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made prisoner. There is no report of the

whom he instructed to enter into a nego surrender of Pilla!). On the 13th Jan. ciation with that General. - On the 30th the Emperor crossed the Niemen near Dec. Lieut.-gen. d’Yurk signed an agreeMoretz, amid the acclamations of his ment to remain neutral with the troops brave troops, and has continued to march, under his command, cousisting of 30 bat

with a division of his army, in a western talions of infantry, and 6 squadrons of ..direction. throngh Berjuiki, Krasnople, cavalry, with 50 pieces of artillery. By

and Subalki to Likue, whence the last dis. this means Macdonald bas not more than patches are dated. Generals Milarado about 5000 mén of all descriptions with vitch and Docteroff, with the troops which him, and 20 pieces of artillery. - Adjacrossed the frontier at Grodno, move in a

tant-general Wassekchekow reports, on line parallel to that of the Emperor, on

the 31st Dec, that the Austrian troops conbis left, and General Sachen's column is tinue their retreat, having divided themstill further to the left. There are also selves into three columns, and directed intermediate corps to keep up the com- their march towards Warsaw, and that he munication between each of these co- is at Mensbenin with his detachment. Jumns. -The Austrians remained on the

Count Platoff continues his march towards Bug, probably with a view to create a di- losterburg, with the Don Cossacks." version in favour of the army retiring up.

Jan. 5. General Count Wittgenstein reon Dantzic, as long as their own line of ports under date Jan. 3, that when the retreat. may remain open. Graudentz Prussian troops, 18,000.men strong, with has a Prussian garrison. — The Russians 60 pièces of aitillery, were obliged to have uniformly been received by the in- conclude the agreement of becoming neuhabitants of the Prussian dominions as tral, Macdonald finding himself Sepafriends and deliverers, of which there is rated from the Prussjans, deterın ned on ample testimony in all private letters from making a speedy retreat with the remainthe army, as well as in public reports. der of his troops. The cavalry pursued

The retreat of the French through Prus. him vigorously, and on the first day took sia has, like that from Moscow, been

several officers and about 800 men of the marked by the abandonment of maga- lower ranks prisoners. Comt Wittgenzines, tumbrils, and other stores. - Bere stein having in the mean while obtained thier, Victor, Macdonald, Daru, and intelligence that the Enemy's troops which Beauharnois, are named among the Ge- had been in Dantzick, were marching to nerals who are gone to Danızic. The Taplaken and Wehlaw, probably with precise force in that place does not ap- intent to strengthen Macdonald, or to copear to be clearly ascertained; but cans ver his, retreat, he turned with his corps pot easily be estimated at more than half against them, and Lieut.-gen. Count Stenthe number of an adequate garrison. The heil was, on Jan. 3, already in Taplaken intercepted courier from Buonaparte to

and Weblaw. He likewise sent a strong Berthier, is said to have carried orders to party of cavalry into the low country becomplete the provisions of Danizic for a hiud Konigsberg, and towards Elbing, for long siege. The service ipon the Vistula the purpose of depriviog the enemy of appears to have been very ably performed, all means of collecting provisions, as acand I have enclosed a copy of the thanks cording to accounts received, there is. that have been given to General Count driving in corn of different kinds. Adm. Platoff, and the officers and troops under Tschitschagow states that on Jan. 3, his his command, in general orders. The in- headmost troops under Count Platoff, enteose cold has continued, and the marches tered into Insterburg; Lieut.-gen, l'schap. of all the colu have been long and se- litz van-guard entered Gumbinnen ; and vore. I have, &c.

