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1813.] Beloe's “Anecdotes.The Author of Junius's Letters? 405 lye also two other coffins, supposed to the initial letters G. R. in a circle. containe the bodies of King Henry the But does it follow that this kind of Eight, and Jane Seymour, his wife.”

paper was manufactured for the sole J. HAWKER, Richmond Herald. use of Dr. Wilmot? It is true that

a nearly obliterated memorandum was Mr. URBAN,

May 10. discernible, that the writer had “ fiI

HAVE just seen a Catalogue of pished on such a day a Ju-s, and

Curious Books to be sold, be- seot it to Lord S-ne;" but to this longing to the late Mr. Alchorne, memorandum was subfixed the date which Catalogue also comprizes some March 17, 1767. Of the month and duplicates of a Nobleman's Library.

year I am certain ; of the day of the Among them are many very un- month I am not quite so sure. Now if cominon early printed books of the Ju-s meant Junius, the date is more fifteenth century, which are severally than twentymonthsprior to thewriter's described in notes subjoined to each, adopting that signature, as inay be with reference to Audiffredi, Braun, seen by a reference to vol. III. p. 190 Laire, and other eminent Bibliogra- of my edition of those Letters. With phers.

respect to Metellus's remark, that “the Now, Mr. Urban, it has struck me MSS. of Dr. Wilmot had been peras a little singular, that among these used by me, that I declared iny surreferences no mention is inade of Mr. prise at this discovery, equally acciBeloe, whose “ Anecdotes of Scarce dental and sulisfactory, but that I Books” are now before me. I find expressed no decided opinion upon the ibat our countryman has described subject ;" I can only inform nim, that each and all of these rare and curious he must have greatly mistaken Mrs. books with circumstantial minute. Serres' information upon this subject, ness; and, as it should seem, from as I told that Lady I was perfectly the use of many of these very copies convinced the hand-writing in the which are now exhibited for sale. Common Place Book, and the MSS. Could the Compiler of the Catalogue in my possession from Junius, were be ignorant of this fact? or could he not written by one urd the same perbe actuated by any undue motive in Having, Mr. Urban, as you suppressing it? Such, however, is inay readily imagine, very minutely the case; and in justice to Mr. Beloe studied the hand-writing of Junius, I it may be added, that I believe no

think I may, without vanity, venture uncommon book. was printed abroad to give an opinion upon the subject; in the fifteenth century, of import- though I am fully aware of the diffiance in any branch of classical learn- culty of deciding upon the identity of ing which has not been more the pepmanship. of persons with Jess particularly described in the whose hand-writings, from personal “Anecdotes of Literature,” &c. above. observation, I am unacquainted. mentioned. An Old CORRESPONDENT.

Your's, &c.

G. Woodfall. Mr. URBAN, Angel Court, Skinner Mr. URBAN,

May 12. Street, Muy 11. R. Wilmot was Curate of the paA CORRESPONDENT

in your last Magazine (p. 302), under am now Vicar, from the latter end of the signature of Metellus, has under the year 17'10 to the year 1777. taken to “ put to rest for ever the That he reguiarly attended avd oftivague conjectures of those who amuse ciated in person, appears from the themselves with guessing at Junius :"

entries in the parish registers, made how far be has succeeded in this at

in bis hand-writing, which, by the tempt, must be left to you and to your

way, as far as I can judge, bear no Readers to determine. It is true the resemblance to ival of Junius, pubCommon Place Book, shewn to me lished by Mr. Woodfall. This affords as Dr. Wilmot's, was made of paper at once so decisive a proof of the imwith the same water-mark as that possibility of his having written those used by Junius in a part of his corre- celebrated Letters, that I need not spondence with my Father, viz. a wound the feelings of his relatives by foolscap folio, having a figure of Bri- invidious inferences of another nature, tannia, and the motto Pro Patria on It is, however, but justice to state, . pue leaf; on the other, a Crown, with that inca of talents far superior to




