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For what Place.

In the Room of

On what Account.


25 Clonmines
26 Cork, city
27 | Dingle-Icouch
29 Donegal, borough
30 | Doneraile
31 Duleek
32 Dungannon
53 | Dunleer
34 | Ennis
35 Enniscorthy
37 | Enniskillen
38 | Fethard
39 Fore
40 Galway, county
41 Gowran
42 Granard
43 Hillsborough

Henry Luttrell, Esq.

Escbeator of Ulster
Mountiford Longfield, Esq.

Commissioner of the Revenue
William Monsell, Esq.

Escheator of Ulster
Rt. Hon. Lodge Morres

Lord Baron Frankfort
Colonel Hugh O'Donnel

Hon. Barry Boyle St. Leger

Escheator of Ulster
Ch. Mont. Ormsby, Esq.

Commissioner of Barracks
Rich. Fortes. Sharkey, Esq.

Escheator of Munster
Henry Coddington, Esq.

Escheator of Munster
J. Ormsby Vandeleur, Esq.

Commissioner of the Revenue
Robert Cornwall, Esq.

Commissioner of Barracks
Thomas Whaley, Esq.

Escheator of Munster
Hon. Col. Galbraith Lowry Cole

Gentleman at Large to the Lord Lieutenant
George H. Read, Esq.

Port Surveyor of Wexford
Sir John Tydd, Bart.

Escheator of Munster
Joseph Henry Blake, Esq.

Lord Baron Wallscourt
George Bunbury, Esq.

Escheator of Ulster
Geo. Fulke Lyttleton, Esq.

Escheator of Munster
Wm. Montgomery, Esq.

Robert Johnson, Esq.

Escheator of Ulster
Hon. Robert Taylor

Escheator of Munster
Maurice Fitzgerald, Esq.

Commissioner of the Revenue
Sir Fran. Hopkins, 3art.

Escheator of Munster
Hans Blackwood, Esq.

Escheator of Munster
Sir George Shee, Bart.

Secretary to the Commissioners of the Treasury
Right Hon. Sir Hercules Langrishe, Bart. Escheator of Munster
Thomas Staples, Esq.

Escheator of Ulster
Richard Martin, Esq.

Gentleman at large to the Lord Lieutenant
Rt. Hon. Thos. Conolly

Escheator of Munster Hon. Edw. Packenham

Gentleman at large to the Lord Lieutenant General Eyre Coote

Escheator of Munster

Jan. 15
Aug. 2
Jan. 15
Jan. 15
July 18
Feb. 5
July 15
June 21
Jan. 18
Jan. 15
Feb, 3
Aug. 1
March 28
Jan. 15
Jan. 20
Jan. 15
Feb. 13
Jan. 15.
March 10
April 12
Aug. 1
May 8
March 28
Jan. 18

45 | Kells
46 Kerry, county
47 Kilbeggan
48 Killyleagh
49 Knocktopher
52 Lanesborough
53 Londonderry, co.
54 Longford, borough
-55 | Maryborough


For what Place.

In the Room of

On what Account.


Lord Baron Longford
Gentleman at large to the Lord Lieutenant
Gentleman at large to the Lord Lieutenant
Collector of Dublin Port
Escheator of Ulster
Escheator of Munster
King's Counsel
Escheator of Leinster
Lord Baron Sandford
Treasurer of the Post Office

Aug 1
April 12
Jan. 18
Aug. 1
Jan. 15
Jan. 20
Jan. 15
Jan. 20
Aug. 1
Jan. 20


56 | Meath, county

Hon. Clotworthy Rowley 57 | Middleton

General Cradock 58 Monaghan, borough

William Fortescue, Esq. 59 Monaghan, co.

Ch. Powell Leslie, Esq. 60 | Naas

Hon. F. Hely Hutchinson 61 | Newtownards

Robert Alexander, Esq. 62 Philipstown

Robert Crowe, Esq. 63

*Francis Knox, Esq. 64 Portarlington

Thomas Stannus, Esq. 65

Roscommon, borough | Hen. Moore Sandford, Esq.
St. Johnstown,

Rt. Hon. Wm. Forward
co. Donegal
St. Johnstown,

Hon. Wm. Moore
co. Longford
68 Thomastown

George Dunbar, Esq.
James Kearney, Esq.
Hon. Ch. Wm. Stuart
Hon. Walter Yelverton

John Bingham, Esq.
73 Tusk

Anthony Botel, Esq. 74 Wexford, co.

Lord Viscount Loftus 75

Wexford, town James Boyd, Esq. 76 Wicklow, borough Daniel Gahan, Esq. 77 | Youghall

Robert Uniacke, Esq.

71 | Tuam

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Irish Parliament Annuities.

The following is the list of the annuities voted by the parliament of Ireland, to the several persons under-named, for their respective lives, to the amount affixed to their respective names, net, without


deduction or abatement whatsoever, as a compensation for their respective losses by reason of the discontinuance of their emoluments or offices as officers or attendants of the two houses of parliament.

