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her own,

Toooften doom'd to bear mankind's disdain, Now turn to Britain: see her rugged form, Or eat the bread of bitterness and pain ! Beat by rude skies, and ruffled by the storm. But though Ingratitude may barb the dart See Winter's icy mace condense her soil : To wound-it cannot change the Patriot Her stubborn glebe relent alone to toil. heart,

See churlish Nature check her Summer's Which glows, with fervour, in the manly

glow; breast

[tress'd! And give for fruits the berry,crab,and sloe. Of the most virtuous, though the most dis- Yet see! where wavy harvests float her No better object can the Muse inspire,


(her swains : Than to promote, and fan that sacred fire, While Law assures, and Freedom cheers Which more than armies can a nation shield, Where bright with bloomy life, her gardens Or make her sons terrific in the field !


[fruit : The Peasant, born to indigence and toil, Breathe Saba's sweets, and glow with tropio Feels an affection for his native soil, Where, as her hamlets swarın, her cities Which, spite of all the hardships of his fate,


[of power : Ranks him, in Reason's eye, among the She lifts her kingly front,and wields her arm great.

Where her proud Navies make the world [Here were introduced the lines already printed in our p.61 (except the last fourteen), And pour the wealth of every realm on one. cohich were written immediately after the in. See this! and if you ask what Power subtelligence arrived of BUONAPARTE's flight,

Time and the ruin of the French Army.]

Can thus redeem the soil, redress the clime; Heav'n, for a while, permits the Tyrant's Control great Nature, and reform her plan; crimes,

Know, it is Science in the hand of Man. As awful judgments on flagitious times ! 'T'is Mind, illumined Mind, that works the But come there will, or soon or late, the whole; hour

[pow'r, And opens thus an Edeu near the Pole. Shall hurl the Despot headlong from his Small was the realm, where Science, Plack from his brow the transient plume of thron'd by Greece, [peace, fame,

Array'd her war, and gemm'd her robe of And give to lasting Infamy his name ! Yet there th' invader sunk beneath her


[broke. II. By Rev. CHARLES SYMMONS, D. D. And thence in lustre O'er the world she YE ES! it was nobly thought, and greatly Her hand drops healing as her battle done,


wounds: 7'o make our Country's cause and Learning's One gains the region, one the city founds. Divorc'd from Science, Earth would vainly Man knit to man, through all her glory's boast


[grace. Her charms, but florid impotence at most. Glows with new life, and blooms in finer See where, like brilliants, starring Ocean's Where'er in peace she plants the desert train,


[land. Yon radia at Isles emblaze the Southern Arts spring to light, and wealth adorus the 1, Gold and Ether's finest purple drest, Where the grim Cyclops tore his human The Sun epamour'd sleeps upon their

prey, breast.

She bids the Muses with the Graces play. At morn and dewy eve, from coral shades To lodge her heroes, or enshrine her gods, Emerging, sea-winds fan the panting glades. The sculptured quarry mounts in proud The breeze wafts odours o'er th’ embroi.

abodes : der'd land:

[hand: Which, baffling Time, in long succeeding The grove with pendent fruitage courts the days,

[gaze, Teems the glad soil unlabour'd of the The passing Peasant, with unconscious plough;

Shallview, and, as the mighty piles he scans, And facile Ceres dances on the bough. Ascribe to Dæmons,works surpassing man's. Ah blest! if Nature's smile alone could Thus Angel Science acts for human bless :

good. Here the sole want is human happiness. Barbariap Power is of the Titan brood; The two-legg'd savage pines in sensual joy: Ruin's fell minister, and fiend of blood. Murder and Lust with rival powers destroy: On his high plains *, beneath the Polar O'er the gay scene exert their fatal sway;

star, And Man, in ignorance, expires their prey. The Tartar shepherd scowls in horrid war.

