The Saint Pauls Magazine, Tom 3

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Anthony Trollope
Virtue and Company, 1869

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Strona 570 - History of the World, which exhibit the Byzantine period on a larger scale. Mahomet and his Saracens soon fixed my attention ; and some instinct of criticism directed me to the genuine sources. Simon Ockley, an original in every sense, first opened my eyes ; and I was led from one book to another, till I had ranged round the circle of Oriental history. Before I was sixteen...
Strona 571 - Our seminaries of learning do not exactly correspond with the precept of a Spartan king, " that the child should be instructed in the arts which will be useful to the man ;" since a finished scholar may emerge from the head of Westminster or Eton in total ignorance of the business and conversation of English gentlemen in the latter end of the eighteenth century.
Strona 733 - The name of every seaman or apprentice who ceases to be a member of the crew otherwise than by death, with the place, time, manner, and cause thereof.
Strona 733 - As well as from any possibility of doubt concerning the validity of marriages solemnized within the British lines by any chaplain or officer, or other person officiating under the orders of the commanding officer of a British army serving abroad ; Be it &e.
Strona 314 - I will not open it." "Wherefore not?" "The knife is in the meat, and the drink is in the horn, and there is revelry in Arthur's hall; and none may enter therein but the son of a king of a privileged country, or a craftsman bringing his craft.
Strona 579 - The most sociable women I have met with are the king's daughters. I chatted for about a quarter of an hour with them, talked about Lausanne, and grew so very free and easy that I drew my snuff-box, rapped it, took snuff twice...
Strona 315 - The eye of the trained hawk, the glance of the three-mewed falcon was not brighter than hers. Her bosom was more snowy than the breast of the white swan, her cheek was redder than the reddest roses.
Strona 361 - He looks and laughs at a' that. A prince can mak a belted knight, A marquis, duke, and a' that ; But an honest man's aboon his might, Guid faith he mauna fa' that ! For a
Strona 702 - ... contracted into days, and that instead of the concentration of large masses of troops being rare, as formerly, it will now be the rule of war. It is evident, also, that the value of railways for troops acting on the defensive is no less marked. Troops, spread over all the avenues by which an...
Strona 711 - How else could I command with honour ? How answer for the lives of those entrusted to my charge ? An ignorant General is a murderer; all brave men confide in the knowledge he pretends to possess, and when the death trial comes their generous blood flows in vain ! Merciful God ! How can an ignorant man charge himself with so much blood ? I have studied war long, earnestly, and deeply, yet tremble at my own deficiencies.

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