Dr. Wilmot, might hope in vain to friends of an Officer of very distinbe thought the authors of those mas. guished talents, strength of mind, terly compositions. I can, in fact, and general knowledge. afford an explanation of the circum- A Work has lately appeared before stances which give a colour to the the publick, intituled, “ Facts tending pretensions of Dr. Wilmot. He was, to prove that Gen. Lee was never abperhaps, ambitious of literary dis- sent from this country for any length tinction, and wished to be thought of tinse during the years 1767,

8, 9, 10, the Author of Junius. Hence arose II, 12; and that he was the author of the remarks in his Diary or Common Junius.” It is edited by Dr.Girdlestone. Place Book. He there may have ex- If Mr. Woodfall is really ignorant tracted passages from Junius, and of the Author of Junius, we must nagiven those who read them after his turally suppose, from the many fruitdeath, without explanation, ground less inquiries that have been made, to think that these passages were his and the various contradictory acown composition. His having fi- counts presented to the publick, that nished a letter of Junius, and sent it the Writer of the Letters under the to Lord S-ne, proves nothing. He signature of Junius never made himmight have finished reading it, and self personally known to any indivisent it. He might have finished a dual whaisoever*. From whence then Jetter in imitation of Junius, with the are we to discover who he actually sigbature of Junius, and sent it to was? From no circuinstance whatLord S-ne. He might have done ever, except a comparison of handneither the one nor the other; but writings with the fac-simile of the have entered this memorandum for his Letters of Junius. In the book I own amusement, to mislead those into have alluded to, fac-similes of Gen. whose hands his Common Place Book Lee's hand-writing are given. I have might fall, or in whose way he might carefully compared them with those designedly intend to place it. And of Junius, published by Mr. Woodthat this was the case, few of your fall, and they most closely resemble readers will doubt, when I tell


each other. that I have just received a letter from Instead, then, of exarnining into my excellent mother, of whose sound the Library of a man whose “ asthma understanding I would rather my re- and numerous family have excluded vered friend Dr. Parr should speak him froin society for many years," I than myself, in which she says, that should recommend your Correspondshe very well recollects Dr. Wilmot ents, and the Literati, to search for saying to her, about the time that intelligence from the only remaining the Letters of Junius were published, son of the bosom friend of Gen. Lee, " they say that I am the Author of the Rev. Robert Davers, of Bradthem." Will any man of common field, near Bury, in Suffolk, or in sense believe that the real Junius the Libraries of Lord Suflicld and would have said this? I remain, Mr. Sir Charles Bunbury.

P. Urban, your sincere well-wisher, and constant reader, S. BUTLER. Mr. URBAN,

April 10.

EING last year at Winchester, I Mr. URBAN,

May 13 I

HAVE read, in your Magazine for' of the College founded there by that

March 1813, a letter by a Corre- munificent Patron of Learning Wilspordent, signing himself “ Philo. LIAM or WYKEHAM. In this Library Junius.” If this gentleman has any there are many books deserving of knowledge of the elegant writer who the attention of the learned and the wrote in the Public Advertiser under curious. Amongst them I noticed, in that name, he has wilfully attempted particular,the three following, namely, to mislead you and the Readers of

1499. your Work. The Letters of Junius were far from

Vocabuloru' Directorio

Sententiaru' being studied in their composition;

Glosa i'ter

Artis Comice they have the characteristic stamp Terenti' in' lineali throughout of the ideas, language,

Donato and writings, of a disa ppointed mili

Come'tariis Guidone tary man; and eventually they will

Ascensio be acknowledged as such by the * See this Month's Review, p. 459. Edit.



66 1509.