CATHCART. Major-gen. Count Woronzow marched jo

to Memersdorf. The Lieut.-gen. informs Field Marshal Prince Kutousoff Smo- that Major-gen. Count. Oruk was op bis lensko has laid before his Majesty the entrance into the village of Stalupenen, Continuation of the Operations at War, received by the inhabitants with undis from the 4th to the 10th Jan. (N. S.) sembled joy and transport ; they all una

“ The 4th Jan. Count Wittgenstein re- nimously exclaimed, “ May the Emperor ports under date 31st Dec. that in the di Alexander be the protector of the innocent section which he had taken towards Prus. suffering Nation, and went to work pia, to act against the corps of Marshal to procure provisions and forage for our Macdonald, he had overcome all the diffi- troops. culties in his way on the country roads, Jan. 6. Adj. gen.Wasseltchekow reports and came up with the enemy at Tilsit. under date Jan. 2, that according to cerHe immediately surrounded Macdonald's tain intelligence obtained from the inbatroops of the van with bis cavalry, and se

bitants, the whole French army has passed parated him from the Prussian troops through Insterburg on its retreat: there under the command of General d'York, was not at that time left of the whole by the detachmentos Major-gen. Deibitsch, French Guards, more than 1500 men.



Jan. 9. General Count Wittgenstein the Enemy who bas dared to transgress its reports, under date Jan. 7, in comple- limits.” This prophecy is fulfilled : the tion of his former statement, concerning only traces of the Enemy which are yet the taking of the city of Konigsberg, perceptible, are his bones spread over the that the Enemy were driven out of that fields from Moscow to the frontiers. city by the four regiments of Cossacks, Wilna, Jan. 11. The Emperor Alexanunder the command of Col. Riedeger. derdeparted from this place on the 7th inst.: They had observed the Enemy's move- the preceding day he issued the Proclamameuts from the commencement of the tion to his troops already inserted in p. 274. evening, aud, notwithstanding the dark- The Commander-in-chief of the Armies, ness of the night, touk advantage of every Marshal Prince Kutousoff Smolensko, bas step he made for his retreat. On the 4th reported as follows to his Imperial MaJan. at two o'clock after midnight, Col. jesty, from his head-quarters, Orany, Riedeger, with the Cossacks before men- 28th Dec. (9th Jan.) : tioned, pushed vigorously forward, and, “ Konigsberg, the antient capital of after an obstinate fire of musketry, entered Prussia, is subject to your Imperial Ma. on the enemy's shoulders into the City, jesty. This vast city was captured on the in which about 1300 men were made pri- 25th Dec. (6th Jan.) by Count Wittgensoners. The celerity with which our troops stein's advanced guard, under the orders forced their way into the city, obliged the of Major-gen. Schepiliff. Marshal MacEneiny, besides this, to leave about 8000 donald occupied the town with a Corps of his exhausted troops behind him, and d'Armee, composed of the old French to sink about 30 pieces of artillery, with guards, and some troops who had escaped the cartridge boxes, which belonged to the the general destruction of the Enemy's besieging train that was in Courland, and grand army. - The wreck of his partiwhich the inhabitants are now employed cular corps, constituting part of this total, in getting out. After taking possession of was reduced to 2,500 men; after the Prusthe city, Col. Riedeger again set out with sians separated from them, there remainthe aforesaid cavalry, without making the ed to him in all but about 7000 men. least delay, in pursuit of the enemy. In the approach of the advanced-guard, whicla the course of our pursuit of the Enemy briskly pursued, the Enemy, without from Tilsit to Konigsberg, and after taking halting, passed by Konigsberg, and abanpossession of the city, he has lost 51 pieces doned it to Major-gen. Schepiliff, who enof cannon in the whole. - Adj.-gen. Was- tered it without meeting any resistance. seltchekow states, under date Jan. 5, that This astonishing facility in giving up the the Austrian troops, after strengthening possession of this city is a consequence of their advanced posts, had drawn themselves. the victories with which the arms of your towards Warsaw. - The Report of the Imperial Majesty have been crowned du. military operations, from the 30th Dec. ring the last two months. Macdonald's to Jan. 4, transmitted by the Prince Smo- corps is pursued by Wittgenstein's and lensko, contains, amidst some unimportant l'schichagoff's army, by diagonal routes." matter, the following passages :