* « The whole of Great Tartary, which is an extended plain, is on a level much elevated above that of the sea, and may be regarded as the summit of a vast mountain. The desolation, effected by Tartar conquest, is known to every reader of History, and is attested by the evidence of modern Travellers. Upper Asia, bounded by the Indus, has not yet, after the lapse of several centuries, recovered from the irruption of Zengis Kban; and Asia Minor, the garden of the antient World, is reduced by Turkish domis nation to the state, here represepted, of a sandy or a heathy desert. The beneficial


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The cloud collects, condenses, swells with Draws down the Muses from their hearinly


[powers. Bursts,and destruction whelms the world To harmonize thy heart, and raise thy Man, beast expires; even blasted is the 0! crown their shrine, and as their votary field;

give : And Nature's strong fertilities are quell’d. The Priest should justly by the Altar live. Nations and countries share an equal tomb: As the fraught t. cloud, not bigger than Those cease at once to breathe, and these

a hand,

[land : to bloom.

(vey'd Raiu'd copious life on Israel's gasping Where cities stood, and raptur'd eyes sur- As from the rivulets of numerous bills Th’ aspiring column and the bold arcade; His urn gigantic Nile or Ganges fills; No wreck is found to say that man has been: To pour upon the plains, and, as it whelms, Dumb Desolation broods upon the scene : Swell Nature's breast to nourish mighiy And Asia's garden, struck with Scythian

realms : breath,

[heath. So oft the stores, condensed within a mind, Moves in light sand, or glooms in sable Have spread in affluence to enrich man0! cherish theu the soul of nurtured

kind : mind,

[kind: So when from many minds the rays upite, The power, the grace, the blessing of our The brilliant whole invests the land with Th' embodied God that calms the storm of


[gleams; man,

The land illustrious o'er the nations Sublimes his action, and dilates its span : And a dark world rejoices in its beams; Throws him in lengthen's. good to distant Hail ! then, your Country's and the Muse's climes ;


[ends, And makes him live for man in other times. Wise are your means, and glorious are your Heav'n's genial spirits love the Muse's ray; Cheer Science in her sons: allow their And fiends and goblins fly the Lord of day.

claim Rise, Britain ! be what Greece has been To Man's inheritance, though heirs of Fame: before :

Not left to starve on dew-drops of the bays; Or rise with loftier science, and be more! To shiver in the gossamer of praise : By Pallas arm’d, control barbarian force : Or doom'd to feel, by fates yet more severe; Dash the dire Gaul in his ensanguined The patron bookseller, or patron peer; course!

Those meeting ends of little and of great, With hallow'd objects be divinely brave: The swell mechanick, and the swell of state. Fight to unchain, and conquer but to save ! Borne by the people's breath that fills the In peace, diffuse thy light from shore to

sail, shore,

A few may proudly float before the gale. Till India's pagods cease to blush with gore: The bapless many prove th' o'erpow'ring Till Jumna's banks and Agra's roseate

wave ;

(save. vale,

Vain all their knowledge, vain their toils to No more, with matron shriek or infant wail, Raise these to life! blind Fortune's wrongs Shall sadly ring, as victim hosts expire,

redress! Ingulph'd, or sepulchred alive in fire: Reclaim her victims! and be great to bless! Till the taught Libyan, in his palmy shade, Feed Learning's labours with your just reShall own thy long arrear of kindness paid: gard ;

[reward. Till Diemen's land in arts and learning And know, the deed shall bring its sure shine ;

As your full hands their kindly nurture And a new Athens beam beneath the Line:


[spring. Till fierce Malacca smile with Gospel love; The growth of mind in all your fields shall And China's dragon* crouch as flames the Haply some plants, by partial Nature blest, cross above.

May rise and glow with pow'r above the But ah! while nerv'd with conscious force,


(fin'd; But all will sparkle, and together throw Feels her wide triumph by a world con- A circling glory round your Albion's brow. Think of the hands that tend the sacred Enough! yet shall we not one moment fire :

[quire, stray, Whose incease, grateful to th’immortal To greet our Founder in his setting day?

thy mind

result of Grecian colonization and conquest on the coast of Italy, in Sicily, and in Asia, is too generally known to require any particular illustration. The city of Ætna, built by Hiero, and celebrated by the muse of Pindar, was raised on the very spot assigned by fabulous History to the ferocities of the monstrous and inhuman Cyclops. Through the mists of Pable, we may discern that it was the residence of a peculiarly savage people.”

* * The Dragon is the ç eat armorial bearing of China; the standard of her armies, and the imperial ensign which surmounts her palaces."

