Epitome of the Art of Navigation; Or, a Short, Easy, and Methodical Way to Become a Compleat Navigator: Containing, Practical Geometry, Plane and Spheric, Superficial and Solid; with Its Uses in All Kinds of Mensuration ...

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J. Mount and T. Page, 1765 - 447

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Strona 132 - America, but know that we are alive, that two and two make four, and that the sum of any two sides of a triangle is greater than the third side.
Strona 229 - ... or taking their difference when of contrary names ; the altitude to be reckoned from the south point of the horizon, when the latitude is north, and the contrary when south ; but when the sum exceeds 90°, it is to be taken from 180°, F and reckoned from the opposite point of the horizon, that is, from the north in north latitude, and from the south in south latitude.
Strona 49 - Leap-year, or bissextile, Is every fourth year, and so called from its leaping a day more that year than in a common year ; so that the common year hath three hundred and sixty-five days...
Strona 123 - We infer from this that a triangle can be constructed with three given lines as sides, when the sum of any two sides is greater than the third side.
Strona 58 - The complement of an arc, or angle less than 90°, is what that angle wants of a quadrant, or 90°.
Strona 165 - AZIMCTR circles, called azimuths, or vertical circles, are great circles of the sphere, intersecting each other in the zenith and nadir, and cutting the horizon at right angles in all the points thereof.
Strona 224 - ... as the radius is to the tangent of the latitude ; so is the tangent of the sun's declination to the sine of the ascensional difference sought. This, converted into time, shows how much he rises...
Strona 46 - BD, is to their Difference ; fo is the Tangent of half the Sum of the Angles BDC and BCD, to the Tangent of half their Difference.
Strona 217 - ... which from the right ascension, when the sun is in the northern signs, and adding it, when the sun is in the southern ones, you will find the oblique ascension.
Strona 297 - Canon, is a table showing the length of the sine, tangent, and secant, to every degree and minute of the quadrant, with respect to the radius, which is expressed by unity or 1, with any number of ciphers.

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