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rit, where all punishments are gathered together; and it is there that all wicked will suffer for ever the torments of fire, which will never be extinguished.

Q. What do you understand for Purgatory?

A. A place where the souls of the good people atone for those faults which, being not entirely expiated, defile them, and prevent them from becoming holy. Q. What is the Great Spirit?

A. He is the maker of Heaven and Earth, and the owner of every thing.

Q. How many Great Spirits exist? A. The Great Spirit is only one, and it cannot be to be more than one.

Q. When did the Great Spirit commence to exist?

A. He always was, He is now, and He always will be.

hake mawotagiguel mchel une mayodil ndoko natèl tedli dnemajòltidak buktek mu kigi nkagenook yapchiu.

B. Talidedemen dò Kchichpaj wèkadi?

A. Nel èta natil kakè kchichpatatemkel lwèudil chabeultigìk uschijakmijwa eschkwi winnkwagwitigel.

B. Wenn do Kchi Nixkam?

A. Tan èta kigidokchep wajok ak makamigueu mchet kokwel mechta yaljutkel.

B. Tàchigik K’nixkaminak?

A. Neuktegit èta Kchi Nixkam, akmugi kakèchiuk.

B. Tan Kchi Nixkam eikechp?

A. Chak èta mèch eikechp, neguèch eik, ak mech ìdau.

Q. Where was the Great Spirit before He commenced to make any thing?

A. He was in no place; His divinity (verbatim, spirituality) existed alone. Q. Nobody made Him?

A. Nobody made Him, neither He made Himself; every thing that is made was not before that it was made.

Q. Where is the Great Spirit?

A. He is in heaven, He is upon the earth, and He is in every thing; nothing exists in which He is not there.

Q. Does He see us, at whatever place we may be?

A. Yes, even if we were in the middle of the earth, He would see us; we cannot hide ourselves from His eyes.

Q. In hell, is there also the Great Spirit?

B. Echkumenak kokwei nuguek tami eikechp Kchi Nixkam?

A. Mokwech éta tami eimukchep; Unixkameudik èta chik eikechp. B. Mawenel kigidukchebenel? A. Mawenel èta kigidukchebenel, elp negueum mu kigi ukchep,chak okoch mèch eikechp neuktegich negueum..

B. Tami eik K'chi Nixkam?

A. Wajok èta eik makamiguek eik, mchel eta ba tan delkik kigidachik, m'chel ba eik, t'chel mokwèch echkwihimook.

B. Mèch edook nemòolk tami eimukwel?

A. Mèch eta ba nan demi nemoolk dèliach lamkammook eimuku mèch nemulkootch mawenel okoch kigi yaligagiktagugool.

B. Menndwakik elp eik K'chi Nix 31*


A. Yes, He is there, but He does not suffer; He is as happy there as in Heaven; He is there to make the wicked feel the terrible situation in which they are. Q. How many are the Persons? A. They are three.

Q. How are they called?

A. The Father, the Son, and the Good Spirit.

Q. Is the Father Great Spirit?

A. He is Great Spirit.

Q. Is the Son Great Spirit?

A. He is Great Spirit.

Q. Is the Good Spirit Great Spirit?

A. He is Great Spirit.

Q. Are they three Great Spirits?
A. They are not three.

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