+ 1 Kings, 18. This sneer is somewhat ungracious, as the Society is patronized by many Booksellers. EDIT,



Him the pale Author, worn with studious “ Mine was the Temple, - and be mine
[he smiles.

[doom; Shall bless, while soothed with competence. To crown the Guardian who arrests its Him, in the exalted heart's diyiper mood,

No intellectual praises will I spare The great shall thank for ampler power of Pallas transfers her honours now to Broom*, good :

Where Hymen's joys restor'd, thy hopes And hiin, the Friend of Britain's purest

illume; fame,

[name. For know--the fair Eliza thou shalt wed, With fond applause the Patriot Sage shall Eliza, 'neath whose Grecian form shall Oft as this day,while Time his circle runs,

bloom Shall call the Muse's friends to aid her sons;

Minerva's wit with Altic learning fed, To WILLIAMS then, reposing in his urn, And many a future pledge shall bless thy Awaken'd thought with gratitude shall turn;

honour'd bed. And hail the man, who, foe to party rage,

“ To hail th’avenger of their native seat, Still'd the harsh discords of a jarring age:

The Grecian Deities already join. And, zealous to assert fair Learning's

Venus secure to Albion shall retreat, claim,

[the same :

Where beam hergraces and her form divine, Show'd that her cause and Virtue's were Where reigns Apollo, and th'inspiring Nine: Bade on her day the factious passions cease;

Lo! Caledonja's heroes + Mars shall greet,

And crown her warlike sons: the God of And hallow'd it to Charity and Peace.


His honours while you quaff, pure balm of A Parody of an Imitation of the 15th Ode,


[Fife. First Book, of HORACE.(see p. 426.) Shall find bis own Cithæron on the hills of “ Pastor 'cum traheret perfecta, &c.”

“ Tho' Ocean's King engulph one hap

less bark, AS Elgin homeward o'er tb’Ægean wave, Fam'd Parthenon, thy rescued glories Thetis, to quell his rage and malice dark,

Still, jealous of my peaceful Olive's reign, bore,

[to save, Points to his far rite Isles i'ch' Western While Greeks too weak, too sordid Turks,


[fave) Their costly cement lost in vain deplore;

(There are his trophies, there his loftiest Shout from their tombs the demigods of

Pallas for them shall save the precious yore,

(rear, Heroes and kings their specter'd forms up- The adverse tempest and the foe restrain,

freight, Seek in congratulating throngs the shore,

Fair Science rescu'd from impending fate, And as they view the parting vessel ride,

Sball bless the hallow'd hand upreard to Applaud their Guardian Chief, and greet

consecrate. him o'er the tide.

“WhileLearning owns my renovated pile, On speeds the vessel with her well-earn'd

The classic pen thy labours shall engage; prize,

While th'envious litled Bard from Britaju's Till sudden calms arrest her stately sweep;


[assuage, Hush'd is the expanse of oceau, earth, and

Whose selfish spleen no Patriot cares skies,

Shall reap contempt from a discerning age. And a new firmament appears to sleep

Poets unborn thy honours shall proclaim, On the smooth mirror of the azure deep,

And Time, enrolling in bright History's The wave with splendour glowing as a flame;

page And while the crew a breathless silence

Pomfret and Arundel with Elgin's name, keep,

Shall give to thine alone, pre-eminence of As erst to sage Ulysses, Pallas came

fame." And cheerd her favour'd Scot, and prophe

sied his fame.
" Oh, Patron of my Arts, thrice bless'd

the hour,

[were giv'n; You say you're a string that will quickly When Athens' Sculptures to thy charge bring home

[to roam ; Trophies rever'd! thine be the envied pow'r "The man of your heart, should he venture To rear for Albion skill deriv'd from Heav'n, Yet, remember, all strings are expos'd to Tho'Vandal Turks with impious haud had mishap ;

(snap: riv'n

Those of harmony pull'd up too tightly will The mould'ring relicks of my hallow'd fane, But, believe me, I doubt not your talent And Time, with twice one thousand years,

[will; had striv'n

[ing stain: T'attach and retain, and to mould at your T'impress those marble heights with cank'r. The force of good humour and beauty Iknow, At length 'twas thine to save what Time And she that has these, has two strings to would spare in vain.

her Bow, * Broom-hall, the seat of Earl Elgin--the North front is lhe facade of the Par. thenon. + Duncan, Baird, Abercrombie, Graham, &c.

