his May 7. At Widdington, Essex, in his 69th year, Daniel Thos. Hill, esq. late of 83d year, Rev. Richard Birch, rector of Leicester. His health had been declining Bexwell and Crickseth; of the former for some months, but he was nearly as well parish he had been rector 54 years, in the

as usual when he retired to bed. course of which he had buried his parish- At the White Hart-inn, Brentwood, ioners nearly twice over.

where he was seized with a paralytic stroke At Penzance, aged 61, Dr. Borlase, on the 22d ult. Janies Finch, esg. of Sible M. V. after a short but severe illness, of Hedingham, whose superior usefulness in an inflammation of the lungs,which he bore society, and distinguished excellencies in with fortitude, himself calmly prescribing every relation of life, were well known. to the last hour of his existence the only At Terling's-park, Gilston, Herts, in remedies which were likely to be useful. his 20th year, Thomas, son of Michael The Doctor was a native of Penzance, Hankin, esq. and was an active promoter of the interests May 16. At his father's house in Lonof that tawn. The enlargemeut of the don, aged three years and one month, Quay, and many other beneficial improve- Charles-Davies Giddy, eldest son of Davies ments, were begun during his Mayoralty ; Giddy, esq. M. P. His father went out and that excellent Institution, the Dispen- at four o'clock, not having reason to sussary, was planned under his direction, and pect the least danger, and, returning at conducted by him with great professional five, found his child dead-a child giving skill and indefatigable attention. His every promise, compatible with such a mind was well informes, and his taste tender age, of abilities, and of the most efassically cultivated. He began the ru

amiable disposition. diments of his education at the grammar- May 17. At Hendon, in her 30th year, school; afterwards he was removed to Mrs. James Lyon. Exeter, where he was class-fellow with At Edmonton, in her 22d year, Anne Sir Vicary Gibbs; and he completed his Elizabeth, second daughter of Mrs. Anne medical studies under the celebrated For- Katenbeck. dyce, whose practice he warmly admired At Ipswich, Rev. R. Fletcher, father of and uniformly followed. He had the ho- Sir Richard D. F. bart. Lieut.-colonel of mour of initiating Sir Humphrey Davy Royal Engineers. into the knowledge of medicine, and of At Brighton, Rev. J. Partridge, of Cranappreciating the promising genius of that wick, Norfolk. eminent Philosopher. The loss of his May 18. At Portsmouth, Lieut.-gen. professional talents is deplored by all who Arthur Whetham, Lieut.-governor of that knew him, and particularly the poor. garrison, Colonel of the 60th reg. Com.

May 3. In Leadenball-street, aged 80, mander of the Forces in the South-WestSamuel Brown, esq. many years deputy ern District, and Groom of the Bedchamof Limehouse Ward.

ber to the Duke of Cumberland. At Lymington, in consequence of ex- At Haslar Hospital, Lieut. Joseph cessive fatigue in Spain and Portugal, Simmons, late First Lieutenant of His whence he bad lately returned, in his 19th Majesty's ship the Malta.—[ A suller acyear, J. B. Colborne, esq. lieutenant in count of him will be given in our next.} the 2d light batt. K. G. L.

May 21. In his 78th year, Sir John May 9. At Isleworth, Mr. W. Taylor. William Anderson, bart. [Of this most.

May 11. In Somerset-place, after a few worthy and exemplary Magistrate a fuller hours illness, Samuel Gambier, esq. one account in our next.]

THE AVERAGE PRICES of NAVIGABLE CANAL SHARES and other Property, in May 1813 (to the 26th), at the Office of Mr. ScoTT, 28, New Bridge-street, London. Birmingham Canal, 5551. ex Half Yearly Dividend 151. 2s. 64. clear.Leeds and Lirerpool, 2041. ex Half Yearly Dividend 41. clear.---Leicester, 2021. 10s.-Monmouth, 1111.-Melton Mowbray, 108: 10s.-Grand Junction, 2231.-Old Union, 1001.Worcester and Birmingham, 307.-Ellesmere, 671.-Kennet and Avon, 221.-Wilts and Berks, 211.- Lancaster, 19.-Regent's, 61. discount.—Grand Trunk Canal Bonds, 891: per Cent.--Chelmer, 8.51. --Bolton and Bury, 931.-West-India Dock, 1481.- Lona don Dock Stock, 102.-Globe Assurance, 1051. -Albion Assurance, 461. —Grand Junction Water-Works, 211. -Scotch Mines Stock, dividing 51. per cert, 1051.- Vauxhall Ditto, 531. discount.- London Institution, 451.-Surrey Ditio, 141. 145.--Commercial Road and Barking Ditto, 841. 10s.

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