The Key to Fulfillment of Bible Prophecy

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Tate Publishing, 2007 - 175
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Does the Bible really speak about the conflict in Middle East? "In The Key to the Fulfillment of Bible Prophecy," Dr. Charles M. Leaming deals in a unique manner with not only the actual physical fulfillment of prophecy, but its spiritual application as well. "The Key to the Fulfillment of Bible Prophecy" draws from the profound occurrences of the Middle East in the 1960's and allows us to see that Biblical prophecy continues to be fulfilled today. Nothing in the Holy Scriptures is as inspiring as the prophecy that is visibly unfolding before our eyes in Jerusalem and the Holy Land where Jesus walked. Dr. Charles M. Leaming, for 58 years, delivered a radio ministry that eventually reached the far corners of the earth. During his long career, broadcasts of his evangelistic message went out from more than 50 radio stations and touched thousands of lives. Dr. Leaming wants us to know that God has a plan that will be fulfilled, just as surely as we see all of prophecy being fulfilled on every hand.

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