Puritans Besieged: The Legacies of King Philip's War in the Massachusetts Bay Colony

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University Press of America, 1991 - 244
For all the historical recognition of the long-range importance of King Philip's War to the New England mission, the norm of histories on the topic focus narrowly on the fifteen-month-long period of open hostilities rather than on the continuing significance of the struggle. The War, according to these histories, has been viewed as a solution to the problem of how the native and English cultures would coexist in New England, with the caveat that English domination was inevitable. Puritans Besieged posits that the long term significance of the trial was not a matter of the survival of the English race in New England versus the eventual disappearance of the Algonkian Indians, as has been suggested. Puglisi posits the real challenges revolved around the ways in which the colonists solved the new tensions generated during the postwar period.

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