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Q. Why do

you make the sign of the Cross ?

A. We do it to remember the crucifixion of our Saviour'; it is for this reason that we like to make the sign of the Cross.

Q. For what other reason do you make the sign of the Cross ?

A. It is to prevent the bad spirit from doing any harm to us, when he wants to

, hurt us; because the bad spirit is afraid of the Cross.

Q. At what other time you must make the sign of the Cross ?

A. When we are excited to do some wicked action, when we find ourselves in some danger; also in the morning, when weget up, and in the evening before going to sleep; when we enter in the church, and every time that we want to pray;

B. Kokwei uschit kluchioktogin?

A. Kedwi ninwidedem èta wechtaulk tan deli kluchioklochp nan uschit kiunakach kejaulik n'kluchioktogin.

B. Kokwei uschit apch kluchioktogin ?

A. Pawedem èta menndu yapchiu n'tegeleiagoon dech kedwi nan teleiwigel, Lndenan menndu tchibatk kluchicwéi.

B. Talechip apch nwidedemck kluchioktogimk ?

A. Winchiguel éta wen agimooch, kiznè medweg ygach, welek ukluchioktogin, Elp èta echkitpook wètag naginpachmadimk, elajudmogwomk kedwipichkwadimk, dech kedwi elajudmamkel, echkumenak migijultimugwel, delwega


before and after eating, and before every thing; it is good to commence every action by the Cross.

Q. What is a Christian ?

A. Every one who, being baptized, strongly believes what Jesus Christ has said, and who shows it by his manner of acting

Q. What is a good Christian ?

A. Every one who punctually fulfils the commandments of our Owner, and who is attentive to the instruction of His Patriarchs.

Q. What is a bad Christian (verbatim, no good Christian) ?

A. Every one who refuses to obey the commandments of our Owner, who does not mind the good advices and corrections, and who listens to those who suggest to him wicked things.

jultimugwel kluchioktogimk elek.

B. Wenn do Elajudmal ?

4. Tan èta chiguendagich, melkikedlamchetkel Iechuklial delabugwèlichenel, ak tần deli kedlamchetkel mechwaptemugel.

B. Wenn do weli elajudmak ?

A. Tan éta jagigui kichkajátokol kijulkool delkimchebenel ak Patliàchel deli kindmachel weli annkichtemwagel.

B. Wenn do mu weli elajudmak?

A. Tan èta mu kedwi chkedemukool; kijulkool delkimchel mech elp mu kedwi delihidemugool nechtumoogl, akchich nedawi atkignetkel tan deli winidagigel.

Q. When you die, does your soul die too?

A. No, the soul does not die, because she is immortal (everlasting).

Q. What will become of her?

A. She will go before the tribunal (seat) of our Owner, and then they will examine (dig up) every thing that she had done, when she was upon the earth.

Q. Can the soul then remember every thing that she had done while she was living upon the earth ?

A. Certainly so; because then the soul will receive power to gather together all the things that she did during the time when she was Indian-living upon the earth.

Q. What else will become of her ?

A. She will be judged according to her good or wicked conduct.

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