S. d.

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John, Earl of Clare, lord chancellor, speaker 3973 3 4 John, Earl of Mayo, chairman of the committees 1443

6 0 Edmond Henry, Lord Glentworth, clerk of the crown in chancery

379 100 William Meek, Esq. clerk of the parliament 2705 16 o Thomas Lindsay, Esq. usher of the black rod 964. 9 9 Edward Westby, Thomas Walker, Wm. Hornn,

and S. King, Esqs. masters in chancery, each 104 4 2 Joseph Gayer, Esq. deputy clerk of the parliament 631 13 Thomas Bourchier, Esq. deputy clerk of the crown in chancery

101 2 1 Joseph Gregg, Esq. clerk of assizes

786 12 Joseph Griffith, Esq. reading clerk

293 3 1 Henry Minchin, Esq. serjeant at arms

314 2 2 Richard C. Smith, jun. Esq. committee clerk 231 6 0 Edward Fenner, Esq. journal clerk

287 7 6 B. Connor, Esq. yeoman usher

243 16 6 W. Walker, Esq. add. clerk

70 0 0 T. R. O'Flaherty, clerk in the parliament office 74 10 8 W. Corbett, door-keeper to the speaker's chamber 105 0 4 C. W. Jolly, J. Polden, P. Martin, W. Graham,

P. Thompson, and G. Payn, door-keepers, each 92 2 8 P. Long, W. Cavendish, M. Quinan, and J. Tobin, messengers, each

91 13 9 Mrs. Albini Taylor, keeper of the parliament house

877 18 9 Mary Foster, house-keeper

472 18 11 Mary Anne Foster, house maid

30 9 6 Sir Chichester Fortescue, Ulster king at arms 290 19 5

42 Philip O'Bryen, gate-keeper

6 8 Richard Taylor, keeper of the speaker's chamber 50 0 0 Henry Welbore, Viscount Clifden, clerk of the council

181 13 4 Henry Upton, Esq. deputy do.

104 8 11 Jos. Patrickson, Esq. deputy clerk, usher of the

council-chamber, and solicitor for turnpike-bills 421 9 5

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1. d. Mr. William M‘Kay, assistant clerk of the council 100 17 0 John Ebbs and Elizabeth Grant, door-keeper and council-office keeper

14 8 2 John Dwyer, Esq. secretary to the lord chancellor 29 28 John Beresford, Esq. purse bearer to do.

14 11 2 Andrew Bowen, water porter

4 11 0 Right Honourable John Foster, speaker of the House of Commons

583 Henry Alexander, Esq. chairinan of the commit. tees of supply and ways and means

500 0 0 Sir G. Fitzgerald Hill, Bart. clerk of the house

2263 13 21 Edward Cooke, clerk of the house in reversion 500 0 0 John M'Clintock and William F. M'Clintock,

Esqs. serjeants at arms, including 100l. on the civil list

1200 00 Edward Tresham, clerk assistant

594 6 10 G. F. Winstanley, and Jonathan Rogers, committee clerks, each

250 0 0 D. Ellis, superin. engrossing clerk

140 0 C. H. Tandy, engrossing clerk

398 7 0 T. Richardson, assistant do.

150 00 William Ratferty, clerk in the chief clerks office, clerk of the minutes, and clerk of the fees


0 0 H. Coddington, Esq. deputy serjeant at arms 350 оо James Corry, Esq. clerk of the journals and records

660 O John Smith, assistant do.

230 0 R. Connor, attending clerk

60 оо Mr. Hume, clerk of the brief

100 оо John Judd, assistant clerk in the chief clerk's office 63 6 8 j. L. Foster, Esq. speaker's secretary

10 0 5 G. Dunleavy, messenger

68 0 R. Burnside and R. Fleming, back-door keepers, each

48 0 0 John Dogherty, and D. Smith, messengers, each 46 0 0 L. Dunlevey, R. Grace, R. Garland, E. Byrne,

D. Brenan, H. Gahan, J. Brown, A. Carson, P. Ferrall, J. Morley, G. Shirley, M. Dalton, and J. King, each

36 0 0 J. Banen, do.

51 18 6 W. Brown, distributor of votes

130 оо Sarah Connor, house-keeper

401 13 John Kennedy and John Walker, front door. keepers, each

168 Mary Connor, house attendant

4 11 0 T. Şeavers, fire-lighter

11 7

4 9

[blocks in formation]

R. Watham, do.
Lord Viscount Glentworth, clerk of the crown

and hanaper
T. Bouchier, deputy do.
John Beresford, Esq. purse bearer to the lord

chancellor Mrs. Albini Taylor, keeper of the parliament


33 18 9

140 00

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An account of Gold coined at his Majesty's Mint, from Michael

mas 1796, to the present time, distinguishing the quantity in

each year.


Quantity coined in pound weight. Value. 1796 from Michaelmas 3,480

162,603 оо 1797


2,000,297 5 0 1798


2,967,504 15 0 1799


449,961 15 0 1800 to the 20th November 4,065

189,937 2 6


Ib. 123,495

£o 5,760,303 17 6


Mint Office, 20th November, 1800.

A Correct List of the Anti-Unionists and Unionists.

ANTI-UNIONISTS. Hon. A. Acheson Sir Richard Butler Francis Dobbs W. C. Alcock Peter Burrowes John Egan W. H. Armstrong John Bagwell Geo. Evans Mervyn Archdal John Bagwell, jun. R. L. Edgworth David Babbington Wm. Bagwell Sir J. Freke, Bart. John Ball

Lord Visc. Corry Fred. John Falkiner J. C. Beresford Lord Clements Rt. Hon. Jas. FitzWm. Burton Lord Cole

gerald Charles Bushe Jos. Ed. Cooper Wm. Charles ForWm. Blakeney R. S. Carew

tescue H. V. Brooke D. B. Daly

Hon. Thos. Foster Col. J. Maxwell Bar- Noah Dalway

Arthur French ry

Rich. Dawson T. Chiches. Fortescue Blayney Balfour Arthur Dawson Sir T. Fetherston

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