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complete And IMPARTIAL history of the times IN which he lived,

By the LATE


Rector of TURvey, BEDfordshirf.

“Frror chiefly becomes formidable from its concealment, and a detection of falsehood
generally dispels its charm.”

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c. BAYNEs, printer, Duke STREET, lincoln’s iNN fields.



THIS Book being brought unto me to peruse and to consider of, I thought it my part not only to allow of it to the print, but also to commend it to the reader, as a Treatise most comfortable to all afflicted consciences exercised in the school of Christ. The Author felt what he spake, and had earperience of what he wrote, and therefore able more lively to easpress both the assaults and the salving, the order of the battle, and the mean of the victory. Satan is the enemy; the victory is only by faith in Christ, as John recordeth. If Christ justify, who can condemn, saith St. Paul. This most necessary doctrine the Author hath most substantially clearcd, in this his Commentary; which, being written in the Latin tongue, certain godly, learned men have most sincerely translated into our language, to the great benefit of all such who with humbled hearts will diligently read the same. Some began it according to such skill as they had. Others, godly affected, not suffering so good a matter, in handling, to be marred, put to their helping hands for the better framing and furthering of so worthy a work. They refuse to be named, seeking neither their own gain nor glory, but thinking it their happiness, if by any means they may relieve afflicted minds, and do good to the church of Christ, yielding all glory unto God, to whom all glory is due.


Aprilis 28, 1575.

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