The Life and Corespondence of the Right Honble Henry Addington: First Viscount Sidmouth, Tom 3

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J. Murray, 1847

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Strona 324 - It is not my intention to trace him through his immorality — suffice it to say, that he was in every sense of the word a villain of the deepest atrocity. His landlord refused to give him a character. Some short time after this, he called upon his landlord again ; but mark the change in his appearance— dressed like a lord, in all the folly of the reigning fashion. He now described himself as the right heir .to a German Baron, who had been some time...
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Strona 369 - ... security be thus afforded for the continuance of that concord amongst themselves which is not less essential to his Majesty's happiness than to their own, and which it has been the chief object of his Majesty, during his residence in this country, to cherish and promote.
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Strona 236 - There is a more conclusive evidence of his feelings than popular opinion. On Sunday, the 21st of December, the day after this last trial, Lord Ellenborough wrote to Lord Sidmouth : " The disgraceful events which have occurred at Guildhall within the last three or four days have led me, both on account of the public and myself, to consider very seriously my own sufficiency, particularly in point of bodily health and strength, to discharge the official duties of my station in the manner in which, at...
Strona 409 - It is no wonder, that faction is so productive of vices of all kinds; for, besides that it inflames all the passions, it tends much to remove those great restraints, horror and shame; when men find that no iniquity can lose them the applause of their own party, and no innocence secure them against the calumnies of the opposite.
Strona 165 - The lower orders,' reported Nadin, the chief police officer of Manchester, ' are everywhere meeting in large bodies, and are very clamorous. Delegates from all quarters are moving about amongst them, as they were before the last disturbance, and they talk of a general union of the lower orders throughout the kingdom.

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