Jahrbuch der Deutschen Shakespeare-Gesellschaft, Tom 8

Przednia okładka
G. Reimer, 1878

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Strona 210 - Tell me where is fancy bred, Or in the heart or in the head ? How begot, how nourished? Reply, reply. It is engender'd in the eyes, With gazing fed ; and fancy dies In the cradle where it lies. Let us all ring fancy's knell : I'll begin it, — Ding, dong, bell ALL.
Strona 370 - The Two Noble Kinsmen: Presented at the Blackfriers by the Kings Maiesties servants, with great applause: Written by the memorable Worthies of their time; Mr. John Fletcher, and Mr. William Shakspeare. Gent.
Strona 369 - THE LATE, | And much admired Play, | Called | Pericles, Prince | of Tyre. | With the true Relation of the whole Historie, | aduentures, and fortunes of the said Prince : | As also, | The no lesse strange, and worthy accidents, | in the Birth and Life, of his Daughter | MARIANA. \ As it hath been diuers and sundry times acted by | his Maiesties Seruants, at the Globe on | the Banck-side. | By William Shakespeare. | Imprinted at London for Henry Gosson, and are | to be sold at the signe of the Sunne...
Strona 376 - Come unto these yellow sands, And then take hands : Courtsied when you have, and kiss'd, The wild waves whist, Foot it featly here and there ; And, sweet Sprites, the burthen bear.
Strona 185 - The Second Part of Henry the Fourth, containing his Death : and the Coronation of King Henry the Fift," occupies twenty-nine pages in the division of " Histories,
Strona 373 - The Raigne of King Edward the Third; As it hath bin sundrie times plaied about the Citie of London.
Strona 380 - SHAKSPERE AND TYPOGRAPHY. Being an Attempt to show Shakspere's Personal Connection with, and Technical Knowledge of, the Art of Printing ; also Remarks upon some common Typographical Errors, with especial reference to the Text of Shakspere. By William Blades. 8vo, pp. viii. and 78, with an Illustration, cloth. 1872. 3s. BLADES.— THE BIOGRAPHY AND TYPOGRAPHY OF WILLIAM CAXTON, England's First Printer.
Strona 215 - Dies ist die wahre Schwärmerei der Liebe, die, ungestüm von Art, sich selbst zerstört und leitet zu verzweifelten Entschlüssen so oft als irgend eine Leidenschaft, die unterm Mond uns quält. Es tut mir leid — sagt, gabt Ihr ihm seit kurzem harte Worte? OPHELIA Nein, bester Herr, nur, wie Ihr mir befahlt, wies ich die Briefe ab und weigert
Strona 211 - Denn Lieb' ist voller Eigensinn und Unart. . Muthwillig wie ein Kind, abspringend, eitel, Erzeugt durch's Aug' und deshalb gleich dem Auge, Voll flücht'ger Bilder, Formen, Phantasien, Und wechselt bunt, wie in des Auges Spiegel Der Dinge Wechsel schnell vorüber rollt.
Strona 208 - Allein ich wünsche, was ich habe, nur. So grenzenlos ist meine Huld, die Liebe So tief ja wie das Meer. Je mehr ich gebe, Je mehr auch hab

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