Impressum in imperiali ac libera vrbe

reponendam, dedit Argentina per Joannem Gruninger. Ad Nathaniel. Atcheson, armiger, illam forma' vt intuenti iocundior atq' in

de Keyhaven, in comitatu tellectu facilior esset per Joannem Cur

Hantoniensi : tum ex Escrspach redactum. Anno a

quo tempore natiuitate d'ni 1499. Tertio ydus Feb

istius Collegii Custos fuit ruarii." fol.

venerandus in Deo Pater This edition is illustrated with some Georgius Isaacus Glocestriæ Episcopus, very curious cuts.

vir tam ob mansuetudinem

inorum ac facilitatem valdè dilectus, “ Accipe, Studiosè Lector, P. Ouidii quàm ob puram animi pietatem, Metamorphosin cu' luculentissimis Ra

vitæ sanctitatem, et phaelis Regii enarrationibus : quibus plu

interiores in eo reconditasque literas, rima ascripta sunt : que in Exempla

admodum sanè reverendus : ribus antea impressis non inueniuntur.

Magisterium ibidem exercente Que sint rogas : Inter legenduin facile Henrico Dyson Gabell, Clerico, A. M. tibi occurrent. Cum gratia et privilegio. cujus à doctrinæ humanitatisque studio, “ Ad lectorem.

perfecta eruditione, sand quidem, et Siquid forte litterar' immutatione, trans

perspicuâ intelligentia, publicam positione, inuersione, appositione, omis

Britannicæ juventutis sione aliaue deprauatio'e offenderis, stu

institutionem antiquis in his disciplinæ diose lector, id correctionis difficultati

ascribas rogat Georgius de Rusconibus hocque jam claro scientiæ
Mediolane’sis, cujus industria Raphael

domicilio, clariorem reddi atque Regius i' hoc opere describendo usus est.

utiliorem omnino necesse est. Venetiis principe felicis. Leonardo Lau

A.D. 1811." redu'o die ii Maii M. D. IX." fol.

There are many objects in and This edition is likewise illustrated about Winchester worthy of observawith cuts.

tion, which cannot fail to excite the 1473.

most pleasing reflections in the “ Sermones Quadragesimales de legi- minds of all well-informed and intel. bus fratris Leona’di d Utino sacre theo- ligeut travellers. But none of them logie doctoris, ordinis predicatorum. are more deserving of their attention

Impressi sunt hii sermones Venetiis, than this most nobleEndowment, which per Fra'ciscu'd Hailbrun. & Nicolau'd continues to maintain its rank for Frackfordia, socios. Laus deo. M. learning, ability, and morality, with CCCC. LXXiii.” Goth. fol.

undiminished character and reputaThe last-mentioned book was pre- tion, not only to the advancement sented, with some others, to the Li

of the honour of ITS ILLUSTRIOUS brary by Mr. Atcheson in 1811. It

FOUNDER, " who, besides his high is in high preservation, and one of station and great abilities in public the most perfect Black Letter books affairs, was an eminent example of I have seen. This edition is not no

generosity and munificence*, but ticed in De Bure: he mentions a

to the lasting benefit and improvesubsequent one, but not in the Black

ment of the youths educated on its Letter, printed at Paris in 1478. See


LONDINENSIS. his Bibliographie, vol. I. p. 326, art. 513, tit. Theologie.

Mr. URBAN, Leamington, May 12. Amoogst the other books presented

AVING been induced to try the by Mr. Atcheson, I observed the Life of Mr. Pitt, in three volumes, with pleasure add my testimony to quarto, very superbly bound in Rus

the recommendations of your Corresia, with the following inscription spondent, in p. 511 of the First Part beautifully printed on embossed paper, and pasted within the cover of become the resort of fashion and ele

of your last Volume.-- The Spa is the first volume:

gance. The delightful retirement it sempiternam memoriam conservandum, its accommodations, the fine rides in

affords, the variety and excellence of diuturnumque renovandum desiderium, illustrissimi, integerrimi, et

its environs, and the spirited exer

tions of its inhabitants to procure in patriam ardentis amore senatoris GULIELMI Pitt,

every luxury, as well as convenience, hancce

* See Bishop Lowth's Life of William rerum publicè ab eo gestarum Historiam, of Wykeham, which is one of the most

auctore Johanne Gifford, armigero, beautiful specimens of biographical comdono in Bibliotheca Collegii Wintoniensis osition extant.