HISTO. Gent. Mag. May, 1813.

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result of it, avd returned him thapks in Ina Committee of the whole House, Lord the name of the Commons for bis heroic Palmerston stated that the Army Esti- exploits on that memorable day. mates for this year aniounted to twenty- The House having resolved itself into a nine millions sterling. He then went Committee on the Catholic Claims, Mr. through the different items, and pointed Grattan concluded a long speech by movout where there was an increase. The ad- ing the following Resolution: :-" That the ditional men would be found to be 12,141; House would take measures for restoring and 390,0001. the charge; in the embodied to the Catholics the privileges of the Conmilitia there was an increase of 17,0001. ; stitution; subject, however, to certain exin the miscellaneous charges there was ceptions, and under such regulations as an increase, for barracks, of 151,0001. ; might be deemed necessary to support the but there were several deductions, which Protestant Establishment in Cburch and would reduce the actual excess to about State. He added, that if this was agreed 80,000l. on the British, and 70001. on to, he should then move for leave to the Irish Establishment. The. Regimen- bring in a Bill; but he was not desirous of tal Establishment was higher this than precipitating the measure. He thought it was last year.

In the Commander that time ought to be given for the spirits in Chief's office, an increase in the Wi. to cool-ihat they should not legislate dows' Pensions of 12001, ; in the Fo- without consulting the feelings of the peoreign Corps an increase of 90,0001. ; in ple; and that in the mean time they should the Commissariat Department, on ac- repose upon the good sense of both count of the addition to the numbers, there countries, and not take any step that was an increase of expence amounting to should deprive the cause of the benefit of 39,0001. The recruiting service had been that good sense. extremely productive : the officers em- The Speaker said he was willing that the ployed being of approved ability and range of Catholic privileges should be exsome rank; the consequence was, that the tended in such a way, that all objects of ordinary recruiting had last year pro- honour, distinct from political power, duced 14,413 men; and it had for the last should be opened to them. He would lay three or four years increased to that open to them all Military situations, even amount from 9000. Last year, including the Staff appointments, with the exception, militia, we had added 24,270 men to the however, of the highest situation in the army by voluntary enlistment. It was profession, that of Commander in Chief in highly satisfactory to see the military ar- England, Scotland, and Ireland. He would dour of the country rise in proportion to likewise admit the Catholics to all the hothe circumstances of the tinjes. He con- nours of the Bar-protect the Soldier in the cluded by siating, that the wbole of the exercise of his religion in this countrymen obtained last year, including militia, and protect Mass-houses in the same manrecovered deserters, foreigners, and 400 ner as other places of worship; but, as Spaniards, might be taken at '39,762. long as the Roman Catholicks acknowledged The casualties he would reckon at 29,000. the foreign influence of the Pope, he could He then moved his first resolution for

not consent to arm them with political granting 6,000,0001. to the land forces; power.' which, after some discussion, in which Messrs. Ponsonby and Wilberforce, Sir Capt. Bennett, Messrs. Huskisson, Free- J. Cox Hippisley, Sir J. Neroport, and mantle, Creevey, and Whitbread, urged ob- Lords Dysart and Milton, spoke shortly in jections to many of the items, was carried; favour of the motion; as did Lord Castlé. as were the others subsequently.

reagh, reserving to himself the right of op

posing the Bill. House of LORDS, March 9.

Dr. Duigenan, in an elaborate speech, In a Committee on the Banbury Peer- contended that the concessions would be age, Lord Erskine spoke in reply for the altogether detrimental to the happiness claimant at considerable length. The and security of the Establishinent in Committee then divided for the Claimant Church and State, 13; against him 21.

Mr. Canning remarked that it had been

imputed,' as a novel mode of accusation, In the Commons, the same day, on that all the impracticable parts of the Sir Stapleton. Cotton taking his seat, the scheme had been abandoned; that alt its Speaker, in very handsome terins, com- attackable points had beeu removed, and .plimented the gallant General on having, that it was loaded with no convenient exat the battle of Salamanca, laid open tlie travagance. This absence of fault had road to the splendid victory that was the beca imputed to the plan as culpable,


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though he could not but think it highly Earls Bathurst and Liverpool replied. fortunate. One Learned Gentleman (Dr. The Earl of Aberdeen and Earl Darnley Duigenan) had indeed opposed the motion said a few words. On a division, the on the old grounds of its folly and madness; motion was negatived by 115 to 39. but he stood alone like a pillar in the midst of the ruins of that system of attack from

In the Commons the same day, in a which all others had fled.

