Briefe, die neueste Litteratur betreffend: Geschrieben in den Jahren 1759 bis 1763. Vier und zwanzig Theile nebst doppelten Registern, Tomy 9-12

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Strona 356 - Ordain'd by thee; and this delicious place For us too large, where thy abundance wants Partakers, and uncropt falls to the ground. But thou hast promis'd from us two a race To fill the earth, who shall with us extol Thy goodness infinite, both when we wake, And when we seek, as now, thy gift of sleep.
Strona 356 - Both turn'd, and under open sky ador'd The GOD that made both sky, air, earth, and heav'n Which they beheld, the moon's resplendent globe, And starry pole. Thou also mad'st the night, Maker Omnipotent, and thou the day...
Strona 350 - The rifing world of waters dark and deep, Won from the void and formlefs infinite. Thee I re-vifit now with bolder wing, Efcap'd the Stygian pool, though long detain'd In that obfcure fojourn, while in my flight 15 Through utter and through middle darknefs borne With other notes than to th...
Strona 206 - 1 vélo , e ' 1 cafto manto è a lei rapito ; Stringon le molli braccia afpre ritorte. Ella fi tace ; e in lei non sbigottito , Ma pur...
Strona 133 - Truth cg.nfpicu.ous with her fifter-twins, 415 The undivided partners of her fway, With Good and Beauty reigns. O let not us, Lull'd by luxurious pleafure's languid ftrain, Or crouching to the frowns of bigot-rage, O let us not a moment paufe to join 420 That godlike band.
Strona 55 - With chattering teeth he ftands, and ftiffening hair* And looks a bloodlefs image of defpair ! 365 Not fo the brave — ftill dauntlefs, ftill the fame, Unchang'd his colour, and unmov'd his frame ; Compos'd his thought, determin'd is his eye, -And fix'd his foul, to conquer or to die: If aught difturb the tenour of his breaft, 370 'Tis but the wifh to ftrike before the reft.
Strona 41 - ... qui l'appaife : celui qui craint la religion , & qui la hait, eft comme les bêtes fauvages qui mordent la chaîne qui les empêche de fe jetter fur ceux qui partent : celui qui n'a point du tout de religion , eft cet animal terrible qui ne fent fa liberté que lorfqu'il déchire & qu'il dévore..
Strona 350 - Or hearestthou, rather, pure etherial stream, Whose fountain who shall tell ? Before the Sun, Before the Heavens thou wert ; and at the voice Of God, as with a mantle, did invest The rising world of waters, dark and deep, Won from the void and formless infinite.
Strona 356 - Thy goodnefs iufimte, both when we wake, And .when we feek, as now, thy gift of fleep. In the firft pair of fyllables the accent may deviate from the rigour of exactnefs, without any unpleafing diminution of harmony, as may be obferved in the lines already cited, and more remarkably in this, — — — Thou alfo mad'ft the night, Maler omnipotent ! and thou the day.
Strona 132 - Of fervile Numbers, thro' a dreary way To their Abode , thro...

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