H ,


: for

for their visitors, entitle it to the most potash (or potass”) and sugar,or some particular attention of the publick. Other combustible substance, as camIn addition to Mr. Bissel's Picture phor, sulphur, &c. My sole object Gallery, that gentleman has now re- in sending you this notice is, to caumoved hither his much-admired Mu- tion your Readers against employing seum from Birmingham. On the effi- this inethod of procuring a light cacy and high estimation of the Wa- wbile in bed, for it must be extremely ters I forbear enlarging, as I hear there dangerous. I have already heard of is now in the press a poetical guide, by several accidents with these matches. Miss Sarah Medley, to which will be one person had the acid driven out annexed several of the most remark- of the bottle by an explosion, which able and well-authenticated cures oh- was occasioned by his rubbing the tained by the use of this Spa, and the match against the sides of the bottle, names of many eminentPhysicians who it was supposed, in introducing it. have analysed the Waters, and given The acid so driven out inflamed a their mosť decided testimony in their heap of the matches which were just favour. The New Pump-room is at hand, to the no small pain and terbuilt upon an extensive and most su- ror of the operator. A much preferperb plan, and has cost the proprie able apparatus for producing a light, tors 15,0001. The Assembly Room is but certainly much more expensive, spacious and elegant; 90001. has been is sold by Banks, 441, Strand. It expended on its erection. The num- consists of a handsome box, lined ber, cheapness, and plentiful supply of with copper, containing hidrogen the Hot Baths is not surpassed in any gas, confined by water. Op turning other part of the Kingdom. Hygeia. a cock, a stream of the gas issues from

it, and is inflamed at the same moMr. URBAN,

May 14.

ment by an electrical spark proceedΑΝ N apparatus, superior to phos- ing from an electrophoros placed at

phorus bottles," for producing the bottom of the box: a candle or instantaneous light, is daily advertised lamp is placed before the flame, by in' the London papers. It consists of which it is immediately lighted. The matches, which are to be thrust singly cock must then be turned back to into a small bottle; and this opera- prevent an unnecessary consumption tion is all that is necessary to inflame of the gas. The process for replethem. According to Dr. T. Thomson nishing the box with the gas is cheap (Annals of Philosophy, &c. for April and easy, and is but seldom required. 1813), the bottle contains sulphuric This apparatus would save the exacid, and the matches are covered, pence of a constant light in a bedat one end, with a mixture of a salt chamber, and might be used with percalled by chemists the oximuriate of fect safety.

E. M. MeteoROLOGICAL Table for May, 1813. By W. CARY, Strand. Height of Fahrenheit's Thermometer. Height of Fahrenheit's Thermometer.

[merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][ocr errors][ocr errors][ocr errors][ocr errors]

Apr. 27 28 29 30 M.1

2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11

[ocr errors]

45 40 40 39 44. 47 52 57 56 49 56 57

50 45 45 48 50 54 64 63 66

40 29, 65 rain
40 ,50 rain

65 cloudy
40 65 rain
45 67 rain
50 82 cloudy
55 ,86 fair

98 showery
55 98 fair /even.
56 92 fair, light?.
57 ,78 fair thun.
50 67 fair

,68 cloudy
54 ,88 showery

,76 showery

12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26

57 56 58 57 56 55 48 55 56 55 46 50 51 54 52

[ocr errors]

55 29, 68 fair
55 ,68 fair
50 ,51 fair

,60 showery

,50 stormy 5.1

88 showery 52 ,77 rain 56 , 75 fair 50 ,45 showery 44 ,56 hail storms 50

,,54 stormy
54 ,52 showery

,49 showery
50 ,72 Thail and


64 60 59 63 55 64 61 50 56 62 59 61 56

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, 70 fair

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