Committee of the whole House, Mr. Dundas Mr. Bankes attempted to speak, but was moved the grant of 1,255,9631. for the overpowered by the cry of Question ! dock-yards, out-ports, and marines. Question! - On his sitting down, a divi- Mr. Creevey moved an amendment, that siou took place, when Mr. Grattau's Reso- the Salary of the Paymaster of the Marines lution was carried by 186 to 119.

ought to be omitted, which was negatived

by 56 to 35.-The estimates were agreed to. March 11.

Lord Castlereagh disavowed any kuows Lord Cochrane complained of the dif- ledge of the Manifesto of Louis XVIII. ficulty which many petty officers and sea

He admitted that proposals for a negomen, who had been invalided, met with to ciation for an exchange of prisoners had obtain their discharge. He mentioned two been made from France, but said that the cases where so large a sum as 801. and 901. terms were inadmissible. bad been given. He likewise observed that it was difficult to obtain relief for sea

House of LORDS, March 15. men from the fund at Greenwich Hospital. The Report of the Committee of Pria He thought a portion of the Droits of Ad- vileges on the Banbury Peerage being miralty might be applied for the relief of read, declaring that the claimant had not these men, and for the widows of Naval made good his claim, and the Duke of Officers. He would shortly bring in a Bill

Norfolk moving that the House agree with for restricting the time of Service in the the Committee, Lord Erskine said he would Navy.

enter his dissent on the Journals. A Committee was appointed, on the motion of Mr. Giddy, to examine the Acts

In the Commons, the same day, Mr. respecting Copy-right, and to report Whitbread, after strooy, censure of the whether any and what alterations are re- Morning Herald and Morning Post, for quisite to be made therein.

having first published the indecent and con. Mr. M. A. Taylor, after urging various

demned testimony taken on the inquiry objections against the creation of a Vice- against the Princess of Wales, inquired of Chancellor, the principal of which was, Lord Castlereagh, if any prosecution had that the Lord Chancellor would be too been instituted against Lady Douglas for much of a political officer, moved for the perjury; whether she had been examined, appointment of a Committee, to consider between the 12th Feb. and 5th March, as the propriety of relieving the Lord Chan- a credible witness; and whether any ina cellor from the cognizance of bankruptcy quiry or examination was going on. cases.

Lord Castlereagh said, the taunts of the Mr. Leach said, that these cases did not Hon. Gentleman should not provoke him occupy more than 36 days in a year, and it to answer. would not be right to go to the expence of a separate establishment for this

House of LORDS, March 16. purpose.

On a Petition from the City of London After some discussion, the motion was being presented, in favour of the East negatived without a division. The Vice- India Company's Charter, Lord Grenville Chancellor's Bill was read the third time declared that he approved the views of after a division, when the numbers were 127 Ministers in throwing the trade open, and to 89.

would support theni. Mr. Canning's Clause, that the office The Earl of Liverpool said the Resolutions should last seven years, was negatived by

would be submitted to the other House in a 145 to 114.

few days by Lord Castlereagh. House of Lords, March 12. Marquis Wellesley complained, in a very In the Commons, the sume day, the long and animated speech, of the little ad- Bill for compelling Manufacturers to envantages which had resulted from the grave their names on fire-arms was thrown victory of Salamanca ; contended that out, as an incipient attempt at monopoly, a reinforcement of 15,000 men, including by 78 to 18. 3000 cavalry, which it was practicable to

March 17. send out, would have brought the contest Mr. Whitbread presented a Petition to a favourable close ; and concluded by

from Sir John and Lady Douglas, requestmoving for a Committee of Inquiry. ing to be permitted to re-swear their depo

Earl Grey supported the motion, though sitions before such a tribunal as would subhe was not very sanguine in bis expecta. ject them to a prosecution if they proved tions respectiug the war in Spain,

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