Another Report, dated Meretsck, Jan. Our troops entered Memel, on the 27th 10, says: Dec. We there found 200 sick, and I have the happiness of most submis. about 100 of our prisoners. We seized sively informing your Imperial Majesty, on three, armed sloops of the French flow that previously to our taking possession of tilla, aud in the harbour we likewise took the city of Konigsberg, the van-guard of six sloops belonging to the Prussian flo- Gen. Count Wittgensteiu, under the como tilla, wiih 30 guns ; 31 vessels belonging mand of Major-gen. Schepiliff, while conto different nations; and a considerable tinuing to pursue the Enemy from Tilsit, quantity of colonial produce, imported by came up with him on the 23d inst. (Jan. 4.) the French. In the town was found five near Labraw. The Enemy bad here taken pieces of cannon, &c. The magazines a very advantagenus position, and the en. contain large quantities of all kinds of gagement, in wbich they lost three cancorn and of brandy. The head-quarters non, and about 300 men of the lower rank, of his Imperial Majesty, and of the Mar- continued half a day. After that, the shal, continue to be for some time past at Enemy was completely beaten. He comWilna. Thus there no longer remains an menced his retreat to Konigsberg. MajorEnemy in the whole extent of the fron- gen. Schepiliff seized on this opportūnity, tiers of Russia, and all the former Polish and drove the Enemy six German miles provinces at this present time under sub- before him, and forced himself into Kojection to the Russian sceptre, are eva- nigsberg, on their shoulders, wbich was cuated by the foreign troops. The Anoint.. taken possession of by our troops at two ed of the Lord has without doubt said by o'clock A. M. Dec. 25, (Jan. 6); 1300 inspiration, “I will not lay down my arms men were made prisoners in the city itself. until I have driven froin the Russian soil The Enemy retreated with such baste, Gent. Mag. April, 1813,

that under


that he threw 36 pieces of cannon, with the Enemy towards Neunburg, where the the cartridge boxes, into the river, and latter had a most advantageous position ; left behind him 8000 men, who were wea- he, therefore, sent out a corps of Cosried out, and who were made prisoners by sacks, in order to get into his rear, and our troops. Very considerable quantities to occupy the roads from Neunburg to of provisions and forage have fallen into Graudentz, Bromberg, and Tuchel, and our hands at Konigsberg. The guns which by this movement he forced the enemy to were thrown into the water are of the same retreat. Thus your Imperial Majesty's number of those which were in Courland, troops entered, on the 13th Jan. Marienand are now drawn out again by the inha- berg, the first town on the left bank of the bilants. This success, although of so Vistula.“ much consequence, has nevertheless not The Commander-in-chief of the ardetained Major-gen. Schepiliff in the fur. mies, Field Marshal Gen. Prince Kutouther pursuit of the Enemy. Gen. Count soff of Smolensko, has, on the 13th Jan. Wittgenstein attributes it to the wise mea- of this year, transmitted to his Imperial sures of Gen. Schepiliff, his dispatch, and Majesty the following report from his headdetermined bravery."

quarters, at the village of Meretsck: Report from Prince Smolensko to his Impe- “ In all accounts received from the arrial Majesty,

Dated Head-quarlers, my, statements have been given of the (Lych), 6 (18) January.

extraordinary great losses sustained by * Ada. Tchichay, ff reports to me, that the French army within the borders of on the 2d (14th) January, the Enemy was Russia in the course of the present camdriven behind the river Nogat, and that paign. Such publications may at times Elbing, Marienberg, and Marienwerder, appear to be exaggerated, or inserted were taken by your Imperial Majesty's through partiality; but in confirmation of troops. - Count Platoff still pursues the them, the original report on the condition Enemy on the road from Marienberg 10- of even the French regiments of the guards, wards Dantzic. In the mean time Lieut.- which has lately fallen into the hands of s gen. Schepiliff has crossed the Nogat, near the General of Cavalry Count WittgenSommerau, and molests the Enemy on stein, since the expulsion of the French that side. The Enemy left behind him over our borders, is laid before your Imseven pieces of ordnance, in the road perial Majesty, from which it clearly apfrom Truentz to Damerau. As soon as pears, that the confession of the Ene. I shell obtain a more particular account my himself, shews his own ruin in a still of this, I shall have the honour to report more dreadful light, and serves as a subit to your Imperial Majesty."

