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Strona 41 - They are vastly fond of great noises that fill the ear, such as the firing of cannon, beating of drums, and the ringing of bells; so that it is common for a number of them that have got a glass in their heads to get up into the
Strona 39 - may be invited to prayers, and that the spirit of devotion in them may be increased." The Fathers have also maintained that demons affrighted by the sound of Bells calling Christians to prayers, would flee away; and •when they fled the persons of the faithful would be secure; that the
Strona 38 - In the Councils of Cologne it is said, " Let Bells be blessed, as the trumpets of the Church Militant, by which the people are assembled to hear the word of God, the clergy to announce His mercy by day and His truth
Strona 47 - Per Dominnm nostrum Jesum Christum filium tuum, qui tecum vivit et regnat in unitate Spiritus sancti Deus, per omnia soecula soeculorum.
Strona 41 - exported in such quantities, that their farther exportation was forbidden, lest metal for the same use should be wanting at home. Somerset pretended that one Bell in a steeple was sufficient for summoning the people to prayers, and the country was
Strona 46 - Per Dominum nostrum Jesum Christum filium tuum, qui tecum vivit et regnat, in unitate Spiritus sancti Deus, per omnia scecula
Strona 38 - At the deth of a Manne three Bells should be ronge as his knyll, in worship of the Trinitie. And for a woman, who was the second person of the Trinitie, two Bells should be ronge.
Strona 38 - they believed the mere noise had the same effect; and as according to their ideas, evil spirits were always hovering around to make a prey of departing souls, the tolling of bells struck them with terror. We may trace the practice of tolling bells during funerals to the like source. This has been practised from times of great antiquity, the
Strona 46 - et corporis ; et effugiat atque discedat a loco, in quo aspersum fueris, omnis phantasia, et nequitia, vel versutia diabolicse fraudis, omnisque spiritus immundus, adjuratus per eum, qui venturus est judicare vivos et mortuos, et

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