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5 But how will man's unhallow'd ear

Receive thy notes of praise ?
The thunder's crash he seeks to hear,

And view the lightning's blaze.

6 Thy God another glory shows,

Jerusalem, to thee,
His yielding love subdues his foes,

And deep humility,

7 He to the lacerating scourge

His suffering body gave,
Saw those the shameful insult urge,

He dying strove to save.

8 That brow, which earth could not adorn,

Nor heav'n's resplendent beams,
Was circled with the piercing thorn,

And stain'd with bleeding streams.

9 The mocking reed to him was giv'n,

Whose awful sceptre sways
The extended realms of earth and heav'n,

And bell itself obeys.

10 All hail, o King! the scoffing crowd

With bending knee exclaim, Whilst angels sing Hosannas loud, . And bless his holy name.

11 But what were these to that dread hour,

Gethsemane in thee!
No tongue can tell what then he bore,

No human eye could see.

12 What to that moment's deeper gloom,

The cross's fearful night! ',
There, could no ray of comfort come

From heav'n's all-cheering light.

13 Now Satan triumph’d, now he cried,

Who shall my power oppose ?
But when the Son of Mary died,

The Lord of Life arose,

14 In strength arose, and down to hell

A mighty Conqueror came;
Then, Satan, then, thy empire fell,

Then knew his wondrous name.

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The editors, having transmitted to different parts of the United States, a number of copies of the Repository, which have not yet been subscribed for, and which consequently remain unsold, in the hands of some of our friends, hereby request that the same may be returned, as soon as opportunities offer, to the agent at Philadelphia, who is directed to pay all expenses which may have been incurred by such transmission, and which may accrue on returning the books. It is their intention to retain, on hand, complete copies of the work, in order that at a future time, persons who wish all the numbers, from the commencement, may be supplied.

Our friends are reminded, that the second annual convention of the New Church will be held at the New Jerusalem Temple, in the city of Baltimore, at 10 o'clock in the morning of Ascension-day, A. D. 1818=62; which will fall on the 30th day of April. We earnestly request all our friends of the New Church to refresh their recollections as to the matters particularly proposed for consideration at the ensuing meeting, by turning to the journal of the first convention, published in our 3d number.

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AN ADDRESS By the Rev. J. Hargrove, of the New Jerusalem Church at Bal

timore, at the ORDINATion of the Rev. M. M. Carll.

THE grand design of the great head of the Church, in the appointment and ordination of a Gospel ministry, was, doubtless, in order that the sacred doctrines and institutions of revealed religion might thereby be more lucidly and orderly explained and enforced; for the instruction and comfort of the pious, the conviction and reproof of the ungodly, and the consequent dispersion of Christian infidelity and superstition for ever.

That the accomplishment of these united and important objects was the gracious and principal design of the Christian ministry, no Christian in the world, we presume, will deny. Let us pass on then from the grand design to the regular succession of this important and divine institution.

The succession, the uninterrupted succession of the Gospel , ministry, is evidently implied and involved in its design, in order that this design may be perpetuated ; and no one but a fanatic can. doubt the propriety of perpetuating this succession, by some decent and appropriate form, expressive of its holy and heavenly design.

It does not follow, however, that the power of transmitting this succession should be confined to a few of the clergy only: nor can we find that Jesus Christ, or any of his apostles, ever intendVOL. I.


me propring of body of les, from

ed that it should, to the exclusion of other pious and useful ministers, who had either no friends, or no ambition, to obtain the chief seats in the synagogue.”

It should be granted, however, that when the great head of the Church “ascended up on high, far above all heavens, that he might fill all things,” he graciously left, in his infant Church, “ some apostles, some prophets, some evangelists, some pastors and teachers; for the perfecting of the saints, for the work of the ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ;" in order to preserve his infant Church, and first disciples, from the powerful and surrounding spheres of Pagan idolatry and Jewish superstition.

But then it would also appear, that, as the three first classes of ecclesiastical officers, to wit, the apostles, the prophets, and the evangelists, were of an extraordinary and distinct order from the pastors and teachers, and from all Christian ministers of the present day, they were only designed to be continued during the peculiar state and trials to which the Church was subject during its infant state.

Hence the Scriptures no where intimate an intended perpetuity of those extraordinary officers; and as ecclesiastical history (we mean that which may be depended on) is also silent on this point, it is more than probable that these extraordinary officers in the Christian Church, became very soon extinct; while the ordinary and standing ministry of the pastors and teachers alone remained, as fully sufficient to feed the flock of Christ.

We are aware that it may be asked, Are not bishops expressly mentioned in the Apostolic writings ? To this we answer, Most undoubtedly they are; and so also are deacons—the former, as having the chief direction of all the spiritual concerns of the church, and the latter of its temporalities.

Deacons, therefore, were then an inferior order from that of pastors and teachers; but it is by no means evident, from the Oracles of Truth, that the bishops of the apostolic Church were a distinct order from that of pastors and teachers, except such a distinction as might sometimes arise in particular churches or congregations, where several of these pastors resided, and alternately officiated; in which case, the senior pastor alone had the government of the Church, as to such matters as related to discipline and worship: and hence it was, that, under these circum

stances, he obtained the name of bishop, or, as some have rendered it, superintendant, or overseer of the Church.

And hence we find that several of these superintendants or bishops were sometimes located to one city, where several distinct churches or congregations had obtained.

It is not our design, however, in this address, to enter deeply into the merits of this famous controversy, respecting the unity of office between bishops and pastors of the former Christian Church, or the right which every acknowledged and lawful pastor in that Church has to ordain other pastors and teachers : the Lord's New Church, called the New Jerusalem, has nothing to do with this angry and unprofitable controversy : we stand upon no sectarian ground: nor do we claim affinity to any of the various and contending denominations of the former Christian Church. We profess to be an entire New Church; as distinct from the former Christian Church as that was from the Jewish.

The various sects of the former Christian Church have rested chiefly in the mere literal sense of the Holy Scriptures; but the New Jerusalem Church will be founded on the genuine, or spiritual sense of the sacred pages.

The former Christian Church was principally founded on the acknowledgment that Jesus Christ was the Messiah, long promised to the Jews; and that this Messiah was the Son of God: but the New Jerusalem Church will be chiefly founded on the acknowledgment that Jesus Christ is as much the Everlasting Father, as he is the Messiah, or Son of God; and that from Him alone proceeds the Holy Ghost; or divine emanating sphere of love and of wisdom, whereby all true illumination and regeneration is effected in the human mind.

And hence the Lord's New Church direct all their prayers, and acts of religious worship, unto Jesus Christ alone, in whom, (an apostle assures us) 6 all the fulness of the Godhead dwelleth bodily:" and further, we are under the most powerful and pleasing conviction, that this glorious object of our religious worship hath already effected his second advent, 6 in power and great glory," not in person, but in and by a revelation of the true spiritual sense of his Holy Word, in which he has his most immediate residence.

And as we thus most sincerely and religiously believe, that a new dispensation of grace and truth is now afforded by the LORD,

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