stantial proof of the total destruction of bis Report from the same to the same,

Jan. 7(19.) army, as likewise of every thing else that *. I have the honour to report, most has before been made public." humbly, that after the taking of Elbing on [This Gazette likewise announces the the 31st Dec. (Jap. 12), the Enemy was capture of the American schooner privateer driven from Marienberg. Near Dushau Thrasher, of 14 guns and 80 men, by the be attempted to keep possession of a lete Magicienne, Capt. Gordon, to the East of du pont, but being also defeated there, be

St. Mary's.] commenced his retreat in two columns, in the direction of Daulzic and Stargard. Admiralty-office, March 2. A letter from Count Platoff continues to pursue him Capt. Chetham, of the Hamadryad frigate, conjointly with the corps of Lieut.-gen. states, that at seven o'clock the 5th Jan. Schepiliff. Near Marieuberg we took up- seven miles from Beachey Head, a French wards of 300 prisoners ; and in Dushau lugger privateer came out from under the above 200, together with a considerable laud, and fired at the Hamadryad, which number of muskeis. - 'The Enemy left iu vessel, waving got her under her lee guns, the hospitals of Marienberg 40 s.fficers, and returned the fire ; from the privateer's ob726 rank and file. The tirst day of this stinate endeavours to escape, she sunk át year (O. S.) was crowned with a double half past nine, without any possibility of success. The Adj.-gep. of your Imperial Capt. Chethan's saving any of the crew. Majesty, Cherniskoff, arrived on the 30th A letter from Capt. Galway, of the Dec. (Jan. 11), in the neighbourhood of Dryad, announces the destruction of a Marienwerder; the following day he at- French brig of war of 22 guns, which, to tacked the Enemy at day-break, and drove escape capture by the Dryad, run on the him fyom liis positions with so much suc- rocks between Belle Isle and the Isle Dieu, sess, that he took one general and some on the 23d Dec. and went to pieces. The officers, and upwards of 200 rank aud file, Enemy's batteries hulled the Dryad three and also 15 pieces of ordnance that were times. on the tete du pont.---- The Enemy was March 6. This Gazette contains a dise' obliged to leave iu Marienwerder consi- patch from Sir George Prevost, dated derable magazines and hospitals. After Chambly, Nov. 21, giving an account of this-succins, Adj.-gen, Cherniskofl' crossed the attack on Port_Kingston, by the whole the Vistula, and continued thic pursuit of of the American naval force on the Lakes,

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pader Commodore Charles, having failed. Leut.-col. Harrison to Lieut.-gen. Sit Also a dispatch from Major-gen. Sheaff, Rowland Hill, dated Bejar, Feb. 20. dated Chippawa, Nov. 30, giving an ac- “ Johave the honour to inform you, that count of the attack on the batteries oppo. this morning a little before break of day, șite the Black Rock; and another dis- our picquets were attacked, and after patch from Col. Bishopp, on the same some brisk firing, were obliged to retire ;' subject, dated Frenchman's Creek, near but being reinforced hy some companies Fort Erie, Dec. 1. The substance of of the 50th, and of the 6th Caçadores, to these dispatches has been already before whom I am greatly indebted for the assiste the publick. Sir G. Prevost, however, ance which they lent on this occasion the further notices, that the Enemy, since the Enemy were repulsed. -- I beg leave to advance to Champlain, had made several mention Capt. Moraes, of the 6th Caça.. reconnoissances, and in particular one on dores, who particularly distinguished him. the night of the 19th Nov, with a detach- self in checking the progress of the Ene. ment of cavalry, and a body of 1000 in- my's march, and was slightly wounded. fantry; but, falling in with a body of voy- I have every reason to be satisfied with agers and Indians, they got into confu- the good conduct of the officers and sol. şion, fired upon one another, and dis- diers of the 50th regiment, and 6th Caçapersed. The following Officers were dores, which compuse the garrison of wounded at Fort Erie : Lieut. King, R. A. this place.” severely, and taken prisoner ; 49th foot, [This Gazette contains a copy of a dis. Lieut. Lamont, severely; Ist Norfolk, patch from Lord Cathcart, dated St. Peiers. Capt. Bostwick, slightly, and Lieut. Ro- burgh, Feb. 6. The first part is mimgerson, severely.

