The Principles of Synergism: Radical Empowerment

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Trafford Publishing, 2007 - 562

Working at our best together is called synergism, the highest form of group interaction. This is a book to teach you how to think about synergism. It should be the normal way of doing things. It isn't. Have contemporary ideas about teamwork fallen off the mark? You must be kidding! There are so many conflicting theories and help books on teamwork that it is hard to know who to believe or what to do. Many authors make a small beginning on the subject of synergism, but unless you take an entirely different direction than they provide, you will never arrive at synergism. I provide such a foundation here. Requiring many years in research, preparation, and review, this book has something for everyone.

Key concept: understand the dynamics of a synergistic team and have a model for increasing the productivity and enjoyment of any team. Synergism today is the belief that people can cooperate with each other in such a way that normal limitations are overcome through a process of mutual regeneration. Suddenly, your newly established regeneration gives insight sorely missing! This book will tell you what's involved. As indicated by its title, the book describes principles, yet contains lots of practical examples. A Christian bias is endemic throughout the text, being inseparable from development of the subject. It goes directly to the basic underlying principles of teamwork, distinguishing it from other popular workshops and charm school approaches.

You will learn what synergism is, the source of synergism, the cost of synergism, synergism in action, leadership in the synergistic team, synergism between groups, building synergism, barriers to synergism, the end of synergism, and an entertaining review in story form! When you get done, you should be able to improve your chances of achieving your synergistic vision.

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