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But Cain was very wroth against Abel; and when he and Abel were together in the field, Cain, in his anger, rose up against his brother, and killed him.

But God saw what he had done. And the Lord said unto Cain, “ Where is thy brother Abel?” And Cain said, “I know not; am I my brother's keeper?”

Cain said this to pretend that he did not know any thing about Abel. He knew what a wicked thing he had done, and he was afraid to confess it.

But he could not hide his sin from God. God saw Adam and Eve when they sinned against Him, and ate the fruit which He had said they should not eat; and He now had seen Cain when he killed his brother.

To be wroth, means to be angry.
To till the ground, is to dig and plant it.

Chapter VXXX.



Then God punished Cain for his sin.

God said, that Cain should wander about the earth all the rest of his life, and that the ground should be cursed to him. The ground was not to bring forth fruit or corn any more for Cain, because he had shed his brother's blood

upon And Cain said unto the Lord, “ My punishment is greater than I can bear. From thy face shall I be hid; and every one that findeth me shall slay me."

Cain was afraid that every one that found him would kill him.

But God said, that any one who should slay Cain should be punished. And God set a mark upon Cain, that no one should kill him.

But even if God had not punished Cain, he must always have been unhappy.

He never could have forgotten his sin, the wicked thing which he had done.


Those who have sinned must always be unhappy. When we sin, something in our hearts tells us of it, and makes us feel afraid, and ashamed, and unhappy.

This feeling in our hearts we call . conscience.' It is the voice of God in our hearts. It tells us when we have done wrong, and it makes us happy when we have done right.

When we have been good and obedient, then our conscience makes us feel happy.

After the death of Abel, Adam and Eve had a son named Seth, and several other children ; and these had children and grandchildren; and so after a time there were a great many people in the world.

One of Seth's children was named Enoch : he loved to think of God and do His will. And God loved Enoch, and Enoch never died; but God took him to heaven to dwell with Him.

To wander, is to go about from place to place.
To slay, means to kill.

Chapter XX.



A LONG time after this, all the people in the world had become wicked exceedingly. There were now a very great many people in the world, but they were all wicked, except one good man and his family. This good man's name Noah. He was one of the children of Seth.

When God saw that the wickedness of man was so great, He was grieved at it. And God said that He would destroy all the men who were living upon the earth, and all the beasts, and every creeping thing, and all the fowls of the air.

But Noah found favour with God. God loved Noah because he was a good man, and loved to obey God, and to keep His commandments. So God told Noah what He would do. God told him that He would send a flood of waters upon the earth, to drown everything that lived, every man, every woman, and all the children, and all the beasts and birds that were upon the earth.

But God said He would save Noah and his family alive.

So God commanded Noah to make an ark of wood, and told him how to make it.

The ark was a very large ship, which would float upon the top of the water.

And God said, that when the flood came, Noah should go into the ark, with his wife, and his three sons, and their wives, that he and they might not be drowned.

And God told Noah that he should take with him into the ark, all kinds of food to eat, and some of every kind of animal, seven of those sorts of beasts and birds that were fit to eat, and two of all other sorts, male and female, that they also might be kept alive.

The names of Noah's three sons were Shem, Ham, and Japhet.

To be grieved, means to be sorry.
To destroy, means to kill.

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