portant ; the concluding exiract, as it rea Admiralty-office, March 6. A letter from lates to Dantzic and the Prussian fortresses, Capto Robb, "of the Apelles sloop, an- may be deemed of some interest.] nounces the capture, in lat. 57 deg. 10 " The advanced corps on the right, min. N. long. 5 deg. 30 min. E. on the 18th which drove the Enemy from Marienult. of the French privateer Le Ravisseur, bonrg, Elbing, and Dorschau, have conpf 11 guns and 51 men, out from · Dun- ținued their operations, and have invested kirk twelve days without making any cap. Dantzic, General Connt Platoff's headture. The prize was destioed to cruise off quarters being within a few Evglish miles Flamborough Head.

of that city, in a Western direction. Ge

neral Count Wittgenstein bas resumed the Foreign-office, March 16. Dispatch re- command of the right column; and as

ceived by Viscount Castlereagh, from part, at least, of the ordnance intended the Marquis of Wellington, dated Head for the siege of Riga has been secured, it quarters, Frenada, Feb. 24.

is very probable his usual success' may “ Since the Enemy retired across the attend him in reducing Dantzic. - Count Tormes, as I stated in my last dispatch Michael Woronzow has succeeded in tak. to your Lordship, and his troops teft their ing po:session of Bromberg, with its valu. cantonments, those of the Upper Tormes able magazines on the left bank of the again joined on the 19th inst. in Piedral. Vistula, between Thorn and Graudeniz; fita, Congosto, El Bario, and Avila, and and Admiral Tchichagoff is moving in thai . on the morning of the 20th a corps of near direction, with the remainder of the force 1500' infantry and 100 horse, under the under his command. The garrison of command of the General of Division Foy, Graudentz is exclusively Prussiau, and it endeavoured to surprise and attack the appears by these reports, that, upon the post of Bejar, occupied by Sir R. Hill, next movement of the head-quarters, every with the 50th reg. and 6th Portuguese Ca- thing upon the right bank of the Vistula çadores, which were under the command will be in the occupation of the Russian of Lieut.-col. Harrison, of the 50th reg. forces, except the garrisons of Graudentz The surprise did not succeed, and the and Thorn, no inention being made of any Enemy were repulsed with loss, being garrison left by the Enemy at any other pursued to some distance by the 6th Caça- post on the Vistula.” dores, conimanded by Major Mitchel. [This Gazette contains his Majesty's enclose Lieut.-col. Harrison's letter, by permission, to Sir Stapleton Cotton, Siç which your Lordship will perceive tbat the C. Stuart, Generals Pack and Wilson, Colonel mentions the good conduct of the Lord A. Sonierset, Sir R. Fletcher, Sir F. 50th regiment and 6th Caçadores. - The S. Beckwith, and Colonels Arbuthnot, Enemy lately united in Benavente nearly Hill, Williams, and Way, to wear the 5 or 600 men, from their garrisons on the jusignia of the Portuguese Order of the Douro, and last week made an excursion Tower and Sword; also to R. Hall, esq. beyond the Esla, towards the part of who is in his Sicilian Majesty's service, to Puibla de Sanobria. I have no infor- wear the Order of St. Ferdinand and mation of the Enemy's having made any Merit.) other movement,"


