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A. They are the goodness of the Great Spirit, our owner, offended by us, our ingratitude to the benefits of the Great Spirit, our owner, the sufferings and death of Jesus, caused by our sins; Hell which we have deserved, and Heaven which we have lost.

Q. Is it enough to be sorry only for a part of our mortal sins ?

A. No; we have to be


for them in general.

Q. Is it enough to make a resolution not to offend our owner, the Great Spirit, only for a single day, or for a single month ?

A. No; it must be done never more to offend Him.

A. N'temook etta tè umsghikwi uliwèwaghen Tepeltek Ketchi Niwesku eli pelillwetwahook,ʻuliwewaghenel Tepeltek Ketchi Niwèsku, ussighinėwaghen te umetchinewaghen Zezus, kilon ksigwekaswaghennuhool ellokėwik, lanmkik nite pekwahtazièku, nite Spemk wetchi ksikkahtuhoðk.

Q. Tetepetwihu no nite tepòket k’tahkweltemenaine peghehu k’metchinèw sigwekaswaghennuhool ?

A. Skat; usanmi sukskilwekaswaghen tchwittazo wetchi nelwihik.

Q. Kenelwihu no kinwihu ktliponemenaine kessogheniu kessena kinwìhu kessook kisussèk kwèni kizelsieku skat kepelilluhanaine *Tepeltek Ketchi Niwesku.

A. Skat, kedatchwi kizelsiben wetchi skat apets pibelilluhahook.

Q. When the time for Confession arrives, what must we do?

A. We must go and kneel near to the Confessor, and not look at his face; we make the sign of the Cross; then we say: Forgive me, bless me, my father, because I have committed sins; then we say: I confess myself to the Great Spirit,



etc., till

Q. What have we to do afterward ?

A. We must say the time when we made the last confession; whether we received absolution, and whether we performed the penance; then we commence the confession, and we say at each part of it, “I accuse myself of,” &c.

Q. After the accusation of our sins, what have we to do?

Q. Tanne pidigheleswaghen etodji petzossewik, kegu kdatchwillokepeun?

A. Kedatchwi etta k’pedkoltipeun kwihu ketwi pidighelsiagnotmuhodk, wetchi skat kisi labmahook usiskok, nihaga dzibiatkukhetipeun, apets itazo : ketemaghelminė, dzibiatkulmuhine, N'miktaku, wesanmi nsigwekaze apets ghitazo, N'konpessewiketwa Ketchi Niwesku, etc. maleum npekwahtazie.

Q. Nite kegullokane naghihèhu ?

A. N'setuhazo tayuhèk askemet pidighelsinėss mtsessel, tanne li msenasoss apkuntwaghen nite todziu; te tanne hellokatazosse anehèlswèkaswaghen etchwilghitimok. Nite todziu matsepidighelsimok, itazo etassiu nekutsitepet: N'tegwim'sine, nil te, &c.

Q. Kisi hegwimsimok sigwèkaswaghenel nite kegu tchwittazo ?

A. We must say: I accuse myself, also, of all the sins of my life, and of those which I do not know; I beg pardon from my owner, the Great Spirit, and also, my father, I beg your pardon, and give me the absolution.

Q. What is satisfaction ?

A. It is a reparation, which we must do to the Great Spirit, our owner, and to the Indians, for the sins or for wrongs done.

Q. What is the last unction ?

A. The last unction is a sacrament which our Sangman Jesus made for the help of the spirit and of the body of those that are sick.

Q. What do you call Holy Order (verbatim, holy-doing)?

A. The Holy Order is a sacrament

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