March 20. This Gazette contains two her up to the crew, and proceed themselves Jetters from the Hon. Captain Blackwood, to sea to intercept our homeward-bound dated 12th and 14th inst. the first, reporting trade. Conceiving that if I cruised off the the capture of the American letter of Isles de Loss (in the event of their not marque, Wm. Bayard, of 4 guns and 30 having left them), I might be enabled to men, by the Warspite and Pheasant; fall in with any of his Majesty's ships that the latter, the capture of the Cannonier might be coming down the coast, and also American letter of marque, of 8 guns and protect the vessels bound to Sierra Leone, 28 men, by the Warspite. Also by the of which I had received intelligence, I Warspite, the brig Mars, 178 tons, from prepared to weigh, when a cartel arrived Baltimore to Bourdeaux; the schooner from the island with the master and boat's Pert, 104 tons, from Bourdeaux to Phila- crew of the Daring, and the master and delphia ; and the ship Charlotte, 360 tons, crew of another vessel they had taken, from Charlestown to Bourdeaux. . 'The whose accounts corroborating Lieutenant Gazette also contains a letter from Sir J. Pascoe's report, 1 left Sierra Leone river, B. Warren, with four enclosures, the 1st and worked up to the islands. Standing in from Capt. J. P. Beresford, of the Poic- at daylight on the 6th ult. towards the istiers, dated Jan. 9, reporting the capture land of Tamara, we joined the Princess of the American privateer High-flyer, of Charlotte Government schooner, who in5 guns and 72 men; the 2d dated Jan. 17, formed me one of the frigates was at anfrom Capt. Lumley, of the Narcissus, chor at a considerable distance to the mentioning the capture of the American Northward from the other, which was apbrig of war Viper, of 12 guns and 93 men; parently unloading the prize. I dispatched the 3d from Capt. Kippen, of the Peru- the schooner to Sierra Leone, to leave divian, mentioning the capture of the Ame- rections to any ships that might arrive, to rican privateer ship John, of 16 guns and repair to me. Having neared the island 100 men ; the 4th from Capt. Burdett, of in the evening, the frigate to the Northward the Maidstone, dated Lyn-Haven-Bay, weigbed, and stood out to sea; the other Chesapeake, reporting that the boats of frigate had signals fying, and being obhis squadron, under the orders of Lieut. served at sunset with her topsails hoisted, Nazen, had captured, by boarding, sword I stood off for the night; and the next in band, under a heavy fire from the Ene- morning one of the frigates (I believe my, and after an obstinate resistance, the L'Arethuse) was just visible from the deck American armed schooner Lottery, of - it was then calm; on a breeze spring6 guns and 28 men, 210 tons,' laden with ing up about noon, she stood towards us. coffee, sugar, and logwood.

As I had hopes of drawing her from her

consort, we continued standing out to sea Admiralty-office, March 23. A letter from till suoseț, when, not perceiving the other

the Hon. Capt. Irby, of his Majesty's ship from the mast-head, and the breeze ship Amelia, to J. W. Croker, esq. da. failing, we shortened sail, wore and stood ted Spithead 22d inst.

towards her. A little after seven, the Sir, I beg leave to acquaint you, for Enemy observing us near hiin, tacked, the information of the Right Honourable and hoisted his colours. At 45 minutes the Lords Commissioners of the Admi. past seven P. M. being within pistol shot ralty, that when I was about to quit Si- of his weather bow, both ships cominenced erra Leone River for England, in his Ma- firing nearly at the same time, which , jesty's ship under my command, on the continued (remaining nearly in the same 29th January, Lieutenant Pascoe arrived situation) uhtil twenty-one minutes past there with the chief part of the crew of eleven, when she bore up, having the adbis Majesty's gun-brig Daring, he having vantage of being able so to do, leaving us been obliged to run his vessel on shore, in an ungovernable state, with our sails, and blow her up at Tamara, (one of the standing and running rigging cut to pieces, Isles de Loss) in consequence of having and masts injured. During the action we been chased by a French frigate, in com- twice fell on board the Enemy, in atpany with two other ships, apparently tempting to thwart his hawse, when he frigates : he reported having left them at attempted to board, but was repulsed by anchor off the islands on the 27th. I im- the marines (which were commanded by mediately dispatched Lieutenant Pascoe Lieut. Simpson) and the boarders. Though in a small schooner to reconuoitre the I most sincerely lament the numerous list Enemy (he having volunteered his ser- of killed and wounded, wbich amounted vices), and on the 3d February be re- to 141 ; yet it is the greatest consolation turued, having ascertained their force to in reflecting, that we were never once exbe two frigates of the largest class (L'Are- posed to a raking shot, or the slightest thuse and Le Rubis), and a Portuguese accident occurred; all fell by fair fighting. ship, their prize; that they had nearly It is with the most poignant regret I completed their water; and after unload- have to mention the names of the Senior ing the Portuguese ship, intended to give and Secoud Lieutenants, John James Bate,


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